For the country needs many “career changes”, he built China’s first lithography machine!

Under the party’s training and education, I have mastered certain scientific and technological knowledge in business and can use my knowledge to serve the people. Looking back on their growth process, both ideological progress and professional growth are the result of the party’s training.

— Excerpt from Jiang Wenhan’s volunteer letter for joining the party in December 1982

Jiang Wenhan’s voluntary letter for joining the party was filled in by hand

Distant stars

Strongly triggered fusion

It can deeply pry into the unknown secrets of visual cells

He pioneered the discipline of adaptive optics

Boost China’s cutting-edge scientific research to the forefront of the world

The first proximity / contact lithography machine in China

The first ballistic cameras were born in his hands

He is a pioneer of adaptive optics in China

Optoelectronic engineering expert

Jiang Wenhan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Jiang Wenhan

Born in the war years of foreign invasion

He has gone through human suffering

Determined to serve the country through scientific research

22 years old, graduated from college

He devoted himself to the fiery revolutionary construction

Participated in the research of the first large-scale film theodolite in New China

The assumption of friction transmission for large theodolite is successfully verified

The problem that the micron thrust bearing could not be measured at that time was solved

Jiang Wenhan’s work photo


Jiang Wenhan was ordered to enter Shu

In the deep mountains and forests

Participated in the establishment of the Institute of optoelectronic technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in two years


China’s first ballistic camera was born here

Four years later

China’s first proximity / contact lithography machine came out here

Jiang Wenhan is looking up information

In 1978, the National Science Conference was successfully held

China has ushered in the spring of science

Jiang Wenhan, who once worked across many fields and had a wide field of vision

He set his sights on a “remote” subject

Adaptive optics

This is a comprehensive course

New technologies in optics, mechanics, electricity, computing, materials and other disciplines

There are only a few reports in the world

Jiang Wenhan’s work photo

Jiang Wenhan made up his mind to sit on the “cold bench”

He took four members of the research group to transform the bungalow of silkworm breeding into a laboratory

Build an optical test platform on a thick steel plate

Started the scientific research road of China’s first adaptive optics laboratory

At that time

This is a very lonely and lonely road

Jiang Wenhan’s work photo


Application of adaptive optics system in

Wavefront error correction of laser fusion system

The final focal spot energy concentration is increased by 3 times

It is internationally praised as “the first ‘Chinese method’ used by Chinese devices”


Application of adaptive optics system in

1.2m Telescope of Yunnan Observatory

The adaptive optics correction of astronomical targets is realized

The resolution of the telescope is improved by nearly an order of magnitude

Jiang Wenhan’s work photo


Application of adaptive optics system in

Correcting high-order aberrations of human eyes and obtaining high-resolution retinal images

The volume of the equipment is only one tenth of that of similar products in the United States

It is the first time in the world to realize the miniaturization of human eye high-resolution imaging equipment

Jiang Wenhan

Entering the new millennium

Adaptive optics applications have blossomed everywhere

At the forefront of the world

Many “career changes” required for the country

Pragmatic and fearless

Jiang Wenhan

He joined the Communist Party of China in December 1982

Source: Science and Technology Daily & nbsp; The pictures in the text are provided by the Party committee of the organ directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences