Video | a digital collection platform goes online, and several digital collections have been sold out in the first episode | metaverse points north

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A digital collection platform was officially launched on March 31, 2022. The works on the platform are distributed based on Tencent cloud “Zhixin chain”, and each digital collection has a unique identification on the “Zhixin chain”. Collectors can view their collections on the platform at any time; You can also query your digital collection on “Zhixin chain” through the exclusive ID of the work.

This time, two artists, grey day and Wang Yefeng, are working together. This time, the platform launched two exclusive limited digital art collections: the avatar series of digital believers and the work series of eternal totem.

Gray day’s “digital believers” series of digital art avatars are inspired by the current human panic and anxiety about the future. On the one hand, mankind is enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology, on the other hand, it is worried about the abuse of science and technology. The exclusive debut of the “digital believer” series of avatars depicts all kinds of people who believe in the virtual digital world in the future. They wear high-tech VR devices like masks and feel the virtual world like the plot in the science fiction film “player 1”. As the boundary between metaverse and the real world becomes more and more blurred, they have a religious worship of the virtual world. Digital believers were born.

Artist Wang Yefeng created a strange scene of imaginary virtual characters through three-dimensional rendering and random generation mechanism. The sci-fi biological characters in the work are between “real” and “virtual”. They are suspended in the blockchain in a fragment structure, forming a magnificent scenery like an alien scene. Of the hundreds of works produced in this series, no two are exactly the same.

The interesting thing about this series of works is that it metaphors the overproduction of goods in consumerism. The life body full of scattered characteristics in the works is like the rebirth of “excess” space debris, and has become another kind of “evidence” of the current era because it exists on the tamperable blockchain.

The works went on sale at 0:00 on March 31. At present, some works have been sold out.