Hegang should enter metaverse

Author Gao Fei

Editor: Zhou wanwan

Source: cybergushi

Satellite image of Hegang railway station

I just saw a hot search saying that a game company had conducted a microblog forwarding lottery. The prize was extremely exaggerated and was directly given to the suite. It also specifically stated that it was a real house that could live. When the news came out, the enthusiasm of the masses was high, and the forwarding exceeded six figures.

The house is indeed a real house, but the location is relatively special. In Hegang, a “online red city” that has often made headlines with low house prices in the past few years. So the total price of such a real house prize is not exaggerated, about 50000 yuan, which is equivalent to two high-end Macs or three iPhones.

Speaking of it, Hegang really should take advantage of low house prices to do one thing, not by others’ consumption reputation, but into metaverse.

As we all know, a branch of metaverse has become a digital art market abroad. An NFT avatar that looks like a GIF picture is often sold for tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even in China, although we prohibit NFT digital art trading from the perspective of regulations, another virtual asset, game props, can still be sold at sky high prices. Two days ago, there was a news that the principal of a school spent tens of millions on an online game platform.

Compared with these virtual assets, the house price in Hegang, as a real asset, is really a quality of conscience and a real house price.

Therefore, I suggest that Hegang can enter metaverse in another way, that is, urban digital twin + metaverse.

Hegang can cooperate with a technology platform (preferably a game) to twin the city digital into a virtual city. Generally, streets can be simply twinned on their appearance, while idle real estate should be twinned specifically, at least at the level of VR house viewing.

Then the game company can turn the real map of Hegang into a game map, and these digital twin properties are all kinds of treasure sites or the place where the key plot takes place. If players want to complete the task, the best choice is to buy the virtual house in the game.

Note that Hegang’s advantage in entering metaverse appears here. We can set that once the player owns the virtual house in the game, he will have the right to use the house in reality.

In other words, players win not only digital props, but also a real house. According to the budget that players often spend tens of thousands in the game, it is the greatest psychological satisfaction to get props in the game and Suites in the real world.

Of course, there are certain risks in this setting, that is, Hegang metaverse is too successful, the players are too enthusiastic, and the game is completed. Our proposition is that housing is not fried, so this hidden danger must be solved.

The specific solution is that we design a role of house housekeeper. They are usually public welfare tenants and live in the house, but another task is to take care of and maintain the house according to the game settings, so as to keep the house consistent with the digital twin scene in the game.

The player only has the right to use the house, or the right to name it, not the property right.

Perhaps there are other hidden dangers of relevant laws and regulations, but I believe the details can be supplemented and improved by legal personnel. But in general, Hegang can realize the income surplus in digital space, supplement finance and boost the high-quality development of the real economy through metaverse, such as improving the appearance of the city and building infrastructure.

You know, our selling point is digital twins, so any change in Hegang in the real world will finally be reflected in the game.

Every penny of players will eventually become part of building a better city. Since then, the game industry has also moved from virtual to real. The real industry has also taken advantage of the digital economy to achieve innovative development.

Every player who works hard in the game also has the opportunity to have a spiritual port of a real city.

Since then, we have walked out of a unique metaverse Avenue.

The lyrics of the theme song of the game are all figured out:

Hegang Hegang

It’s not just the wine last night that haunts me

What makes me reluctant is metaverse in Hegang

We are not afraid to work hard for a long time because there are players holding hands

What always haunts me is the joy and sorrow of this city

Although we have never met, we are deeply homesick

The green weeping willows in late autumn on the street seem to have passed my forehead

In that remote town

There’s metaverse we can’t take away

(special tribute to Chengdu)