Sina watch brings “anti fraud elements” into metaverse, a cool short film. Have you seen it?

A6021 cool anti fraud metaverse short film. Tencent guard for Hualong – New Chongqing client – New Chongqing client at 9:00 on April 25 (chief reporter Dong Jin) have you ever imagined yourself crossing into another world, incarnating as a Xia, holding a lightsaber and competing with the black and evil forces? In the face of fraud, can you accurately identify and bravely say “no”?

Hualong – the new Chongqing client reporter learned from Tencent that recently, the anti fraud metaverse short film “anti fraud, a smoke free battle” created by Tencent guards was released. In the film, the protagonist detective goose turns into a light and shadow warrior to quickly identify all kinds of fraud information and spread and publicize anti fraud information to everyone at the same time. According to a series of clues reported by users, detective goose found the fraud boss and finally eliminated the liar.

According to the relevant person in charge of Tencent guard, the video brings many anti fraud elements into metaverse. It is the first anti fraud video produced by using “virtual + reality” enhancement technology in China, which is intended to remind everyone to be vigilant against telecom network fraud. This is also a new attempt to keep people away from fraud and improve their security awareness through Tencent technology.

Referring to the creation purpose of metaverse video, the relevant person in charge of Tencent guard said: “there are all kinds of online fraud, including transaction fraud, shopping rebate, pig killing plate, financial fraud, counterfeiting fraud, etc. swindlers will package all kinds of identities online to cheat. We hope to help more users identify the fraud routine. If they unfortunately encounter fraud, we also know what to do at the first time”.

Users can enter Tencent guard applet to report fraud information. Tencent guard for Hualong – New Chongqing client

It is understood that Tencent guard applet is increasingly becoming a network connector under the common governance of the whole people. After entering the homepage of the applet, users choose the relevant fraud type, fill in the information such as “violation account, victim account and report description”, upload the screenshot of evidence according to the prompt, and enter the violation trial immediately after reporting.

The applet also sets up a detailed alarm guidance and risk early warning module to provide users with personalized anti fraud schemes and prevention suggestions. Users can share their experience of being cheated, exchange anti fraud schemes, and talk about their boredom through the platform, and guide and help more users identify fraud scenes through real user interaction.

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