News Center oukeyun chain Xu Mingxing uses technology to create an industry safety ecosystem and help metaverse develop steadily

2021 is the first year of “metaverse”. At the two sessions in 2022, “metaverse” was also paid high attention again. Many representatives and members proposed that metaverse should be guided to “combine reality with reality”, accelerate the implementation of scene, commercialization and industrialization, and help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. All localities also actively stated that they should layout and develop metaverse technology and related industries, and seize the future track of this digital economy one after another.

With the development of “metaverse” industry, illegal acts under the banner of “metaverse chain Tour” and “metaverse currency” occur from time to time. As a leading enterprise in the field of deep ploughing blockchain + big data, okcloud chain, under the leadership of Xu Xingxing, is committed to data security protection. It has successively launched a series of products of “sky eye on the chain” to assist the police in cracking down on new criminal activities dressed in “metaverse”.

Xu Xingxing of Okun chain emphasizes cracking down on new types of cyber crimes and providing assistance for financial supervision

According to CCTV’s previous report, metaverse has become a hot spot in the market, but at the same time, there are many blockchain games in the market under the banner of metaverse. It is advertised that you can make money while playing games, and the monthly revenue is even close to 100%. At the same time, CCTV pointed out that no matter what form of metaverse blockchain game, users need to convert RMB into virtual currency such as usdt, and then into the virtual currency used in the game. The so-called “virtual currency” is essentially an unapproved act of illegal public financing. It is suspected of illegal sales of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, MLM and other illegal and criminal activities. In this regard, Xu Mingxing, founder of Oko cloud chain, once said that with the continuous development of metaverse, virtual currency crime will become the main way of Internet crime, and combating virtual currency crime will also become the focus of combating cyber crime.

Xu Mingxing accurately grasped this market pain point and led okiyun chain to launch a series of products of “SkyEye on the chain”, “SkyEye on the chain Pro” and “SkyEye on the chain pro2.0”, which play a role in financial supervision involving encrypted assets by using blockchain technology.

Orco cloud chain Xu Mingxing has deeply cultivated blockchain technology to help the steady development of metaverse industry

Insiders once pointed out that the metaverse industry has always been developing towards a good trend, and some chaos and risks are only the “shadow” in the initial development process of the industry. In the face of chaos, the whole industry should never be silent and resolutely resist. This also coincides with Xu Xingxing’s concept. Based on this, Xu Mingxing led okoyun chain to always study technology, and used “SkyEye Pro 2.0 on the chain” to help severely crack down on the crime of encrypted assets and help the healthy and stable development of metaverse industry.

It is worth mentioning that the “SkyEye pro2.0 on the chain” launched under the leadership of Xu Mingxing has achieved three breakthroughs in “technological innovation”, “functional innovation” and “investigation innovation”. At the same time, it has four new features, namely, it has a stronger and rich address standard system; 7 * 24h real-time monitoring system; Intelligently analyze and judge the address involved in the case; The one-stop verification service integrates the world’s mainstream virtual currency exchanges and wallet service providers. It can help the front-line people’s police solve new crime related cases more efficiently and conveniently. It is reported that Xu star had led the European cloud chain to use “chain eye 2” to help Sichuan Meishan Public Security Bureau Pengshan Branch Bureau cracked a virtual fraud money market under the guise of “6.8 fraud”, the case involved more than 1700 yuan, 24 suspect arrested.

With the increasing development of emerging digital technologies, the development value of metaverse and blockchain has also been recognized and affirmed. As a global blockchain technology leader, orco cloud chain plays an important role as an industry leader. Under the leadership of Founder Xu Mingxing, orco cloud chain deeply cultivates technology, promotes industrial development, and helps the healthy and stable development of metaverse industry.