Wang Wensheng, deputy to the Municipal People’s Congress: systematically develop metaverse digital cultural tourism and help Hangzhou become a new consumption center city

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How to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of such excellent traditional culture at a high level?

At this year’s two sessions in Hangzhou, Wang Wensheng, deputy to the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Hangzhou mobile, said that Hangzhou, as a world-renowned historical and cultural city and the first batch of national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities, has history and culture everywhere, and has unique cultural tourism resources. Among them, the Song Yun culture represented by the imperial city site of the Southern Song Dynasty is a “golden card” of Hangzhou. Making good use of these urban cultures to continuously improve the soft power of urban culture is an important topic.

Standing at the outlet of the Internet, Wang Wensheng saw that the frontier exploration and forward-looking layout of future industries such as metaverse continued to make innovative breakthroughs in Hangzhou, which brought more imagination to the development of Song Yun culture. COVID-19 has an impact on the economy, but the gradual improvement of Metaverse’s new technology will also boost the city’s culture to better approach people and to enter the lives of the people. Virtual reality and ancient and modern look at each other, providing a new path for the organic integration and upgrading of cultural inheritance, metaverse industrial development and digital consumption. Not long ago, the computational network joint innovation laboratory jointly established by Zhejiang Mobile and ZTE was officially inaugurated in Hangzhou.

“However, in the step-by-step development, Hangzhou still lacks in the development of enabling digital cultural tourism and digital consumption by using metaverse.” Wang Wensheng said that the lack of infrastructure is the biggest problem. The “Supercomputing Center” with strong data processing and storage capacity is an important infrastructure for the development of metaverse and related industries. At present, Hangzhou still lacks a corresponding “Supercomputing Center”, which has lagged behind some domestic cities. Moreover, there is a lack of project innovation. For example, metaverse enabled digital cultural tourism has been relatively mature at the technical level. The difficulty lies in the lack of benchmarking cultural tourism projects to better expand to the industrial level.

To this end, Wang Wensheng said that at this year’s municipal two sessions, he proposed to take the “Royal Street of the Southern Song Dynasty”, an important symbol of the ruins of the imperial city of the Southern Song Dynasty, as the main carrier, combine metaverse and song rhyme culture with cultural tourism consumption and industrial development, build the first song rhyme culture inheritance demonstration area and metaverse digital cultural tourism demonstration area, accelerate the development of metaverse digital consumption, seize the industrial highland of metaverse in the future, and help Hangzhou become a new consumption center city. Specific recommendations are as follows:

Through metaverse technology, revitalize the cultural and tourism consumption experience of “Royal Street of Southern Song Dynasty”, select appropriate places, build the “reception hall” of song rhyme culture, reproduce the historical scenery, and interpret and show song rhyme culture step by step and eloquently. At the same time, by using AR and other technologies, tourists and consumers can experience ar space-time exploration through intelligent wearable devices, so as to improve the interest of consumption. It can also create a unique virtual world “digital man” in the “Royal Street of the Southern Song Dynasty”, which can not only enhance the interaction during playing, but also carry out live broadcasting online and offline simultaneously, so as to create an online Red anchor IP, so as to help businesses better promote their products, Tourists from the drainage line and other provinces and cities come to the “Southern Song Dynasty imperial Street” for on-site tourism consumption.

Speed up the layout and construction of “Supercomputing Center” based on the needs of project computing power and industrial development; At the same time, edge nodes are deployed around the “Royal Street of the Southern Song Dynasty” to provide real-time, stable and sufficient computing support.

Since the digital twin world of metaverse is an unprecedented space with virtual and real interaction, and its construction process will involve many key fields such as personal information collection, geographic information collection and financial transaction payment, a new forward-looking and targeted supervision system must be established to ensure the safe, stable and sustainable operation of metaverse applications in the future.

Launch policy planning or guidance to strengthen the support for metaverse’s energy enabled cultural tourism consumption. On the basis of successfully building metaverse’s “Royal Street of the Southern Song Dynasty”, it can be gradually expanded when conditions are ripe, including the whole imperial city site of the Southern Song Dynasty, and can be copied and extended to the construction of Grand Canal National Cultural Park, Liangzhu National Archaeological Site Park, West Lake world love culture park and Qiantang River Poetry Road Cultural belt, Let the gold lettered signboards of famous historical and cultural cities shine more brightly.

Gather high-quality enterprises upstream and downstream of metaverse industrial chain, establish metaverse industrial park or incubation base, and simultaneously strengthen the exploration and Research on metaverse industry related standards, so as to better serve the future industrial development of metaverse.