Nemesysco launches AI based metaverse speech analysis tool, which can capture emotional states

As the demand of enterprise decision-makers for higher quality data drives the transformation of enterprises. According to a Gartner report, a key challenge for enterprises is the lack of feedback on different types of queries and insight into customer engagement.

Steve blood, vice president and analyst of Gartner, said in the report that enterprises can adopt voice / voice analysis technology to optimize the cost of customer service center through self-service, process improvement and deeper participation. “When faced with cost cutting pressure, customer service and technical support departments should first use voice analysis to find out what types of inquiries can be automated or avoided, and then improve customer participation through hotline or digital channels.”

It can be seen that the current voice analysis market has broad prospects. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 60% of enterprises that have launched customer voice (VOC) services will supplement the traditional survey by analyzing the voice and text interaction with customers. At the same time, a McKinsey article pointed out that using voice analysis can not only provide high-quality customer experience, but also help enterprises comprehensively improve operation efficiency.

Another report by deepgram and opus research shows that 77% of companies are using voice technology to create new business opportunities, and 62% of companies increase revenue through this technology. At present, the number of use cases of global voice technology is very large. Nemesysco, a voice analysis technology company headquartered in Israel, has seized the market opportunity and hopes to explore new fields in the industry.

Emotion logic is a newly established voice analysis company of Nemesysco. The company will use artificial intelligence technology to detect and capture human emotions and improve automated communication and interaction in the virtual world.

Unlike Nemesysco, which focuses on its proprietary layered speech analysis (LVA) technology to meet the different needs of security, enterprises and financial markets, emotion logic focuses on creating a natural and humanized experience in the digital world.

Amir Liberman, founder and CEO of Nemesysco, said that the company’s voice analysis technology extracted more than 150 unique biomarkers, which researchers found were closely related to human emotions.

Liberman pointed out that Nemesysco speech analysis technology aims to capture the real emotional state of the speaker. “Our goal is to gain insight based on speech analysis technology – together with the text layer, metadata and any other input – and integrate them all into an artificial intelligence engine that can feed back human emotions and real psychological feelings.”