The new Cape will increase revenue without increasing profit in 2021. The digital RMB and metaverse may open up room for future performance growth

Our reporter Zhang Wenjuan

On the evening of April 24, the new Cape announced that in 2021, the company achieved an operating revenue of about 1.02 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.2%, and a net profit of about 160 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.5%; In the first quarter of 2022, the operating revenue was about 170 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 8.2%, and the net profit loss was 18.0267 million yuan.

As for the reasons for the decline in profits in 2021, new Cape said that the main department schools will require a long trial operation period to ensure the stability and reliability of the system, and will temporarily require the addition or modification of functions during the project implementation and trial operation, resulting in the extension of the acceptance period of some projects.

“Specifically, the decline of net profit of the new cape in 2021 is larger than that of operating revenue, which is mainly due to the significant increase of the company’s overall expenses.” Cao Yanyan, partner of Gongjin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., pointed out in an interview with the reporter of Securities Daily. According to the performance announcement, in 2021, the new Cape’s sales expenses, management expenses, financial expenses and R & D expenses increased by varying degrees compared with the same period last year. Throughout 2021, the total cost of the company was about 433 million yuan, an increase of 58 million yuan or 15.47% over the previous year.

As a manufacturer focusing on the construction of smart campus solutions, constantly expanding multi industry information application services, and providing information product construction, customized overall solutions and operation and maintenance services for schools, enterprises and other customers, the business progress of new cape in digital RMB and metaverse has also attracted much market attention.

It is understood that in the promotion of digital RMB, new cape has advantages in product technology, customers and scenarios, such as authentication and transaction systems such as CPU card chip security authentication, card consumption transaction, QR code consumption transaction, face consumption transaction and dual offline payment for many years, technical capabilities such as big data, cloud computing, distributed and blockchain, and full application scenarios in closed campuses and enterprise parks, such as canteen consumption, supermarket consumption, recharge Payment, self-service vending machine, boiling water control, bath control, water and electricity meter, etc. the real name certification of personnel is safe and controllable, which is suitable for the pilot and promotion of digital RMB.

So far, new cape has built digital RMB projects for more than 20 colleges, universities and enterprises, including Hainan University, Xi’an University of Electronic Science and technology, Sanya college, Shanghai Dongyin center, CRRC Qingdao Sifang, Hunan Guangxin property, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with six banks and four institutions, laying a foundation for the expansion of market scale of digital RMB in subdivided business fields such as colleges, universities, K12, secondary vocational schools and enterprises.

Qin Tian, a new Internet technology consultant of Zhengzhou Hongheng Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., told reporters: “At present, digital RMB has formed an application mode that can be replicated and popularized, and the business is ready to go. Enterprises with both software and hardware such as the new Cape will benefit from the improvement of the acceptance of digital RMB ‘Hard Wallet’ on the one hand, usher in more relevant orders and promote the improvement of performance; on the other hand, they will also benefit from the huge demand brought by the upgrading of the financial system, especially the matching upgrading, to promote business growth.”

In terms of metaverse, in 2021, the new Cape focused on the application of metaverse in teaching. The company integrates teaching and product solutions, carries out product research and development and teaching training business of teaching process and teaching content, and focuses on the research and development of artificial intelligence training room platform, laboratory management and service platform, VR numerical control simulation teaching machine and other products. Taking advantage of the overall solution advantages in smart campus over the years and combined with emerging VR technology, the company provides customized comprehensive solutions for experiment, training and scientific research for colleges and universities, And provide VR immersive practical teaching one-stop solution.

Fang Zhongwei, partner of Shenzhen Fanglue Industry Consulting Co., Ltd., said: “on the one hand, metaverse’s educational application can provide simulation, interactive and game based immersive experience for the learning process and stimulate students’ learning potential; on the other hand, it can also greatly promote the intelligent, personalized and dynamic change of teaching methods. Therefore, major innovation will take place in the education industry and the industry will usher in explosive demand.”

However, Fang Zhongwei also pointed out: “on the whole, metaverse is still in the early exploration stage, and most of the relevant research results belong to empirical assumptions and designs. Top level design, evaluation mechanism, technology and scenarios are several main obstacles to its development, which investors need to maintain reasonable expectations.”

(Editor: Bai Baoyu)