Series of reports on “reconstruction of state owned assets in Henan Province” ⑤ Yuxin Electronics Branch: digital real integration metaverse

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Henan daily client reporter Luan Shan Hu Shutong

What exactly is metaverse? For Yuxin electronic technology group, metaverse is the integration of data and reality.

AI planting enables farmers in Sihe Township, Lingbao City to “know the sky and make it”; Artificial intelligence enables SAIC engine parts to be installed with zero error; The Internet of things enables the robots in Zhengfeng community of Jianye blue ocean to deliver express to the door… From production to consumption, from life to entertainment, a new generation of digital technology has penetrated into all links of economic development. “Science and technology display digital ability and enhance the value of the real economy. Based on the three yardsticks of informatization, electronization and scientization, we promote the integration of digital and real economy around the four dimensions of industrial digitization, digital industrialization, governance digitization and digital value, and become a good army in the construction of digital Henan.” Li Yadong, party secretary and chairman of Yuxin electronic technology group, said.

The data comes from people. As a populous province in China, how big is big data? If the scale of 150000 servers and 30eb storage capacity is used to support the calculation storage demand, it is equivalent to 5 million provincial libraries. Where are these big data stored? Zhongyuan big data center, the largest third-party data center in Henan Province built according to the “national a” level. First, it is equipped with high-level “firewall” with high safety factor; Second, it has an exclusive “supply circuit” with uninterrupted operation; The third is to maintain the “excellent environment” of constant temperature, humidity and cleanliness, and the machine operates stably. Zhang Chenyu, the digital network business department of Yuxin electric technology branch, said that digital economy companies such as Tencent, Baidu and Huawei are our “tenants”. A large amount of data generated by thousands of lines and industries are absorbed here for calculation, transmission and storage.

“Build the best server in the world” – the slogan in the enterprise exhibition hall of hyperfusion Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is particularly eye-catching. The workers in the production line dressed in white were busy and orderly. “We have three production lines, which can produce 200000 server equipment every year, and the annual output value is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.” Said Lupo, President of the company’s supply and manufacturing department.

Hyperfusion Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of cloud computing and it infrastructure in the world. It is also one of the shareholding enterprises invested by Yuxin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. It only takes 55 days from site selection, construction to trial production, which can support a full range of manufacturing businesses of server boards, components and complete machines. Behind the “Henan speed”, there is an urgent need to supplement the key link of the chain development of “core screen network terminal”, and cultivate trillion level electronic information industry clusters led by hyperfusion, Foxconn and Hanwei technology.

If the Central Plains big data center and hyperfusion server together constitute the “computing power base” of Digital Henan, the Yellow River Cloud is the “toolbox” to provide the “computing power center” for the digital transformation of thousands of industries in Henan.

People are working, numbers are changing, and clouds are calculating. The Yellow River Cloud is the first large-scale commercial domestic autonomous controllable cloud in Henan, which meets all kinds of digital computing needs of enterprises. Coke is the best raw material for steelmaking, known as the “grain” of steel. In the field of coal, the process of blending coal and coking by experienced teachers is a secret “black box”, which determines the cost, quality and price of coke. “The Yellow River Cloud turns the ancestral experience of the old master into artificial intelligence.” Li Huifeng, general manager of Henan Xinlei group, said that the cost of coal blending and coking can be saved by 10 ~ 50 yuan per ton, and more than 20 million yuan can be saved every year.

The collision between science and technology and information, and the integration of numbers and entities, Henan does not stop here.

Sweep it, show the green health code, and walk smoothly all the way; In case of being trapped by rainstorm disaster, you can send emergency rescue information online; Without leaving home, you can make an appointment to apply for a residence permit and query social security… The “Yushi office” government service platform uses mobile small programs to solve people’s big problems. The number of real name registered users has exceeded 60 million, and nearly 4000 online events have been launched, boosting the modernization of the government governance system and governance capacity. Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, said that Yuxin electronics branch serves the digital transformation strategy with the systematic thinking of “technology industry society”, promotes the leading and straight sprint of digital economy and digital government, and improves the comprehensive competitiveness of effective market and promising government.

The earliest concept of metaverse comes from the science fiction avalanche, which shows a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world. On the parallel track of digital and real integration, Yuxin electronics branch is using digital perception, understanding and exploring the metaverse picture of modern Henan in the new form of the next generation Internet.