Chen Gen: aofei data ignores the regulation of metaverse prohibiting speculation

Wen / Chen Gen

E-company news, aofei data (sz300738) was recently launched by chenjing technology, Netease intelligent enterprise, Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment and other units. Guangzhou metaverse innovation alliance, which is a member of more than 20 well-known enterprises and institutions such as aofei data, iFLYTEK and Yuncong technology, was established in chuangxiang Bay, Nansha.

As a member unit of Guangzhou metaverse innovation alliance, aofei data has always maintained high attention and full support for the development of digital economy and emerging information technology. In the field of metaverse, there are many investment layouts such as “immersing the world” of large space mobile VR platform.

Obviously, this is a news announcement provided by aofei company, which has been forwarded on major media. Let’s first understand what kind of company this aofei data is added to.

According to the official website of aofei data company, it is mainly a cloud computing and big data storage supplier. In other words, aofei company is essentially only the application provider of computer bottom core industry chain technology, not the technology developer of bottom core industry chain.

So, why did aofei hype the metaverse Alliance on the surface application of such a technology when the underlying industrial chain of metaverse has not been built yet? Why is aofei data (sz300738) so keen to publicize and participate in the establishment of metaverse alliance? It shows that this matter is more important for aofei. But the question now is whether metaverse is important or whether the concept of metaverse is more important for aofei data. From the actual situation of the current industry, if aofei data is a professional company in the industry, it will be very clear and understand that the current metaverse industry is simply impossible to achieve.

All technology R & D enterprises engaged in the underlying industrial chain understand one thing very well, that is, the current computing power can not meet the needs of the metaverse era. It can even be said that the current cloud computing still has great difficulty in computing power to meet large-scale VR applications.

Moreover, when the regulatory authorities have repeatedly stressed that listed companies are prohibited from hyping with the help of the metaverse concept, aofei data still ignores the regulatory appeal and has such a strong driving force for the hype of the metaverse concept. What is behind this motivation? I don’t know at present. Maybe it’s for the stock price, maybe it’s for some other needs.

But at least as a company in the technology industry, we need to learn from companies such as Huawei, apple, Google and Qualcomm, or giant companies such as Amazon. They will not follow the trend with the help of concepts, but focus on the research and development of their own industrial technology. With the help of technology research and development and breakthrough, they occupy the market with technology and obtain market competitiveness with technology, so as to create value for shareholders and investors, rather than relying on concepts. The American metaverse company mate, which relies on the hype of the metaverse concept, has been broken by the capital of Wall Street.

Perhaps aofei data can learn from China nearby, first increase the investment in R & D expenses, and make the investment in R & D expenses occupy the top of the industry rankings, rather than spend money to release press releases. When our technical strength is really strong enough, the United States will naturally spend money to help our company publicize to the world without hyping through these metaverse concepts.