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Michelle Yeoh, an absolute star in the Chinese film industry, is the most famous female Xia in the martial arts film era. After wandering Hollywood, she is the first Chinese American woman in history. In her new work “the whole universe in an instant”, Michelle Yeoh, 59, put down her “confident and serious warrior image” for the first time and played a middle-aged woman with white hair running for a living. “The whole universe in a twinkling” has won a lot of praise for its wonderful multi metaverse design and discussion of Asian mother and daughter emotions. “Hollywood report” commented that Michelle Yeoh, the successful representative of “instant universe”, finally won “the recognition that Hollywood has always owed her” after her status as a beauty pageant champion and martial arts star.

If time goes back, or in another universe, Michelle Yeoh hopes that she can play “the whole universe in a flash” decades ago, “so the audience will find that I’m not just a female star”. Michelle Yeoh is 59 years old. In the hearts of fans, she is either frozen in the martial arts world of “Yu Xiulian” or “autumn snow”, or a bond girl galloping down the street with “007” Pierce Brosnan. Younger viewers remember that she is the graceful and luxurious rich woman in the golden harvest. Perhaps it was the director’s deliberate arrangement that Michelle Yeoh played another “Xiulian” in the latest film “the whole universe in an instant” released in 2022. This “Xiulian” is not a female Xia wielding a long sword. She achieved nothing. She immigrated to the United States to open a laundry. Her name is Evelyn in the United States. Her husband couldn’t help her up the wall. Her daughter shouted to come out of the cabinet and went to the tax bureau with the tax bill. Xiulian is so tired that she seems to have no hope in life. That day, the confused Xiulian stepped into the elevator, but accidentally fell into many metaverse and experienced the life she might live in thousands of universes over and over again.

You can say that the whole universe in a twinkling is a metaphor for Michelle Yeoh’s own life. The actress, born in Malaysia and native to Fujian, experienced many chapters of her life – beauty pageant champion, Kung Fu superstar and representative of Chinese actors. In the whole universe in a twinkling of an eye, Michelle Yeoh finally stepped into a universe she had never set foot in: a middle-aged woman with a plain face, white hair and worried about her livelihood, and a leading actress in a comedy. “Over the years, Michelle Yeoh has established her self-confident and serious warrior image. She has a delicate sense of self-discipline.” The New York Times wrote, “in the instant universe, Michelle Yeoh portrays a middle-aged woman with emotional and comic energy that has never appeared before. This is an expansion of the concept of superhero film, a maverick work. The commonness she portrays in her performance finally makes her the focus in multi metaverse.” “Hollywood report” commented that Michelle Yeoh, the successful representative of “instant universe”, finally won “Hollywood has always owed her recognition” as the heroine of the feature film.

▲ stills of the whole universe in an instant.

History of star beating

Before she felt the physical pain, Michelle Yeoh had read the fear from the expression of director Xu Anhua. In 1995, on the set in Hong Kong, China, Michelle Yeoh fell from a height of 5 meters without preparation and was taken to the hospital with a mattress. The accident ended with several broken ribs. Three years ago, Michelle Yeoh fell from a speeding sports car while filming “Police Story 3” with Jackie Chan. The widely circulated shooting gags epitomize the first half of Michelle Yeoh’s acting career. In the golden age of Hong Kong films, many action plays rely on live play. Everything pursues the highest efficiency, and sometimes there is no script. To become famous in this environment, Michelle Yeoh has developed a self-discipline and calm attitude – no matter how she wrestles, the expression in the camera should be cool. “Action movies teach me how to stay calm on the set. If someone rushes at you with a knife, the only thing you can do is stay calm. Panic will only make things worse.”

“I never thought I would be an actor. I always thought I could dance ballet and start my own ballet school.” Michelle Yeoh told the Hollywood report. Choosing ballet is her first important choice in this universe. Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh Yeoh. When Michelle Yeoh was a girl, her mother would follow her to the cinema to date boys. At the age of 15, she went to a British women’s boarding school, accompanied by her mother. Michelle Yeoh’s boarding days were like the plot of Pixar’s “youth Metamorphosis” – she never dared to run around the campus because “I don’t know when my mother will come to see me”. She later went to the Royal Dance Academy in London to dance ballet, but finally gave up her dance career because of her back injury and stayed in the academy to study drama.

After graduating from London, Michelle Yeoh returned to Malaysia to participate in the beauty contest. In the heyday of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry, her friend recommended her to audition as a supporting role in Jackie Chan’s TV advertisement. Even if she couldn’t speak Cantonese, Michelle Yeoh nodded and agreed “with an adventurous spirit”. This is her second important choice. When the production company asked her what movies she was most interested in, action movies “seemed to be the most familiar choice” — “playing looks like dancing, I can understand”. She signed R & amp; Company D was just established at that time, hoping to become famous in the booming Hong Kong film industry. Choosing actresses to shoot action plays has become an innovative move of the company. When the producer went to the set for an interview, she said nothing and performed on the spot. “If I cry every time someone hits me, I’ll stay in a forgotten corner for a long time. I have to prove to everyone that I’m worth staying here.” But after many injuries, Michelle Yeoh, wearing a stent on the hospital bed, “fell into an existential crisis”: “I kept asking myself, why should I do this? Is it worth it?”

▲ stills of tomorrow empire.

Finally, it was Quentin Tarantino, a Hollywood director, who gave her the courage to stick to her performance. The Hollywood report revealed that Tarantino “only wanted to see three people: Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh” when he visited Hong Kong. Seeing Michelle Yeoh, Tarantino immediately sat down on a pillow at her feet and expressed his admiration for her: “I’ve seen all your movies.” He said to Michelle Yeoh. Then “start telling his favorite action scenes frame by frame”. Tarantino’s approval was like a hint that Michelle Yeoh soon opened the Hollywood market. In 1997, she starred in the bond film empire of tomorrow, which was the first time in history that a Chinese American actress served as a bond girl. Michelle Yeoh recalled that this work made her realize for the first time that “she is not a martial arts star, but a real actor”. Pop inquirer, a popular culture website, commented that “empire of tomorrow” not only represents Michelle Yeoh as the most popular Chinese star in Hollywood, but also a milestone in the whole Bond film. When the agent played by Michelle Yeoh worked with Brosnan on the case, “bang girl has changed from just being a sexual object to a capable, multi-dimensional and diversified role. Michelle Yeoh has made it possible for Bang girl to participate in action scenes.” Starting from tomorrow’s empire, Michelle Yeoh has made more attempts beyond martial arts. Starring in feature films such as Memoirs of a geisha and Aung San Suu Kyi, she has become one of the top Asian actors in Hollywood. After “the whole universe in an instant”, she also released her popular commercial works “little yellow man 2: the rise of Gru” and “Avatar” series. Off the screen, Michelle Yeoh was canonized as Datuk Malaysia, which is an honorary title awarded by Malaysia and Brunei to people with high reputation and outstanding contributions. She is the first Chinese artist in Malaysia to win this title. She is also a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Development Programme. In 2013, Hong Kong media broke the news that Michelle Yeoh intended to participate in the Malaysian general election. She finally denied the news.

▲ Michelle Yeoh and the crew of “golden fate”.

The antidote to algorithmic movies

With rich film experience, such as Michelle Yeoh, “instant universe” is still a new attempt, because she wants to challenge the comedy industry she has never been involved in – can you imagine that the finger of the “Kung Fu film queen” becomes a hot dog in a cartoon, or she doesn’t know how to fight back when she is beaten? “The whole universe in an instant” was created by directors Daniel Guan and Daniel Schneider. Because they have the same name, they are called “the Daniels” by the media. Before the whole universe in an instant, the two created the Swiss Army knife man with the same unrestrained plot: Hank, who is not good at communicating with others, decided to commit suicide on the island. At the critical moment, a strange body floated in. The body was like a Swiss Army knife, which helped hank solve many problems.

Looking for a way out of the crazy impossibility, the whole universe in a twinkling focuses on Daniel Guan’s growth story. Guan grew up in Massachusetts. Like many Asian families, Guan was full of creativity since childhood, but his parents asked him to study accounting. He studied animation online and finally insisted on entering the film industry. His father loved Wong Kar Wai and Hong Kong martial arts films, which eventually became the inspiration for the whole universe in an instant. Guan and schunette told the media that they had never considered inviting others to play the leading role. “If Michelle Yeoh doesn’t agree, the work will be over.”. In the first version of the script, the heroine is Michelle Yeoh’s English name “Michelle”. The two directors asked Michelle Yeoh to give up the cool expressions in the past action scenes and perform in heavily accented English. “It’s too elegant for her to do it again and again,” said the director

▲ Michelle Yeoh and the crew of the whole universe in an instant.

“Evelyn” is really “not good-looking”. Michelle Yeoh was puzzled and desperate when faced with the questions of the Inland Revenue Department, brushing his braid and facing the sky. She said the role would be familiar to many Chinese audiences because “if you go to Chinatown, you will see many such housewives. They are struggling to buy vegetables, clean and maintain family peace”.

Such an old role seems to open up a new universe for Michelle Yeoh as an actor: “Michelle Yeoh gives an entity to a specific role: the aging and complex Asian woman.” The New York Times commented. In multi metaverse, this “aging and complex Asian woman” is rejuvenated. With the unique story background, Michelle Yeoh is an action star and a singer of Beijing opera. In a universe, she is a stone in the desert. The middle-aged woman “Evelyn” didn’t know martial arts at first. Finally, she inherited good skills from herself in other universes and saved the world. When Evelyn, a middle-aged woman, was attacked in a universe and unconsciously raised her hand to fight back with skilled movements, it was not difficult for Hong Kong film fans to see the taste of Jackie Chan’s action comedy in the past. It was not a silent or funny man who saved the world alone, but a mother who was overwhelmed by life.

“We want action plays to have rhythm, plot and narration,” said director Schneider. “We can’t compete with the scale of Hollywood action films. We want to learn the energy of Hong Kong films, which are widely loved by the audience.”

Paying tribute to the golden age of Hong Kong films is not the key to the praise of the whole universe in an instant. The film has a super high praise rate of 96% on the film review website “rotten tomato”. Many film critics believe that, despite multiple metaverse brain holes, actions and funny scenes, the film tells a broader story beyond genre films or Asian themes. “The core of the whole universe in a flash is how a family can stay close in an over stimulated and over active world.” Popular culture website slant wrote. The plot and action design of the film are crazy, which “reflects the anxiety we feel in the crazy world today”. After shuttling through multiple universes, Evelyn said to her daughter who shouted to break up the relationship in the real world: “no matter in which universe, I just want to be with you.”

▲ Michelle Yeoh participated in United Nations activities.

“As Evelyn said in a universe, it makes people feel very bad to face more and more information every day. The film reminds us of the beauty and madness shared by mankind in the chaos.”

“This film echoes with works such as Kung Fu.” The associated press commented. “A woman struggles to make her small and disorganized life meaningful. In the grand Hollywood blockbuster or Netflix film whose content depends on algorithms, the original story of an Asian mother, instant universe, is an antidote to algorithmic films. It discusses human chaos, meaningless struggle and the pursuit of happiness.”

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