News center enters government affairs metaverse Cape cloud leads a new stage of Digital Government

Conform to the trend of the times and bravely stand at the forefront of the industry. With the help of data advantages, technical advantages and industrial advantages, Cape cloud actively layout metaverse.

On March 27, 2022, on the second anniversary of the company’s listing, Cape cloud held a government metaverse Strategy Conference. All distinguished guests will witness the new journey of Cape cloud to carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future. Wang Min, chairman of capcloud, delivered a speech, and Yan Yan, President, presided over the press conference. Zhao Guodong, chief strategy officer, and Yang Chunyu, chief technology officer, introduced representative products such as government metaverse strategy and digital people. Meng Qingguo, executive director of the National Governance Institute of Tsinghua University, Jiang Wenguo, general manager of Guojin securities, and Huang Huang, vice president of the school of government and management of Peking University, attended the press conference and delivered a speech.

A6021 Yan Yan, President of Cape cloud, presided over the press conference

Wang Min said that after repeated research and full demonstration, Cape cloud finally chose government metaverse as the company’s main strategic direction. “With its leading technology and R & D capabilities, Cape cloud has participated in the formulation of a number of national standards and led the service market of digital government in the era of mobile Internet. Leading not only requires rich technical heritage, but also a deep understanding of trends and a responsibility in the face of great changes of the times. Therefore, Cape cloud has decided to enter metaverse.”

  开普云董事长汪敏发表致辞 Wang Min, chairman of capcloud, delivered a speech

Zhao Guodong, Chief Strategic Officer, believes that e-government focuses on process, digital government focuses on data, and government metaverse focuses on “people”. We should implement the noble concept of “serving the people” into every technical detail and every business link. The forthcoming book “government metaverse” comprehensively expounds the theoretical basis, development direction, technical architecture, business scenario and implementation methodology of government metaverse. Cape cloud has formed a complete government metaverse service system. Focusing on the five elements of digital people, virtual and real space, data, meta infrastructure and government service, Cape cloud has independently developed two platforms, implemented three action plans, implemented them, and finally realized the vision blueprint of metaverse.

  开普云首席战略官赵国栋发布新战略 Zhao Guodong, chief strategy officer of Cape cloud, released the new strategy

Yang Chunyu, chief technology officer, demonstrated the Cape cloud digital human production and operation platform and scene production and operation platform, which are the key measures for Cape cloud to implement the government metaverse strategy.

  首席技术官杨春宇介绍新产品 Chief Technology Officer Yang Chunyu introduces new products

Jiang Wenguo, general manager of Guojin securities, Meng Qingguo, executive director of the National Governance Institute of Tsinghua University, and Huang Huang, vice president of the school of government and management of Peking University, delivered speeches and discussed their views on metaverse from their respective perspectives.

Jiang Wenguo said that what metaverse brings to financial institutions is a supplement or scenario extension to existing technologies and services, which helps to improve the immersive experience of financial customers. Guojin securities intends to work with Cape cloud to develop more accurate and personalized integrated financial service solutions for customers by using digital and metaverse technologies.

Meng Qingguo said in his speech that metaverse is a new engine of government digital transformation, and government metaverse is a new stage of digital government.

Huang Huang pointed out the significance of government metaverse in his speech, which will help government agencies improve their service ability and coordination ability, enhance the interaction between government agencies and the people, make the people have more sense of gain and higher satisfaction, help the digital transformation and upgrading in other fields, and promote the high-quality development of economy and society.

Starting from the most advantageous and market influential government metaverse of the company, Cape cloud has consolidated the basic ability of metaverse in the development process and developed two independent and controllable platforms. On this basis, Cape cloud further radiates the fields of culture and tourism, finance, culture, art, medical treatment, energy, city and other fields, and has become an important driving force in the era of metaverse.