What can humans do in metaverse in the future?

The word “metaverse” has triggered a lot of discussion. Relevant products have appeared in people’s lives and brought some hype. So what can we do in metaverse? For example, we used to watch the auto show offline, and we need people to come to the scene. The venue is limited, which may be hundreds or thousands of people. If we put the auto show in metaverse, we can see the performance, configuration and style of the car in metaverse, and we can also test drive it, feel its speed, and even test drive their self-service driving function. We can realize it in metaverse, so there may be tens of thousands of people Millions of people can drive this car at the same time and participate in such an auto show at the same time. Movies can also be made in metaverse. From shooting, to the final film, and then to the final screening in metaverse, they can be realized in metaverse. There is no problem at all.

Metaverse also has more advanced functions. For example, in metaverse, if your loved one dies and you miss her very much, you can upload photos and videos of your loved ones, and you can generate a virtual person in metaverse. She is lifelike as standing in front of you. Of course, with the help of VR devices entering metaverse, let’s imagine what can be achieved in ten or twenty years? According to such pictures, videos and photos, virtual and AI vivid people can be generated. They can talk and chat with each other, which can be realized. They can open their brains to imagine this thing. I believe it will not work in the next ten years, and this form will be realized in 20 or 30 years.

You can also set up a scene at home in metaverse. Maybe your relatives are chatting next to you, sitting in the living room or cooking in the kitchen. For example, you can visit the famous mountains and rivers of our motherland in metaverse. Needless to say, it’s hard to travel. This kind of scenery can be reproduced in metaverse, and even you can create a new landscape, Our scenic spots in China may take several years to visit, and you may need a few hours in metaverse, and you may finish it. When you have a strong sense of immersion and substitution, you can completely replace your sense of presence and the feeling of going to the scene. I believe it can be realized.

Of course, the premise is that the headset can reach a certain standard, and the current headset has not reached the standard. After a period of technological development, I believe we will realize our ideas. This immersion will be very, very strong.

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