Digital twin | focus on the commercialization of metaverse, enabling new business forms of the real economy

Metaverse is the hottest word in 2021. Whether Facebook changed its name to meta, the listing of reblox, a famous game company, or Microsoft’s cash acquisition of game company giant Blizzard’s layout of metaverse, the past 2021 has truly become the first year of metaverse. Based on technological innovation, metaverse has brought infinite reverie to our future and attracted the attention of many people and investors. At the beginning of 2022, there are more favorable policies. No matter from the policy guidance or industrial overweight, as well as the deep cultivation layout of relevant market players, they have released positive signals. This year will be a year of innovation and exploration for the commercialization of metaverse.

With people’s deep excavation and exploration of metaverse, metaverse + will permeate all fields of life in e-commerce, automobile, construction, education, film and television, high-tech industries and so on. As an important breakthrough in the digital economy, the related proposals of “metaverse” during the two sessions also attracted great attention and heated discussion, and became one of the hottest topics in the country. Jiang Qiping, director of the informatization research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the development of China’s digital economy needs to find differences. Metaverse may be a breakthrough. In the future, it will have great development space in multimodal content industry, industrial Internet, digital twins, rural revitalization, virtual shopping, e-commerce and so on.

Favorable policies: focus on the commercialization of metaverse and welcome policy support for the digital economy

In the era of digital economy, the strength of economic development is composed of the traction of the market, the driving force of the government, the innovation of science and technology and the driving force of digital industry. On January 24, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a press conference to introduce the work related to supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Liang Zhifeng, director of the Bureau of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the meeting that the Ministry of industry and information technology will guide and support small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate the process of digital industrialization and industrial digital through various ways such as “maker China” innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In particular, it should pay attention to cultivating a number of “little giants” enterprises deeply engaged in professional fields, such as industrial Internet, industrial software, network and data security, intelligent sensors and so on, and cultivate a number of enterprises entering metaverse Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging fields such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Clearly support the layout of metaverse, virtual reality, digital twins and other related industries. It can be seen that linking virtual and reality has become an important track for the commercialization and exploration of metaverse. It is an important direction to seize the development opportunities of “metaverse” industry and forward-looking layout of key core technologies and major application scenarios.

Taking advantage of the east wind of digital economic reform, Hangzhou Yuanjiang Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in empowering the real economy through digital blockchain technology, integrating virtual and reality, breaking the dimensional wall, creating a new economic consumption environment, and putting forward groundbreaking new ideas for exploring the commercialization of metaverse.

New exploration: carry forward the Millennium wine culture based on metaverse, and boost the development of real industries with digital economy

Founded in 2014, Hangzhou Yuanjiang Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hangzhou, has focused on the research and development of blockchain technology and Internet of things technology for many years. The smart city cloud platform system and Infinite City handheld real-time traffic positioning system developed by the company as early as 2016 have also participated in the overall planning of Hangzhou’s “urban brain” smart city, and have been specially reported by many authoritative media such as people’s daily and economic daily.

In 2021, one belt, one road, was to promote the integration of digital economy and real economy. In response to the call of the government, Yuanjiang science and technology insisted that Metaverse development was not divorced from real life. Instead, it began to merge with the real economy in the multi scene area. It began to cooperate with the key partners in the whole country. The French Centennial oz Moby wine group had deep cooperation, using block chain technology and 5G technology. Jointly create a new digital metaverse project: meta ch â teau, the first winery of yuanuniverse. Through the applet, you can participate in a series of virtual explorations such as wine culture experience and wine winery visit. It has attracted more and more consumers to participate in the digital consumption trend of new concepts and new experiences.

One belt, one road, is the first wine house in the yuan universe, Meta Ch teau, which is the first to take the diversity of Metaverse concept. It is the first to take a look at the national customs and the Millennium wine culture along the way. It is perfectly applied to the scene of the sale of solid red wine, which deepens the customers’ deep understanding and feelings about wine culture, enhances the consumers’ enthusiasm for the purchase of red wine, and detects the red wine consumption market. This new exploration idea also provides a new business model for how to combine the virtual metaverse with the real economy.

The rise of new forces: a new business form of real economy enabled by the combination of virtual and real

Since the beginning of the project in January 2022, the red wine sales of its osmobi winery has ranked first and second in the hot search list of Jingdong high-end French red wine sales. Under the adverse impact of the epidemic, the whole national real economy has bucked the trend, which also provides a new idea on how to improve the anti risk ability of the real economy under the repeated epidemic.

Osmby said one belt, one road leader, Pierre Jan, who is responsible for the Metaverse, and the Metaverse is still the first to be explored in the red wine industry. In recent years, many of the offline activities have been unable to carry out the impact of the epidemic. But the Metaverse has broken the boundaries, and let us see a hundred years of French red wine. How can we better pass the road through the combination of the virtual reality of the Meta yuan Ch first teau? Into the homes of Chinese consumers.

As the first mature metaverse technology product in China, meta ch â teau, the first winery of yuancosmos, will gradually open up new scenes and cooperation modes, bring more digital, interesting and intelligent marketing forms to physical brands and IP, open up the marketing scene beyond reality, and constantly create value for the digital ecology of internal circulation brands. Ma Chao, founder of Hangzhou Yuanjiang technology, also said that in the future, meta ch â teau, the first winery of yuanuniverse, will continue to expand its professional market operation team, link high-end technical talents, integrate industry resources, continue to promote the high-quality development of digital industrialization, and lead the whole industry to embrace the general trend of digital upgrading and innovation.

Metaverse is the starting point of economic development

The development of metaverse in China is inseparable from policy support and down-to-earth exploration. Wang Peng, an associate professor at Renmin University of China, told reporters that with the support of policies, metaverse can not only promote the diversification of application scenarios, but also promote the development of relevant enterprises and form a virtuous circle. The development of metaverse is not “from real to virtual”, but to realize the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, so as to effectively enable the comprehensive upgrading of real economy and enable all walks of life to find the “second growth curve”.

Yuanjiang science and technology has always adhered to the implementation of national policies, actively responded to the call of the government, focused on the development of digital economy to help entities, and always adhered to the development of entities as the foundation. Bringing the Millennium wine culture into metaverse to create an immersive exploration experience not only promotes the dissemination and development of wine culture, but also runs the advanced blockchain technology through the production, transportation, sales and customer service of wine, and carries out digital traceability, which not only makes customers feel the new experience brought by the development of digital technology, but also protects customers’ consumption rights and interests and optimizes the digital consumption environment. One belt, one road, will continue to explore the technology of the digital block chain, which will enable Yuanjiang to continue to explore the new technology of product economy, and create a new product marketing scenario. It will actively promote the deep cooperation with all the other countries in the area. Meanwhile, we will develop Metaverse activities to help farmers in the grape growing areas in China.

I believe that in the near future, under the effects of legislative addition, effective supervision, technology R & D and capital assistance, metaverse will not only bring new opportunities for the development of China’s digital economy, but also bring great convenience and better scientific and technological experience to human life.