Microsoft: metaverse will also be full of hackers and criminal groups. It is necessary to formulate a “security framework” in advance

Sina science and technology news in the morning of March 29 Beijing time, it is reported that recently, the person in charge of Microsoft Network Security called on metaverse platforms to “arm” and prevent hackers and criminal groups from destroying when this new technology began to develop.

Charlie bell, Microsoft’s new head of security, said that there will be many innovations in metaverse. Of course, in the face of some problems (such as security problems), the industry also needs to find solutions.

Metaverse is a new concept recently supported by technology companies such as meta. By definition, metaverse is a completely virtual digital world in which every user can live, work and play. However, just like the real Internet world, metaverse will also bring a unique and even more severe security challenge to technology enterprises and network security companies.

Bell said that for example, in traditional e-mail, hackers will impersonate a user’s friend for phishing fraud, while in metaverse, hackers can also steal virtual avatars and impersonate users’ friends. In addition, in metaverse, due to the lack of centralized supervision of user activities and content, it brings greater challenges to the protection of “residents”.

At Microsoft, Bell’s official position is the vice president responsible for security, compliance and identity management. In a blog post published on Microsoft’s official website on Monday, Bell said that in metaverse, there will also be phishing attacks using false avatars. For example, hackers may forge an email from a bank, and the other party uses the virtual avatar of a bank teller to defraud users of confidential information. In addition, hackers may impersonate the CEO of the user’s company and invite him to a pre prepared video conference room to commit criminal activities.

Microsoft, meta and other technology companies entering the field of metaverse must pay more attention to security in the product development stage, rather than repairing after the later problems appear.

Bell said that within metaverse, various software will need to be run, including games, entertainment or enterprise video conferencing. All software developers or users need to consider in advance how to maintain the security of metaverse and prevent hackers, abuse, harassment and other illegal contents. In addition, software developers also need to cooperate with each other to realize the interconnection of user accounts (so that users can use the same account to span multiple metaverse) and launch various security tools.

Bell stressed that if we can’t plan ahead in terms of security, metaverse will only fail.

It is reported that bell joined Microsoft in 2021. Before that, he worked in Amazon cloud computing Department (the person in charge at that time was today’s Amazon CEO jasi) for many years and had rich experience.

Bell said in his blog post that at the beginning of the metaverse era, the industry has an opportunity to establish clear norms and core safety principles, so as to promote mutual trust among metaverse residents and ensure the use experience of metaverse. If the industry misses the present opportunity, the promotion of metaverse concept will be hindered, and human society will not be able to enjoy the contact, cooperation and business development opportunities brought by metaverse.

In the future, there will be multiple metaverse platforms and various application software built on the platform. Technology companies need to cooperate to fill the gap between different platforms. Technology companies also need to develop various tools, such as multi-step authentication and password free login technology.

Bell also suggested that metaverse adopt the technological innovation in the field of metacomputing security, that is, multiple platform service providers launch a unified tool to uniformly manage user security and user access to different application software from different suppliers.

The senior executive also said that metaverse has the characteristics of decentralization, which also enhances security, that is, different companies can bring their own unique security technologies, solve authentication and transparent software bug reports.