While the share price soared, it lost two years in a row: how the performance of Hubei Radio and television hit the bottom and rebounded | metaverse observation

Huaxia Times reporter Yu Yujin reports from Beijing

Regardless of the “black cat and white cat”, as long as the stock price rises, it is regarded as a “good cat” by investors. Hubei Radio and television (000665. SZ) is a “good cat” in the eyes of some investors.

On March 28, the concept of metaverse continued the heat of last Friday. Hubei Radio and television, Meisheng culture (002699. SZ) and other trading limits. Hubei Radio and television has harvested three trading limits in nearly a week. If the time is extended to December 2021, Hubei Radio and television has raised the limit several times with the active concept of metaverse.

However, as a local traditional radio and television company, Hubei Radio and television naturally has its own distress. As cable TV, broadband and other services are affected by the Internet, new media and telecom operators, market share and user loss, how to break through the bottleneck of commercialization has also become a new topic.

Continuous trading

The metaverse concept became active again on March 28, and Hubei Radio and television reaped another daily limit. Due to the continuous rise in the limit, Hubei Radio and television also boarded the dragon and tiger list.

On March 28, Hubei Radio and Television Co., Ltd. was listed on the Dragon Tiger list due to the cumulative deviation of the closing price increase by 20% in three consecutive trading days. On the same day, the turnover rate was 12.90% and the turnover was 1.12 billion yuan. From March 25 to March 28, the increase was 20.99%, the cumulative deviation value was 22.24%, and the range turnover was 2.302 billion yuan.

On March 28, Hubei Radio and television also issued an announcement on abnormal fluctuations in stock trading, saying that “no major unpublished information that may or has had a great impact on the company’s stock trading price reported by the recent public media has been found; no major changes have been found in the company’s recent operation and internal and external business environment or are expected to occur.”

It is not the first time that the share price of Hubei Radio and television fluctuated. From December 13 to December 21, 2021, Hubei Radio and television harvested seven daily limit boards in a row. On January 10 this year, Hubei Radio and television staged a soul stirring “Earth Sky board”.

Hubei Radio and television has never mentioned that it is involved in the field of metaverse. The reason why capital plays this game is due to its company Weirui technology. Established in 2016, virial technology is engaged in R & D, integration and application of VR / AR technology and services.

In response to investors’ questions, Hubei Radio and television said that after continuous attempts and exploration, based on the existing network resources and hardware equipment, Weirui technology took the lead in realizing the application of viewing VR video with naked eyes based on TV large screen in radio and television intelligent terminal (including VR channel and VR on demand); Take the lead in launching the TV 3D Museum (naked eye), and move the real spatial data of the museum into the TV screen. Users can roam freely in the virtual 3D Museum scene through the remote control.

Zhu Zhu, chief analyst of new consumption of Huaxin securities media, analyzed to the reporter of Huaxia times that the development of metaverse is a fuzzy and correct future, the enterprise is actively layout, the commercialization end is groping, and the VR of hardware has also become one of the important entrances. The acquisition of Pico in September 2021 further boosted hardware concerns. In March 2022, Pico hardware and jitter business linkage large-scale marketing helped VR consumption level application development, conduction two tiktok market, investment dimension broadcast and Television Department rely on the characteristics of big bandwidth and low delay, become the logic of the VR experience’s bottom support, VR’s heat brought the rise of radio and TV Department.

“There is a path dependence on investment. Radio and television has won the attention of the market at the popular science end of VR. Every time the popularity of VR rises, radio and television is paid attention to and driven by emotion.” Zhu Zhu also said.

Wen Hao, an analyst at Tianfeng securities, believes that the metaverse sector regained its safety margin after more than two months of correction at the beginning of the year, which has reflected the stabilization and recovery trend. The metaverse sector is a continuous theme throughout 2022. It is recommended to continue to focus on Pico shipments and metaverse Conference in April.

Two years in a row

Different from the rising trend of share price, Hubei Radio and television has a low performance under the background of repeated epidemic and continuous decline of the industry.

According to the performance forecast for 2021 disclosed by Hubei Radio and television, the net loss attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in 2021 is expected to be 350-450 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 34.81% – 49.30%.

In this regard, Hubei Radio and television explained that in 2021, under the situation of local recurrence of the epidemic and continuous decline of the industry, the company fully implemented the development strategy of “one master, multiple wings and simultaneous development of multiple industries”, actively explored and practiced the transformation and development, and participated in the integration of “one national network” and the construction of radio and television 5g boutique network.

“The main reasons for the change of the company’s performance are: first, affected by multiple factors such as the development of the Internet and new media, the loss of traditional cable viewing users is large, and the development of public and passenger business encounters a bottleneck; second, restricted by the lack of mobile communication business, telecom operators take advantage of the unequal competitive advantages of mobile package free TV and broadband services to seize the market share of traditional TV and broadband services; third, the main cost of the company is rigid, and the development of cable services is limited The decline of operating income from TV and broadband services directly leads to the loss of profits. ” Hubei Radio and television explained.

In 2020, Hubei Radio and television suffered its first loss since its listing in 2012, with a loss of 690 million yuan. In this regard, Hubei Radio and television once said, “All businesses of the company are located in Hubei Province. During the epidemic period, when the renewal period of traditional cable TV users is at the peak, the company cooperates with the government’s control measures to shut down business outlets, resulting in lower revenue; at the same time, in response to the government’s call, the company has adopted the charging preferential strategy of” non-stop payment of basic viewing package arrears, two-way interactive user review fee free and paid live channel free “, so as to effectively ensure the normal viewing of users in the epidemic area during the epidemic period Television has assumed more social responsibilities, resulting in reduced business income and increased broadband costs. “

Compared with the epidemic situation, Hubei Radio and television is facing a more serious downward problem in the industry. According to the reporter of Huaxia times, affected by multiple factors such as the development of the Internet and new media, the consumption concept and mode of users have changed, the continuous loss of users in the whole traditional radio and television industry and the decline of cable viewing business.

Zhu Zhu told reporters that the business model of radio and television has its own characteristics and development ceiling, but it also has its own advantages. It is only from different angles that the interpretation of its commercial value is also different. Its market encroachment is driven by technology development, content supply, user selection and other dimensions. How to break the commercialization bottleneck of radio and television department needs multi-dimensional thinking and breakthrough such as content, technology and talent structure.

For the relationship between the company and metaverse, how to deal with the downward trend of the radio and television industry, and whether to carry out new business to hedge the impact of traditional business, the reporter called and sent an interview outline to Hubei Radio and television. The relevant person of the Board Secretary Office of Hubei Radio and television said that it was in the preparation period of financial report at present, so it was inconvenient to be interviewed.

Editor: Huang Xingli