2022 Spring Chain Environment co creation camp starts to explore the selection of metaverse track direction

At present, the era of metaverse is accelerating, technological innovation and industrial application are setting sail in an all-round way, leading the transformation and upgrading of digital economy. Many visionary companies or projects are accelerating the layout of metaverse. From March 24 to 27, the “chain environment co Creation Camp · 2022 spring camp, embrace metaverse” organized by chain environment labs officially opened. In the next three months, it will accompany the growth of the project and help it develop and expand through roadshows, training, diagnosis, counseling, coaches and other forms, so as to jointly build metaverse ecology.

The overall quality of this chuang9 project is very high, with the participation of 32 excellent teams at home and abroad. It covers many fields in metaverse, such as space scene construction, virtual character face pinching, metaverse fashion, online data service, digital collection casting and distribution, etc. Among them, more than half of the teams have the backgrounds of famous universities such as Harvard University, Berkeley University, Tsinghua University and Peking University and silicon valley or large domestic factories, and many teams are continuous entrepreneurs.

At the same time, in order to better explore high-quality projects, chain labs invited 24 domestic head venture capital institutions, including 5 of the top 10 institutions in the industry. In addition, 13 industry experts with practical experience were invited to check the pulse on site. At present, after the first stage of the opening roadshow, half of the teams have been successfully promoted, resulting in 21 cases of intended investment and cooperation.

At the opening ceremony, yuan Ruijuan, general manager of chain labs, once again shared the concept of “your super partner” with “spray”. She is neither a simple “investor” nor just a “consulting service provider”, but a “super partner”. She is an indispensable partner on the way of “spray”. The core competence of chain labs is “multi-dimensional perspective, in-depth service and complete ecology”. Whether you are an entrepreneurial team or an enterprise seeking transformation and upgrading or industrial transition, chain labs can provide more diversified science and technology enabling services as a “partner”.

This co Creation Camp has a very deep thinking on the selection of metaverse track direction and the exploration of business model. At present, the development of metaverse is considered “floating in the concept” by many people, which is that the development and integration of key cutting-edge digital technologies are still under exploration.

Yuan Ruijuan believes that the most important application scenario of metaverse is the industrial scenario. The business should be based on serving the real economy and solidly promote the industrialization and development of metaverse. This time, chuang9 pays more attention to the role of digital collections in the process of digital transformation and industrial transition of real industries; The blockchain of game equipment flows up the chain, the application of various new devices and technologies in the game, and interesting, informative and hard core projects that profoundly change all aspects of human life through science and technology.

It is reported that since its establishment, chainbound labs has adhered to the purpose of “professional depth and remarkable results”, taking blockchain technology as the starting point and widely integrating artificial intelligence, 5g, cloud computing and Web3 0 and other cutting-edge science and technology tracks are committed to becoming the “super partner” of all partners. At present, chain labs has opened 9 co creation camps, with more than 300 projects, covering more than 20 industries including Internet, new retail, intelligent hardware, culture and tourism, medical treatment, fashion design and so on. The cumulative investment of the projects exceeds 150 million.

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