Experts believe that metaverse reshapes the future business model

Reference News reported on March 31 that the website of Spain’s economist published an article on March 28, entitled “metaverse will break the gap between physical stores and online stores”, written by Miguel Merino roho. The full text is excerpted as follows:

Experts pointed out that factors such as 5g network, artificial intelligence, big data and cryptocurrency will build a new consumption ecosystem.

The future of e-commerce will become an omni channel experience and continue to transition to the “digital entity” mode, that is, the combination of entity and digital shopping. The flexibility of delivery, new payment methods and the sustainability of operation and processing processes are some of the current trends. At the same time, metaverse and virtual reality will continue to move forward and accumulate new supporters.

The success of the e-commerce forum organized by the Spanish economist is unstoppable. During the forum, participants analyzed and discussed whether e-commerce would eventually lead to the disappearance of physical stores. For this hypothesis, experts from all sides have given a clear conclusion. Experts attending the meeting agreed: “e-commerce will not replace physical stores. The future is to absorb the essence of both and promote their mutual benefit and complementarity.”

Participants also discussed the consumer experience. Nowadays, consumers have higher requirements, more information, and pay more attention to sustainable development. Digital transformation and new business models go beyond the field of online sales and integrated warehouse management. Omni channel experience and metaverse outline a new three-dimensional sales prospect for the whole industry.

The experts also analyzed the possible impact of the rapid development of artificial intelligence, 5g network, cryptocurrency and big data on the field of e-commerce. All this will operate in a new security mode, which will become the key to protecting the privacy of users and companies.

All experts put forward their views on the current trend of e-commerce and how it will develop in the future. Anna Belen Alonso Hernandez, innovation director of Spain international bank, stressed: “5g revolution and data management will pose severe challenges in the future.” “As for the user experience, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and new virtual space will coexist harmoniously, and this future prospect is very exciting,” said Alfredo echevaria, customer marketing director of ups in Spain and Portugal

One of the major trends in the future is that brands will be more sustainable. Only in this way can we give consumers confidence, especially for young groups, because they pay more and more attention to the impact of enterprises on society and the environment.

On the other hand, experts also mentioned the importance of metaverse in the field of e-commerce. The innovative application of blockchain technology in payment methods or customs processes will require a new financial environment to ensure its data security.

Therefore, echevaria highlighted metaverse. “Metaverse is not an immersive digital shopping experience, but a complete ecosystem where new markets and new consumers will coexist harmoniously,” he said