Ernst & Young: metaverse will have an important impact on social, work, life and other fields

Chinanews, Shanghai, March 30 (reporter Jiang Yu) “metaverse is a new experience and new scene. We think it will have an important impact on social, work, life and other fields”, Guan Wenjun, strategy and trading partner and digital innovation director of anyong Greater China, told chinanews on the 30th.

Since 2021, the concept of metaverse (metaverse) has received unprecedented attention from all walks of life, and has been heating up continuously. Under the “tuyere”, many technology giants have regarded metaverse as a new growth point and the next competitive field with strategic significance. They even believe that the development process of metaverse will trigger a new round of reshuffle of the global technology industry and compete to invest important resources in the cutting-edge layout of metaverse.

Many governments around the world have tested the layout of metaverse, and Chinese governments at all levels have also seized the opportunity to actively layout the new metaverse track, in order to become a rule setter, standard setter and industry leader in this important digital space in the future, and occupy a dominant position in this new division of labor system.

The definition of metaverse is very important from the perspective of business and technology. From a technical point of view, metaverse is a fusion innovation that combines many cutting-edge technologies and underlying technologies, including 5g, blockchain, AI, AR / VR and the Internet of things; On the other hand is the business value of metaverse, which can provide new experiences, new scenes and new business models, and enable the development of the whole industry.

“As for the application of metaverse in the work field, our customers have begun to use different new technologies to enable employees and customers to participate in the virtual space environment, so as to maintain work efficiency and enhance competitiveness”, Guan Wenjun said: “in terms of life, based on the existing good infrastructure such as digital economy, Internet and e-commerce, metaverse can provide more new experiences, such as new shopping or entertainment experiences. In short, metaverse can empower our life, work and social life.”

Guan Wenjun believes that with the continuous development of metaverse, it may be closely related to different industries. In the fields related to retail and consumption, many companies use metaverse technology to better reach the new generation of consumers, or connect their products, services and brands through a more virtual and real experience. “We can see from the retail and consumer industries that some companies have begun to use metaverse related distributed asset management methods to reflect user loyalty.”.

In addition to the consumer industry, manufacturing may also be an area with great development potential for metaverse. According to Guan Wenjun, some manufacturing companies have begun to use three-dimensional technology to integrate design, planning and even the whole manufacturing process, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing costs. In addition, metaverse will also become an important proposition in the culture and education industry. Guan Wenjun said: “the national wisdom education platform was officially launched on March 28, which is a very important phased achievement of China’s education system in the digital strategic action”.

In January 2022, China’s Ministry of industry and information technology proposed to support the development of digital economy and cultivate a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises entering emerging fields such as metaverse, blockchain and artificial intelligence. This is the first time that “metaverse” was mentioned by the Ministry of industry and information technology. According to the reporter, at present, many governments across the country have stepped up the layout in the metaverse boom, showing a situation of “running into the bureau” in the Yangtze River Delta and accelerating the layout in central and western cities. (end)

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Editor: Jiang Yu