Metaverse didn’t understand. The “meta account layer” came again: enter Web3 Portal for 0

Current Web3 0 is more like a limited set. The only visible elements are decentralized Finance (DFI), decentralized creator economy (NFT & amp; gamefi & amp; metaverse) and decentralized account and identity (connect wallet).

Blockchain narrative

It can be said that it is rare, even without the support of any hardware technology. It starts completely from virtual and tries to directly challenge the “traditional Internet” under monitoring capitalism.

“Blockchain narrative” has been supporting people in the industry for five or six years. The result of changing the narrative is to become larger. A new generation network based on blockchain has been formed, which has a completely different underlying architecture and logic from the traditional Internet, and there have been several waves of large-scale network effects (especially in 2020 and 2021).

When the “blockchain” of Web3 is no longer enough to support the “blockchain” of today, the second year is no longer enough to support the “blockchain” of today 0 (more accurately, “next generation Internet”) has been officially pushed onto the stage of the times.

Web3. 0 is the same as the industry that promotes it. There is no initiator or authority center, but the product “inexplicably” agreed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It sounds more like an information revolution for the benefit of mankind than “blockchain”.

Therefore, at the beginning of the second decade, the concept of technology is fading. Although blockchain technology has been popular all over the world and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it is difficult to represent the “great cause” that this special industry is about to do – it increasingly believes that it can breed new products at the Internet level.

Unlimited game account

For a time, the whole industry seems to have found a long-awaited truth or doctrine and used Web3 0 to “set” all the landing scenes practiced in the past decade.

The most widely recognized feature is the “connect wallet”, as the name suggests – any application service can be logged in with a “wallet”. It is also a revolutionary experience of “hanging the Internet” that people in the industry think is because it is so simple and “cool”.

Admittedly, “connect wallet” is not a new thing. As an operation, it has appeared in the encryption world for a long time, especially in the wave of chain travel in 2019 (metamask has long been famous and has helped the wave of encryptors successfully enter the Ethereum network in 2017).

However, driven by the “Delphi summer” in 2020 and “NFT year” in 2021, decentralized wallet (especially browser plug-in wallet) has increasingly become an extremely important network protocol layer, because it represents the highest control of human individuals over their own identity value and asset ownership, and perfectly grafts the public-private key system and asset economic activities.

Bring the “simple” blockchain network into the “intelligent” era, just as in the mobile Internet era, smart phones have opened up intelligent links between all apps (such as login, sharing, recommendation, address book, import pictures, etc.).

This is the inevitability of digital assets entering the development stage of extremely active economic activities. Thanks to the incomparably rich digital economic activities created by the great 2019 ~ 2021.

When you create your own wallet account in this decentralized network, it will follow your life. No external force can destroy it. Creation is eternity, a kind of “digital eternity”.

Over time, the number of activities (behaviors) involved in the chain increases, and your account is associated with more events and data, just like your brief history or file. When you access a part of your wallet or the application center of your life through a key, it will automatically provide a service for you to access a useful part of your wallet.

For the time being, we call such a higher-level encapsulation of the lowest blockchain public-private key system, transaction records and smart contract operation records as the “meta account layer”, which is the “gateway” and “Avatar” to “Web3 metaverse”.

Cryptographers along the way will gradually form a sense: they pay more and more attention to their metamask wallet, gradually transfer more and more asset allocation activities, and have more and more passion to participate in the rise and dissemination of new things. At the same time, they pay more attention to the reputation and “high-end sense” of all activities on the chain they participate in, as if they feel that the whole world is watching themselves.

We are all talking about the need for an avatar to enter metaverse, but have you really thought about the construction path of avatar? In the game world, we are first given a digital body cheaply, and then given its soul through constantly playing strange things, upgrading, customs clearance, business and social networking – a construction mode from body to soul; But if the body is recovered, can your soul migrate? In this parasitic relationship, the body is the host, and the soul is too “humble”.

Is there a paradigm in the world that can reverse the role between the two, let the soul have an infinite body, and turn the game into an infinite game.

In the twinkling of an eye, we came to a new game world “wild Ethereum escort”, but this time it’s different: you need “connect wallet” to import your metamask wallet into the game world, that is, the “meta account layer”.

If you are read to have cryptopunk NFT, you will be given an “alien” or “zombie” body. If you are read to have bayc NFT, it will be an “ape” body that likes heavy metal wind. If you are read to have both, it will be interesting. A new species will be born – “alien zombie ape”.

In short, the “wild Ethereum escort” has prepared an infinite “body” according to the “human consensus layer” (today’s prosperity of NFT is indeed the establishment of human cultural consensus layer).

In the game, you will experience a lot, complete a lot of valuable things, and gain a lot of “medals” and “Holy Grail”. These will “jump” in the form of digital assets and be permanently recorded in your “meta account layer” in the form of NFT.

When you quit the game, these are your real-world “medals” and “Holy Grail”. They will be recognized by the real world because of the consensus of the game “wild Ethereum escort”.

If you trade your “Medal” to others and return to the game again, you will lose the experience (of course, whether “soul” should be “bound” is also a very interesting topic, see vitalik “soul binding”).

It seems that this makes sense:

a) Why is NFT so hot and rapidly developing into a $40 billion market?

Because the metaverse parser needs NFT as the “source code” to analyze and restore the three-dimensional virtual world, there is no encryption carrier more suitable for carrying hypertext than NFT.

The value logic of NFT is similar to that of classic IP, but it is completely capitalized. Today’s NFT market is only the beginning of a story, and the value of time will be superimposed to make it more and more perfect.

b) Is Web3 really visible?

Blockchain is only one part of Web3, and so is NFT assets. Even though the NFT asset market is extremely prosperous, if it is only played like homogeneous encryption assets on the original encryption network, such as mapping to the trading area in CEX through a centralized account, or taking DEX as the trading driver in a more niche network, it only represents a game in the encryption world after all.

The emergence of “meta account layer”, more specifically, the formal establishment of “meta account layer”, enables blockchain, public-private key identity or all kinds of encrypted assets to enter the traditional Internet more conveniently and naturally. Starting from opensea, it is imagined that it will be accepted by more and more traditional Internet products and large-scale games in the future. Please add an option “connect wallet”, It is to give users a door to a new world.

Only by opening the door with their own hands can Web3 really see it.

c) Is metaverse too far away?

At present, the two lines (referring to meta’s Internet metaverse and “asset metaverse” in the encrypted world) develop independently, and it is really difficult to see the effect of qualitative change in the short term. This is also the main reason why although we are familiar with the concept of metaverse, we can’t arouse the fighting spirit of entrepreneurs.

We want to boldly predict a possibility according to the first principle. This pattern will begin to appear subtle “collapse” in 2022 and 2023, and the “meta account layer” will spread like a virus. When more and more entrepreneurs begin to transfer their goals to the “meta account layer”, the real face of metaverse will be broad and bright (it is like your “Doraemon pocket” or treasure chest, which hides all your secrets), “Emergence is the necessity of life”, so please look forward to such a special event or milestone!

The distance that people are waiting for does not come from the unrealistic realization, but from the fact that they dare not face the repeated destruction and reconstruction that go back and forth with the process.

Quoting the words of Yin ye, CEO of BGI, “the future is the point of the present”.

About emergence, The author has a good explanation in metaverse: Physics, ultimate media and infinite Games: “Emergence can be divided into several types according to the intensity, which are: simple emergence, if emergence, multiple emergence and strong emergence. The last strong emergence is a kind of emergence at the highest level, which produces a new world. It is the transition and progress of the original system to break its own boundaries and barriers, in which new subject types and roles are produced, and there are multiple causal feedback from top to bottom and from bottom to top among various levels and elements Relationship – it can be seen that metaverse is such a strong emergence. It emerges from the physical universe, but finally dominates and integrates the physical universe into a universe with a larger real continuous spectrum. “.

Creationism and the Holy Grail

Top level design is ineffective in complex systems. What is the first principle of life science?


So is the metaverse system!

The so-called Web3, creationism (fundamentalism) is to subvert the traditional Internet ownership. The direct display layer is a super account layer related to accounts and assets. The ultimate goal is to create a “huge elemental ultimate medium that can interoperate with the physical universe” – metaverse.

At present, the game is the most intuitive imagination space and large-scale arena given by metaverse to the world. It may become a “springboard” opened by a new era!

“Wild Ethereum escort” itself is no different from the traditional top 3A masterpiece, but it has made revolutionary changes with the traditional games in the treatment of the “body” and “soul” of game players.

With the help of a “mysterious bronze door” – meta account layer leading to Web3, it took the lead in breaking the boundaries and shackles of closed accounts of traditional games, and took the opportunity to open to the outside world and extend the “experience line” of the game.

Although it seems that the most valuable “account right” of the game has been lost, and players are no longer controlled by the virtual world they create, it has become “ubiquitous” by conveying “world outlook” and “numerical goals” to Web3 network in the form of grafting public-private key account system and (encrypted) digital assets!

Web3 network, in essence, can not replace the value of the Internet, but become an Internet value relay network – any valuable thing in the world that can be abstracted into digital form will have “Avatar” in Web3 network and be captured by infinite scenes; The so-called value comes from creation. Unlimited creation means unlimited value.

Another game “Ethereum number one player” recognizes its “world view”. The player’s asset “experience” in “big escort” can be directly given to the “body” in “number one player”, which is born as “brave”, or realize the classic IP interworking in the film “number one player”.

The “experience” accumulated in the “number one player” will also be recognized by the “big escort”. In this way, the “experience” is transmitted, a “character” shuttles between different worlds, and the “soul” is growing rapidly.

Players are not only in the game, but also above the game. It is no longer the player who moves with the closed game world setting, but each game world setting continues to create infinite plots with players and assets. For example, for each more “experience” asset agreed by Web3, the game upgrade will match it.

As more and more game worlds join the consensus of meta account layer, a new game reform will come – infinite game!

(the following reverie about how to create “infinite Games” is excerpted from metaverse: the road to infinite games by CITIC Publishing House)

1. There are no encrypted cats and dogs in metaverse (on the chain), but only the genome.

The genome is stored in the blockchain distributed network in the form of fragments. And at the beginning, there was only junk genome. It was the cradle of all genes and the language of programming.

Language precedes the compiler. In metaverse, the first compiler is the reproductive protocol G0. In nature, the first compiler is RNA, which compiles DNA into proteins.

2. Unlike the current deterministic blockchain, we need to introduce randomness into the blockchain.

Reference schemes include verifiable random numbers, external Oracle, etc. Randomness is the foundation of gene mutation. No one can modify genes in the chain unless the genome spontaneously produces random mutations.

3. The new gene is generated by random mutation of junk gene.

At first, the gene was very short, only a few characters. The resulting gene is longer because it cannot be prefixed with the old gene.

The genes that widely appear in organisms (generally ancient genes) are shorter, and the genes with less probability of occurrence (generally new genes) are longer. They are a kind of Huffman coding. For variable length sources, Huffman coding has the highest information density.

4. In the reproductive protocol, the gene itself does not encode any protein and function.

The properties (biological appearance, physical strength, intelligence, etc.) they show in metaverse are compiled by other compilers.

For example, bacterial compiler G2 compiles gene A into a nitrogen fixing gene, an ability to absorb nitrogen from the air through light cooperation, and another bacterial compiler G3 compiles gene A into a bacteriophage gene, an ability to devour other bacteria. From the biological point of view, in G2 and G3, gene A is a homologous gene.

However, the same metaverse game can only support one compiler, that is, in its game, gene a can only be compiled into one type of gene.

5. At first, there was no species in metaverse, but only the genome (including exons and introns) until chromosome fusion.

After Robert translocation, the chromosome numbers of offspring and parents are not equal, so they can not be paired, and the race of offspring and parents has produced reproductive isolation.

If the offspring find a heterosexual with the same translocation as him, they can combine and reproduce. In this way, we will witness a miracle in metaverse: the birth of new species. The first player to complete this process has the right to name the new species.

Because only the chromosome number is inconsistent, and the gene composition is completely consistent with the parents, the appearance and function of the new species in all compilers are actually similar to the parents.

After the genetic mutation, they will no longer share the genetic difference with their parents.

6. The gene is not stable, and mutations will occur in the metaverse process.

But relatively speaking, the environment is more unstable, because the compiler is acquired and can be modified at any time.

For example, a very popular new game suddenly appears. The compiler it supports compiles a previous unfavorable gene DD (usually a recessive gene) into a very cow attribute. Then, natural selection, those creatures carrying DD will flock to this continent to gain survival and competitive advantage.

However, this advantage is not constant. The popular game will be scattered one day. When the continent withers, the homozygous of the gene will also decline and survive in the form of heterozygous recessive gene.

7. There will also be genetic weapons and viruses in metaverse.

However, similar to the situation in reality, successful genetic weapons and viruses do not aim to kill each other, but to coexist or even parasitize with each other. Because you kill the other party (host) too early, you will perish because you lose the host.

Viruses are also an infinite game. The purpose of their survival, like human beings, is to continue. Therefore, from the perspective of genes, there are no so-called organisms and viruses, let alone primates and beasts, high-level and low-level organisms. They are the combination of genes and the custodian of copies.

8. Genes will compete, and so will compilers.

Gene competition is to continue itself, and compiler competition is also to continue itself.

Compilers are metaverse’s game environment. They compete to attract more species (NFT) into the interior. With the more species it attracts, the greater the asset value of the game, and the expansion of users, social connections, brands and influence. The most successful compilers may constitute a culture, a phenomenon, a super sovereign consortium, such as Facebook to the Internet.

With the popularity of the compiler, more and more games will support the compiler. Just like the network effect of programming language, the more people use it, the more market it will have.

9. Compilers live, but genes live almost indefinitely.

Just as dinosaurs have become extinct, dinosaur genes encoding forelimbs still exist in birds in the form of Hox, although in the latter compiler, it appears as wings.

Therefore, the limitation of the compiler does not damage the infinity of metaverse. Compilers are endless. They are just “Xuan dye” of genes.

10. Metaverse’s game perspective should be a genetic perspective, not a species perspective.

Due to the infinity of blockchain, NFT can be considered immortal. In this way, it’s funny for us to define game characters in the form of NFT. Is the life span of heroes, werewolves, beasts or alien creatures on the chain unlimited? This seems to conflict with our culture.

But in fact, this is not contradictory, because the limitation of game characters is actually reflected in the limitation of compiler (game environment). When there is no market for the compiler, or the game platforms supporting the compiler fail, your heroes, werewolves and other game characters will die.

Just because only the first principle is on the chain, such as reproductive protocol, NFT (gene bank), and other game logic runs under the chain, the infinity and finiteness of the game are self-evident.

The life of game characters (species) is limited, but the data (genes) on the chain are infinite.

If this logic is established and popularized, we can’t help taking a breath. If the real world of human existence is also a metaverse, the universe as a “game compiler” is limited, and human genes and consciousness are infinite.

If the universe we live in goes to heat silence, can our genes and consciousness choose another compiled universe to survive?

Metaverse needs to establish a system that can realize rapid iteration, “continuous iteration, resulting in emergence”!

(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)