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Although the concept of metaverse is very popular now, for most people, it is still very confused. Especially when you understand the six technical pillars of metaverse, bigant, you feel more confused. You feel too tall and too far away from yourself to start at all. In fact, for most ordinary people, metaverse lacks only two words: confirmation of rights.

Whether bigant, the six technical pillars of the meta universe, or any other concept, simply and roughly distinguish the meta universe in two directions: the classical meta universe and the encrypted meta universe. The classic meta universe is the set of meta universe of VR and AR virtual world that most people understand now, while the encrypted meta universe is the meta universe seen from the perspective of blockchain industry. Both are right, but the observation angles are different. One is the touch and integration from outside to inside, from reality to virtual, and the other is the flowering and fruiting from inside to outside, from virtual to reality. Anyway, the same thing is completed in the end. The classic universe is easy for most ordinary people to understand because of the perception and popularity of film and television works such as “number one player” and “matrix”, But it’s not easy to cut in. If you cut into the hardware sector of yuancosmos, it is at the level of billions of investment. For example, you bought picovr glasses and invested 9 billion yuan, or cut into the game development and application development of VR and AR of yuancosmos, which is also a special money burning project.

For most ordinary people, there is no chance to go to this card table at all. Although many people don’t understand and understand the knowledge of blockchain, it sounds obscure and difficult to understand this aspect, it is the easiest for most ordinary people to enter and understand the perspective of metaverse now. The key point of encrypting metaverse lies in NFT based on blockchain technology. Although the three letters of NFT look very technical, In fact, it is not difficult to understand. It is the right confirmation tool in metaverse. In fact, the focus of metaverse is right confirmation. For example, if you are in the meta universe and this chair is yours, you can prove it through NFT. Because you have the NFT of this chair, only you can buy and sell this chair.

Don’t underestimate this, because with NFT, metaverse will have virtual goods and the confirmation of the ownership of virtual goods. With ownership, there will be trading, and there will be an economic system. With the economic system, more government departments, large enterprises, large capital and high-end talents will be attracted to metaverse. Otherwise, metaverse is just a game that can play games with VR glasses, It can not become the meta narrative of the next era. Therefore, for most ordinary people, NFT is the core of the core if they want to enter metaverse and engage in entrepreneurship or work in metaverse.

In the physical world, our goods are sold and delivered with one hand. At the same time, we will issue an invoice to you. Of course, sometimes we may not issue or issue a receipt for you. There is a logic here, because the goods you spend money on are in your hand. You can easily feel your ownership and possession of the goods, but what you spend money on is not the goods, When you buy the invoice at the time of transaction, it can prove the ownership of the commodity. The commodity belongs to you. If you put the small commodity in your hand, your body will naturally feel your ownership. For large commodities, you can’t put these things in your hand at any time when you buy a car or a house. Even many times, others are driving for you or renting your house, and others are living in your house, So at this time, the driving license and real estate license come out. The driving license and real estate license are the proof of your ownership of these goods. In fact, all you spend money on are these certificates.

Now metaverse is here. The form of products is more sci-fi than cars and houses. They can’t drive, live or even touch. How can you prove that these virtual assets are yours? Just use NFT to prove that because NFT is based on blockchain technology, the data can not be tampered with and will not cause economic and ecological imbalance due to human factors, metaverse has real economic value. Don’t underestimate the emergence of NFT. The emergence of NFT will change the world, because it is the first real recognition of intellectual value in human history. Of course, it was recognized before, but this time it is fair, Through mathematical recognition, its social significance is very far-reaching. At present, the expression form of NFT products is only some digital collections or game props, but this is only the beginning. In the future, even a word or even an idea can reflect its value in the way of NFT.