How far is metaverse from us? Boao masters say so

How far is metaverse from us? Boao masters say so

Around the global hot word “metaverse”, as long as you are willing to open your brain hole, there will always be space and endless topics you can’t imagine. On April 22, the 2022 annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia “how far is metaverse from us?” At the sub forum, many heads of leading Chinese and foreign enterprises imagined the underlying technology and future scenarios of “metaverse”.

Metaverse in the eyes of celebrities

“Metaverse is the deduction of the Internet world and the connection between virtual and reality.” “From the perspective of engineering, metaverse is the concrete expression of the three-dimensional internet. Like the Internet, it needs developers, artists and enterprises to build it together.” Shen Wei, global vice president of NVIDIA and general manager of professional visual computing in the Asia Pacific region, said.

Tian Qi, chief scientist in the field of Huawei cloud artificial intelligence and academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, believes that metaverse is a fusion of the physical world and the digital world. “The development of AI technology from more realistic to more intelligent will build an intelligent brain for metaverse, so that human beings can ‘go from heaven to earth’, infinitely explore the physical universe and build a virtual universe in the virtual world.”

“There are many possibilities for the future of metaverse. Whether it will be a better metaverse for the real world or a ‘pacifier’ metaverse for people to indulge in the virtual world depends to a large extent on our original intention and the choice of each step.” Duran, senior vice president of iFLYTEK, said.

“Metaverse is not a new virtual world created outside the physical world that many people simply understand.” According to Yuan Hui, founder, chairman and CEO of small I robot, metaverse is not just a technology, but a process of human awakening to understand the world.

The term Metaverse is as like as two peas in Neil Stephenson’s science fiction avalanche, 1992, which refers to the same environment as the real world as a parallel world in the virtual digital world. The metaverse messages delivered by Boao Forum guests from different angles may give you some new inspiration.

Or enter the outbreak period within three years

“Metaverse is still in its infancy. We need to think forward and make it develop in a direction conducive to mankind.” Duran said that this is determined by the law of technological development.

“Only by understanding the boundaries of technology can we see clearly the current situation and future of metaverse.” Duran analyzed that from the perspective of the infrastructure required for the development of metaverse, computing power is the most obvious constraint at present, which directly affects the development of vision, interaction and AI technology in metaverse. At present, it is difficult to have both the high degree of freedom and high immersion in the public ideal.

Tian Qi compares the current state of metaverse to the “Pangu epoch-making” in ancient Chinese mythology. “We already have the preliminary ability. Next, we need to ‘Nuwa makes man’, which is a ‘digital man’. The intelligence of digital man is divided into two levels, the first is perceptual intelligence and the second is cognitive intelligence.”

Yuan Hui made a bolder prediction: “metaverse will enter an explosive period in the world within three years, and artificial intelligence is accelerating the arrival of metaverse.” The data supporting his view is the market shipments of VR and AR terminals in recent years. He said that VR and Ar are the main terminals supporting metaverse. With the continuous growth and popularization of terminal scale, a large number of service contents will emerge. “Metaverse is not far from us.” Yuan Hui said.

Opportunity and bubble coexist

What changes can metaverse bring to our production and life? This is perhaps the most concerned issue of the public.

Dai Pu, CO president of Roland Berger Global Management Committee, took industry 4.0 as an example: “metaverse can accelerate the development of industry 4.0 and other technologies and better adapt to the consumer market.”

Tianqi believes that metaverse technology not only has huge imagination space in the business and entertainment industry, but also can serve the people’s livelihood in a wider field. For example, in the field of education and medical treatment.

“In the short term, I think opportunity and foam exist.” “There are short opportunities in some of Metaverse’s scenes, and games and social networking will be the first landing of Metaverse. At the same time, Metaverse will also become a feast for entrepreneurs, a story of giant, a carnival of capital and currency circles, and a lot of foam will happen,” said Duran’s rational and gentle voice. At the same time, she revealed that iFLYTEK has synchronously developed the digital virtual human matrix while developing the “software and hardware integration” accompanying robot.

“Metaverse actually embraces all the productive forces and modes of production in the past, and with the promotion of science and technology, it will create new productive forces and modes of production that mankind has never seen before.” As the leader of the main enterprises involved in the formulation of national and international standards of artificial intelligence, Yuan Hui firmly said: “xiaoi’s AI ability has been reserved for a long time to embrace the advent of metaverse era.”

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