“Metaverse path” driving the development of modern finance

Moderator: Financial Times reporter Zhao Meng

Special guest: Shi Tao, expert of digital finance research center of Wuxi Digital Economy Research Institute

Xiong Jinghui, general manager of Jiangxi financial holding Financial Technology Department

Metaverse finance can be referred to as meta finance for short. After a period of confusion and exploration, it has gradually become clear. Both the infrastructure level and the scene level of the new generation of digital transformation have advanced, important and broad application space. Some people believe that metaverse finance is the core engine to truly realize “finance everywhere”, drive the financial industry with digital technology, and serve the majority of financial consumers with comprehensive and real scene experience and modern financial assets.

So, what is the definition and positioning of meta finance? What kind of financial services will people experience in the meta financial space? What are the future application scenarios?

In response to these problems, Shi Tao, an expert of the digital finance research center of Wuxi Digital Economy Research Institute, and Xiong Jinghui, general manager of Jiangxi financial holding financial technology department, recently accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter of the financial times.

Financial Times reporter: we can see that metaverse is a brand-new concept, and there are still many different views and debates on its definition. The concept of metaverse based meta finance is naturally controversial. What do you think is meta finance? What is its definition and positioning?

Shi Tao: the original meaning of “finance” refers to the transactions and activities of asset and capital value circulation. Does metaverse finance also refer to the same meaning in metaverse? In fact, metaverse finance can specifically refer to the new information technology system supporting the operation of financial activities in metaverse, not finance itself.

In this conception, at this stage of the development of human digitization process, meta finance is the core composition and manifestation of the “financial science and technology system” in the new era, the real interpretation of the word “new finance” publicized for many years, and it is also the inevitable direction of the digital development of the financial industry. Although it has the word “metaverse” in its name, it does not belong to metaverse, but an independent field developed in parallel with metaverse. In other words, even though the concept of “metaverse” is still controversial and the content and direction are uncertain, meta finance can be clear and definite.

Then, meta finance can be defined in this way. It is the most cutting-edge innovation field of digital finance and the comprehensive evolution of digital finance in perception, connection and service ability. It represents a new financial space with immersive perception and interaction, which is participated by both financial suppliers and demanders and related ecosystems, and a new type of all-weather, multi-modal and multi-modal financial market, And the digital financial infrastructure and application environment formed by the new financial capital with digital assets as the main body are the core carrier and main manifestation of the operation of financial activities in the new era.

The positioning of meta finance can be simply described as: the digital capability system integrating metaverse technology, rather than the financial business itself; Involving the comprehensive evolution of physical and digital elements of the financial industry, not just the virtual world; It is a new financial operation environment, which drives the financial system to a new form in an all-round way. In conclusion, meta finance is a new financial market driven by new financial space and new financial assets.

Financial Times: what kind of financial services will people experience in the meta financial space?

Xiong Jinghui: the meta financial space provides a new space for the integration of virtual and real financial activities. In the future, financial suppliers, demanders and relevant ecological parties will complete financial related businesses in this space. At this stage, the financial space mainly includes offline outlets and online banking, while the meta financial space breaks the existing model and provides a financial activity space with flow immersion interactive experience.

The specific manifestation of meta space can be a meta financial complex facing regional financial integration, that is, a new digital financial space containing various regional financial forms and the integration of virtual and real; It can also be a new generation of yuan financial business hall, that is, the entity business hall with the integration of virtual and real elements. Organically integrate cutting-edge digital elements into the business process scenarios of customers in the complex or business hall, which can include intelligent robot customer guidance, digital financial products with interactive experience, trading services of digital salespeople, rich financial big data services displayed in immersive content, etc., so as to provide a completely realistic and even more realistic unmanned financial service experience.

It should be noted that in the regional meta financial complex, various financial institutions can establish their own virtual and real integration space; In the meta space of a certain type of financial form, other cooperative financial forms can also be embedded in their own digital virtual workbench, which can be loaded dynamically in real time according to the needs of business cooperation.

There is another element in the meta space that goes beyond the existing digital financial space, that is, the flow immersed digital content. Specifically, digital content is the main form of big data in meta space. Unlike traditional digital finance, big data and its analysis and processing results are mainly expressed in the form of statements, reports, charts and so on; In the meta space, big data will be converted into digital content, and the production of these contents can also be directionally integrated into personalized emotional elements through intelligent analysis, so as to achieve a real heart flow immersion experience through the natural integration of human senses on digital audio-visual elements and the feelings obtained by combining physical space elements.

Financial Times: the meta financial system has created a new environment for financial activities. What are the specific application scenarios? What are the future prospects?

Shi Tao: first, the financial content of audio-visual digitization. That is, audio-visual digitization of financial content is the most basic and initial application field of meta finance, but there are a wide range of needs, including banking, securities, insurance and various financial institutions, that is to convert the text or text content of previous product introduction, marketing advertising, user manual, financial knowledge, risk prevention and other aspects into the form of audio-visual digital content products by using MGC automatic production, Providing new financial information transmission methods with more real experience can improve the quality of financial customer service and the conversion rate of financial products to a certain extent.

The second is the meta financial complex and business hall of “number in things”. The entity meta financial space represented by regional meta financial complex and meta financial entity business hall (or new outlets) is also an important application field of meta finance. The construction principle of these entity meta financial spaces is not from reality to virtual, but from virtual to real. It is not the upgrading of online banking or a completely virtual digital space, but a new type of financial activity space that organically integrates digital elements into physical entities and “numbers in things”.

The third is digital asset trading, that is, all kinds of meta financial assets circulate and trade through the meta financial market in the meta space. This is a new financial activity different from the existing financial transactions, including pass trading after asset digitization, native digital asset trading, data asset trading, and a new form of digital asset trading bound with offline physical objects, which can excavate and release all kinds of financial values to the greatest extent, Promote the more comprehensive, extensive and efficient circulation of financial capital.

In my opinion, from a certain point of view, meta finance is a new generation of digital financial environment and a new direction of financial digital development. Meta finance is a new financial market driven by new financial space and new financial assets. From the digitization of content, to the digitization of customer service and financial space, to the digitization of financial assets, the core product of financial services, the change of information technology to the financial industry has been improved step by step, which has greatly promoted the realization of the ultimate goal of modern financial development that social finance is ubiquitous in the future and serves every financial demander widely, safely, accurately and finely.

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