“Super artificial intelligence”: let life “live forever” in metaverse

Zhao Tingting

“My time with my father is very limited. It’s hard to imagine how my child grew up without remembering his grandfather.” Five years ago, Atul sejov was shocked to learn that his father was suffering from cancer. He told the North American youth culture platform “Vice”. Since then, he began to think about how to make his children talk to his grandfather after his grandfather died. These thoughts gave birth to somney space.

“Vice” mentioned that somney space is one of many versions of metaverse that have sprung up in recent years. Unlike most competitors, it is compatible with virtual reality (VR) helmets and enables an immersive 3D experience.

“I collect all kinds of data. If I die, my children can enter metaverse and talk to my avatar. They can see my actions and hear my voice.” In an interview with “Vice”, saichov said that maybe people will not realize that the other party is actually artificial intelligence in the first 10 minutes of communication.

When sejov realized that VR technology had strong simulation potential, he felt very “magical”. He believes that this technology can collect the movement modes of individual fingers, mouth, eyes and even the whole body, and quickly identify them to create a virtual image that is real enough.

“Vice” said that somney space invested in Tesla’s tactile motion capture system teslasuit and cooperated with it to develop a full-body tactile package. According to the information provided by sechev, this suit can not only collect the electrical signals of the wearer when contacting others, but also collect the wearer’s cardiopulmonary function and pressure level, as well as the voice when talking.

When all data collection is completed, somney space will tailor an eternal mirror carrier with the same action and speaking mode for users. “We can combine these data with artificial intelligence to create your avatar in metaverse space, and people can talk to you.” “With the progress of artificial intelligence, we can reshape you better and better,” sechev told vice The more data collected, the more accurate and vivid the user’s image will be.

At present, only paying users can experience the “Immortality model” in somney space, the sun said. “Vice” explained that saiqiaofu wanted to reassure users that users had control over the data. Unless they paid actively, the company would not collect anyone’s data. At the same time, the company hopes to reduce the price as much as possible, such as setting the charging standard for early users to $50 a year.

Allowing “copies” to exist forever involves many moral issues in the view of “Vice”. For example, would it be painful if the deceased’s children knew that he or she would continue to live in metaverse’s world in another form?

“I will work with our legal team to solve these problems.” Saiqiaofu said that he will also deal with these problems with users.