Playing with metaverse, e-Car turned the 2022 conference into an “Annual Conference of others”

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On March 31, the 2022 easy car conference with the theme of “easy yuan renewal” was held in the cloud. Easy car, which has always had the gene of technology and trend, also played a new trick in the annual meeting this time. It moved metaverse into the annual meeting for the first time, allowing employees to enjoy the annual meeting of black technology and digitization, and also contributed a new happy Carnival to the Internet circle. Zhang Xuan, CEO of e-Car, also disclosed the business highlights in 2021 and the development planning and thinking in 2022 at the annual meeting.

With the audio-visual experience of immersive, virtual and real integration, metaverse has become a popular application in the science and technology trend circle, and it is even more brilliant in the live broadcasting field. Relying on green screen tracking and virtual engine 3D rendering real-time imaging technology, this annual meeting of e-Car cloud has built an AR live studio to realize the coexistence of reality and virtual, and let thousands of employees enjoy a cooler and more interesting metaverse annual meeting full of dreamy sense of technology.

Ar live broadcasting room

In addition to the live broadcast room, the annual meeting of Yiche cloud also created a “yixiaosha” metaverse urban experience space. The space includes employee virtual image, wishing pool, AR interactive games, employee PK games, photo gallery, blind box lottery and other special areas. Employees can fully carry out virtual entertainment, social networking and trading in metaverse city and experience the immersive digital living space.

“Easy little shark” metaverse urban experience space

During the metaverse annual meeting, the employees of e-Car directly watched the live broadcast on their mobile phones and computers, and interacted with executives and anchors in real time. They were happy to grab waves of e-Car coins to exchange for rich gifts, which came from the online goods of employees in all business lines.

Employee live broadcast with goods

As the most popular project of the annual meeting, the employees who changed cars at the metaverse cloud annual meeting also enjoyed the stimulation brought by the digital lottery and felt real material fun. It is worth mentioning that in response to the call of the state to encourage childbirth, this year, e-Car also innovated and launched the surprise reward – employee’s two and three child car purchase welfare policy. Employees who have two and three children will enjoy 50000 yuan and 100000 yuan car purchase funds respectively on the basis of the original car welfare, so as to bring more convenience to employees when purchasing family cars.

Cloud lottery

The annual meeting also commended the employees and teams who made great contributions to the enterprise in the past year, successively commended the champion team, the star of easy car and the excellent employee “shining shark”, and awarded honorary medals / cups and rich bonuses.

“Champion team” award

While the annual meeting was happy to “build”, Zhang Xuan, CEO of e-Car, also conveyed the management’s planning and Thinking on business development in 2022 to all e-Car employees. He said that with the efforts of all employees, e-Car continued the industry-leading advantages established since the second half of 2020. In 2021, key business indicators including Mau, the number of dealers signing contracts and the number of renewals in 2022 remained in the leading position in the industry, and some data also created the history of the industry.

Zhang Xuan, CEO of Yiche

Meanwhile, looking forward to 2022 and the future, e-Car will also explore industry opportunities in three directions. First, fully meet the new energy era and tap new energy market opportunities; Second, make more achievements in the field of car owner service; Third, make better use of the resources of controlling shareholders and carry out more and greater innovation based on enterprises and micro enterprises.

After a mixed year in 2021 and facing the coexistence of challenges and opportunities in 2022, e-Car has responded to industry changes and market competition with clear development ideas and strategies. Zhang Xuan called on all employees of e-Car to continue to maintain the attitude of “full speed sprint” and rush to the new era of automotive Internet under change.