Metaverse field exploration harvest recognition Aurora was officially selected as a member of metaverse Industry Committee

On March 23, 2022, the metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation announced the Sixth Batch of acceptance list on the official website and the central chain live broadcast network, and Shenzhen Hexun Huagu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aurora”, Aurora mobile, NASDAQ Stock Code: JG) was selected. After the vote of the high-level meeting of the committee, it was officially granted the status of member unit of Aurora metaverse Industry Committee.

It is reported that the metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation (cmca-mcc), subordinate to China Mobile Communications Federation, is a national social organization responsible for promoting the healthy and sustainable development of metaverse industry. Since its inauguration on November 11, 2021, the Committee has accepted 6 batches of 145 formal members of units and individuals, including 25 listed companies such as aurora, They are elite players in various fields upstream and downstream of metaverse industrial chain, and represent the mainstay and core force of China’s metaverse industrial development.

As a leading developer service provider in China, Aurora has always attached importance to technological innovation thinking and the long-term value of technology, and always pays attention to the world technology trend and trend. As an integration of cutting-edge digital technology, metaverse has always been one of the important areas of Aurora’s attention and exploration, and has achieved phased results. At the end of 2021, the metaverse information push function supported by the aurora push service has been successfully implemented in the game demo on the roblox platform. Using this function, the virtual information of players in the game can be transmitted to the mobile phone in the real world in real time, which not only makes the dialogue between the virtual world and the real world possible, but also more " Metaverse" Provide new practice for the development of.

Aurora was successfully selected as a member of metaverse industry committee this time, which proves that the application prospect and feasibility of Aurora products and technologies in metaverse field have been fully affirmed by the industry. In addition, the committee also highly affirmed the current innovative and practical ability of Aurora.

In the future, in the field of metaverse, aurora will continue to explore the application of more products and solutions in the scene of metaverse by taking advantage of the practice precipitation of diversified user needs accumulated in the field of big data and invisible privacy computing based on original data for more than ten years, as well as in the field of developer services for many years; Finally, it will provide metaverse developers with a platform that can be quickly accessed and easily expanded, so that developers can get a more high-quality and convenient service experience.

Aurora looks forward to working together with the brother members of the metaverse industry committee to make concerted innovation, jointly do a good job in the development of metaverse industrialization and industrial metaverse, solidly promote metaverse application, jointly build a “metaverse consensus circle” and accelerate the opening of a new space in the human digital world!