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Fast news, on April 11, 2022, the first chairman (expansion) meeting of the first metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile union was held in writing. According to the bulletin of the first chairman meeting of the first session of the metaverse industry committee, the first draft of the three-year action plan for the innovation and development of metaverse industry was basically formed. The reporter found that the first metaverse Industry Forum opened this top-level design in 2021. Metaverse Industry Committee and Tsinghua University will cooperate to launch the research on metaverse governance. In the near future, the member units of the research group and the opening seminar will be solicited, and the seminar will be held once a month. At the end of the topic in October, the “metaverse governance conference” will be held to announce the results, report to the central government, and invite the full participation of the government, enterprises, society and other sectors.

In a telephone interview with the executive secretary general, Wu Yanfang said that the Secretary General’s team decided to hold the “2022metaverse consensus conference” in Xinglin villa of the State Council in Beijing on May 27 to form a batch of consensus on the basis of consensus such as metaverse industrial declaration and metaverse self-discipline convention: metaverse citizenship code, metaverse governance rules, metaverse technology general rules, metaverse Application guide Metaverse standard guidelines, etc., released a number of plans: development outline, action plan, implementation plan, local government incentive policies and enterprise projects, discussed and promoted the implementation of industrial metaverse, cultural and tourism metaverse, education metaverse, business metaverse, financial metaverse, big health metaverse, urban metaverse and government metaverse, and launched the “metaverse public service platform”.

It is reported that the metaverse Industry Committee adheres to “strategic, systematic and collaborative” thinking about future development, constantly standardizes self-discipline and completes its own construction by strengthening “judgment, execution, combat effectiveness and loyalty”, solidly promotes the industrialization and development of metaverse industry, and jointly builds a “metaverse consensus circle”.

The reporter also interviewed Mr. Chen, the representative spokesman of metafx, the first metaverse foreign exchange digital trader in the UAE, the special guest of the conference. The following are the important contents of the interview:

What do you think metaverse stands for?

Metaverse is a new symbol, new feature, new wind direction and new business form of scientific and technological revolution, industrial development, financial reform and social progress. Metaverse is not only the aggregation of multiple technologies, but also the integration of multiple business rules. It is also a new human thinking, new life and new civilization. It is a new choice to lead the society to highly practice the “community of human destiny”.

Why is metafx supported by more investors?

Metafx has created an AMT trading system driven by big data analysis and quantification to realize stable and sustainable digital currency documentary trading. It is the world’s most watched metaverse foreign exchange exchange in 2022, and its value has made a breakthrough in retail investment tools.

What are the outstanding advantages of metafx digital exchange?

Through the AMT trading system independently developed by metafx, you can link the global trading market with one account, including the most active Hong Kong stocks and US stocks, global digital currency, global foreign exchange, currency CFD contract, commodity futures, energy futures, precious metal futures, etc!

Our trading plan consists of a quantitative method, which forms a cross variety and cross market positive and negative correlation portfolio through a unique multi sample trading signal group, documentary trading, high-frequency trading, short-term trading, forward and reverse trading and superposition strategy to realize hedging and arbitrage. The FSF fund team continues to optimize the trading strategy. The team’s goal is to reduce the pullback volatility and increase the return. Metafx provides customers with free insurance with a coverage of up to US $50000 (depending on the scope), which is provided by Lloyd’s, one of the world’s leading professional insurance companies. All customers can get insurance automatically without registration.

What is metafx’s vision?

The development of metafxmetaverse foreign exchange exchange will accelerate the application of visualization scenarios in different industries, and technologies such as digital twinning and mixed reality will be more widely used in the industrial chain, further promote the reconstruction of enterprise organization form and the breakthrough and innovation of business model, accelerate the digitization of industrial form and the platformization of industrial organization, and trigger a new change of industrial paradigm. At the same time, metaverse will play the same role as the Internet, further reshape the development pattern of traditional industries, cultivate and expand emerging industries, and drive the industrial pattern to accelerate change.

Metafxmetaverse foreign exchange exchange exchange will strive to build the “four beams and eight columns” of the global data exchange in 2-3 years, so as to achieve the goal of “collecting data from all over the world and collecting data from all over the world”.

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