My world gamers can now earn money from alien worldsmetaverse

This bridge will open a door for my world gamers to access games and metaverse that can “play and earn”

Minecraft, the most popular video game in history that has attracted 170 million players, will earn trilium, the native cryptocurrency of alien worldsmetaverse. Alien worlds is one of the largest “play to earn (p2e) blockchain games and non homogenous token (NFT) metaverse.

Launched in 2020, alien worlds has grown into the second largest blockchain platform by monthly active user computing. In the game, players can play a unique digital product (NFT), pledge trilium tokens, follow the alien worlds mission to other planets, vote in the election and run for the planet Council. The game’s six planet decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will compete around trilium to encourage cooperation among users.

The new interoperable bridge will lead people to a global online creation platform that has been in operation for a long time and is extremely popular. This bridge will bring sensational effects to the field of traditional and blockchain games, and will accelerate the process of non blockchain gamers switching to alien worldsmetaverse. At the same time, the open source feature of its development code will also enable other “my world” servers to earn rewards of “playing while making money”. In addition, it allows other blockchain projects to take advantage of the broad user base of my world.

In addition, this interoperability will provide traditional gamers with the opportunity to earn assets by completing tasks, trilium in alien worlds, and will soon earn NFT. Players can earn their real world assets for free through their analog world.

Saro McKenna, co-founder of alien worlds, said: “this bridge is of extraordinary significance because we are connecting the global hot decentralized games to the blockchain and bringing many new possibilities to my world players through our social metaverse. We believe that the integration of economics, team strategy and making money will transform my world players of all ages into Web3 players.”

In addition, by earning trilium, players of my world can pledge homogeneous tokens to Dao on alien worlds, which holds the largest amount of wealth in this space. The pledged trilium will be converted into voting rights that can determine the control of the planet’s wealth. Players of my world can not only understand Dao, but also participate in the cooperative, competitive and strategic environment brought by its Gamification.

About alien worlds

Alien worlds is a breakthrough nftmetaverse and one of the world’s most popular “play and earn” blockchain games. Here, users can play with unique digital assets (non homogenous tokens), pledge trilium tokens, participate in missions to other planets, vote in elections, and run for the planet Council. The game’s six planetary Daos will compete for trilium, and then allow users to cooperate and compete and formulate strategies.

Alien worlds has nearly 7 million full-time players and more than 700000 monthly active users (the number of unique wallet addresses that interact with alien worlds smart contract dapprad every month). Alien worlds has risen rapidly in the dapprad ranking list and inspired individuals to climb a new level of their imagination in order to create, share and thrive in social metaverse.