Further extension of Omo system to release metaverse Digital Collections

On March 29, laiku technology, a unicorn enterprise in the smart retail field of digital industry, grandly held the 2022 laiku universe ecological conference. At the press conference, Zhou Ming, CEO of laiku technology, shocked and released metaverse strategy, explored new trends and new ways of hardware and digital marketing with Logitech, and jointly launched digital collections with rococo. Since then, laiku technology has become the first publisher of digital metaverse digital collections, interpreting the new link empowerment of the people and goods yard in the cool planet from the perspective of ecology, and extending the functions of the products in laiku’s original Omo system to echo each other in the parallel universe.

In the “metaverse” era, digital collections are popular all over the world to cool the new outlet of the quasi ecological chain

The so-called digital collection can be anything traded through blockchain and cryptocurrency, including works of art, moving pictures, video clips, expression packs, music and digital transaction cards. As an important asset of metaverse, digital collections have attracted the attention of head groups in various fields because of their long-term future potential. Especially after Facebook changed its name to “meta”, taking advantage of the concept of metaverse, the digital collection has attracted great attention of head brands at the head of each track in the industry.

In the market research, laiku technology found that the brand has accumulated a large number of generation Z users, who are more likely to accept virtual things and have a strong sense of experience and interest in metaverse and digital collections. Industry authoritative data show that with the continuous warming of metaverse, the digital collection industry has entered a period of rapid development in recent three years. In 2020, the digital collection market was worth $338 million. By the first quarter of last year, the total transaction volume of the digital collection market exceeded $1.5 billion, a month on month increase of more than 2627%. In April last year, the total market value of digital collections exceeded US $30 billion for the first time, a record high.

Since the top three application fields in the global digital collection market are virtual world, art and games, there are countless intersections with the business matrix and consumer audience of laiku technology. Since the first year of metaverse, fashion trend digital collections have become one of the most commonly used vertical categories in metaverse. Therefore, after laiku launched the metaverse strategy, it is natural to cut into the metaverse ecological chain with digital collections.

Meet the needs of generation Z and innovate the rights and interests of digital collections

At the previous ecological conference of laiku metaverse, Zhou Ming, CEO of laiku technology, has made it clear that the retail metaverse laiku planet built by laiku is to create a parallel space for generation Z digital aborigines and other digital immigrants in the metaverse era. Under such a concept and strategic planning, the digital collections launched by laiku also fully meet the personalized needs of generation Z.

Laiku always believes that digital collections are no longer exclusive to collectors and can be owned and shared by fans. According to the analysis of digital collection data released by the Beijing News, generation Z represented by the “Post-00” and “post-90” occupy the main body of digital collection intention collectors. Among them, the “post-90s” account for about 37%, ranking first, and the “post-00s” account for about 27%, ranking second. Digital collections have a broad space for development because they meet the psychological needs of most generation Z young people in their pursuit of independence and uniqueness.

Relying on its own brand cultural characteristics and industrial advantages, laiku technology takes the preferences of generation Z young consumers as the premise, and fully integrates high-quality resources to jointly launch digital collections with major brands such as Rococo and Logitech. The high-profile digital collections of laiku “Chuangshi” series include g435 unlimited planet headset, pop unlimited Max keyboard and mouse, “ruhualaiku” series digital girls, etc., which show the trend, fashion and personality elements incisively and vividly. In addition to the limited edition, the rights and interests playing methods that can gradually unlock participation, as well as the surprise of the integration of online and offline prizes, have attracted the attention of countless young consumers.

It is worth mentioning that laiku has entered several collection industry tracks, which is not limited to creating new growth points for the industry. In the short term, with the popularity of metaverse concept and the development of a new generation of technology, laiku digital collection has diversified application scenarios, which can be combined with laiku’s entities, copyrights and traditional cultural content to bring new forms of expression to the field of consumption and cultural communication. In the long run, laiku is continuously upgrading the digital experience space represented by “laiku planet”, paying more attention to the empowerment and extension of Omo system. The digital collection is enough to provide richer and diversified playing methods and contents for laiku retail metaverse “laiku planet”, and also let laiku metaverse users get a more outstanding ecological experience.