China’s first industrial metaverse platform “IOT forest friends” launched

China’s first industrial metaverse platform “IOT forest friends” launched

Solve the fragmentation of the Internet of things, easily build virtual exhibition halls, find equipment, make solutions and find business opportunities

Industry metaverse is regarded by the industry as an interface to improve the digital productivity of the real world and the real economy. It uses digital twin and other technologies to promote the upgrading of productivity tools, connect the real and virtual world, and promote cross enterprise and cross industry cooperation.

On March 30, 2022, the first IOT industry metaverse platform “thingclub. Com” launched by uino Youyi technology was launched. This is the latest solution contributed by uino to breaking through the “fragmentation” dilemma of the Internet of things industry, and is committed to moving the whole industry of the Internet of things into the industry metaverse.

Chen Aohan, founder of uino Youyi technology, once planned such a long-term vision for the “IOT forest friends association”: to provide a virtual space for every enterprise in the field of Internet of things, a digital twin version for every product and technology, open up virtual goods and real goods, virtual scenes and real scenes, and provide a platform for the connection of Internet of things and resources.

So, how does IOT senyou move the whole industry of Internet of things into metaverse? Before answering this question, let’s first understand a heart disease of the Internet of things industry – fragmentation.

Fragmentation: the “heart disease” of the Internet of things industry

There are countless scenarios of the Internet of things, including smart home, data center, smart water conservancy, etc. various scenarios make the industry “fragmented”. Moreover, in recent years, this “fragmentation” is particularly prominent, which seriously hinders the popularization of the Internet of things and makes it difficult for a large number of practitioners to improve their efficiency when doing projects.

The first is product fragmentation: there are tens of thousands of sensors, and each sensor has many subcategories, which directly leads to the difficulty of user product selection. Secondly, the implementation of the project is also very broken: from design to implementation, the project needs to deal with equipment selection, platform / application development, and other on-site factors, such as mains power supply? Transmission signal? wait.

Internet of things players are also fragmented. On the ecological chain of the Internet of things, there are millions of enterprises, large and small. From scheme selection to implementation, they have to deal with many manufacturers, and each enterprise is often only familiar with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. When looking for partners across levels, we should also judge the strength of each company and what they are good at.

Breaking the game: move the Internet of things into the industry metaverse

How to break the game? One of the solutions of the IOT / Verizon is to move these IOT / Verizon products to the mainland. The infinite possibilities of a metaverse continent stem from the “collection reconstruction” of these data.

Digital empowerment, building IOT metaverse knowledge map

In reality, every land has an ocean that nourishes it, and the ocean that “nourishes” the forest continent is the massive data provided by the forest friends association: one is the “million level” forest products database, and the other is the “100000 level” forest scheme database.

Senyoupin generates digital twin models of IOT devices, from appearance packaging to interfaces, parameters, and then to business scenarios In this way, users can search in multiple dimensions. They don’t even need to know the name of the sensor. They just need to describe the requirements in language. Senyoupin will recommend appropriate products and compare the parameters of multiple products.

After digitizing various sensors, gateways, platforms and applications, they are combined by using Sen scheme; Then build the knowledge map of the Internet of things according to the interconnection of the products used, the problems solved and the fields of application. Through this knowledge map, users can search arbitrarily and find the appropriate scheme from the product / purpose.

Production tools, immersive display of technology and ability

Sen Youpin / Sen scheme has laid a data foundation for the construction of IOT metaverse. On this basis, the forest topology & amp; Sen exhibition hall tool can help enterprises quickly design the scheme topology and build their own virtual exhibition hall of the Internet of things.

Sen topology is an easy-to-use, lightweight and convenient Internet of things topology drawing tool. It adopts the interactive mode of “drag and drop” to help enterprises quickly complete the drawing of topology, flow chart and other views.

Sen exhibition hall helps Internet of things enterprises build their technical solutions into an “immersive” virtual exhibition hall. Not only the construction cost is low and the effect is cool, but also the utilization rate of time and space is improved. Customers can browse and explore at any time without waiting for sales explanations. The flexibility and sense of experience are improved.

Another tool promoted by uino – sen factory can help users solve the problems of project development and delivery. It does not need to be equipped with a professional software development team. The existing team can complete the digital twin project through systematic training and realize the low-cost expansion of the software business line.

Mainland Sen, the entrance of the IOT industry metaverse

Data level, senyoupin & amp; Sen scheme digitizes the products / schemes and builds the knowledge map of metaverse of IOT industry based on two databases; At the tool level, Sen topology and Sen exhibition hall help enterprises turn one-dimensional data into two-dimensional topology map and three-dimensional exhibition hall. Data, architecture and exhibition hall will be gathered in the forest continent to jointly form the IOT industry metaverse.

@Sen continent – entrance( )

Sen continent is the entrance of IOT metaverse. The continent is meshed, 20 × 20 is divided into 34000 grids, and each grid is equivalent to a booth in reality.

@Mori mainland – Youkan technology Mori factory exhibition hall

These virtual booths will provide a transparent stage for the majority of Internet of things enterprises, especially small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, break through the obstacles of region and scale, fully enable enterprises to expand their business scope through multiple channels, improve the radius of sales and service, and create a new paradigm of enterprise marketing.

In this way, each enterprise can create its own enterprise space through senyoupin / Sen scheme; Then, the technology and capability will be displayed through Sen tools, and a complete business card will be gathered in Sen continent: there are not only one-dimensional products / solutions, but also corresponding two-dimensional topology display and three-dimensional exhibition hall simulation.

Co shaping the new ecology of Internet of things industry

The platform of “IOT forest friends association” has compatibility, openness and operability.

In the metaverse of IOT industry created by senyou, users can easily feel and experience in virtual scenes, including related to corresponding products, technologies and schemes, without going to see the schemes in real scenes;

The cross company and cross industry collaboration of Internet of things enterprises has been effectively improved; At the same time, extend the industrial chain so that no matter how small the Internet of things enterprises can be seen, understood and needed; Every Internet of things enterprise has obtained the identity of industry metaverse, and everyone can build their own Internet of things exhibition hall at the lowest cost to display their own solutions and products.

At the same time, Sen friends association also provides “Sen business opportunities”, digitizing the bidding information, making the information transparent, so that every enterprise can compete fairly; The platform provides the function of self-service publishing requirements, promotes cooperation among enterprises and solves complex projects.

@IOT senyou Association – IOT bidding Center

Chen Aohan hopes that every IOT enterprise and IOT person can use our tools to build their own virtual space and put their own products / solutions on it, so that others can see it clearly and even directly relate to the real things to buy.

Breaking through the restrictions caused by the fragmentation of the Internet of things, senyou will enable small enterprises to get an equal stage like giants. Here, everyone can build an exhibition hall that is beyond the constraints of the realistic universe and an exhibition hall that has unlimited space, breaks through geographical and epidemic restrictions, and can receive countless customers at the same time. It will promote the program 24 hours a day for Internet of things participants who come and go. So that more intelligent earth builders can use it, join the IOT forest friends association and jointly create IOT metaverse!

@Sen exhibition hall – Exhibition Scheme details

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