Accurate positioning and annual salary of millions! Focus on the recruitment of metaverse talents

While the current employment situation is grim, the talent grabbing in metaverse fields such as VR and AR is becoming more and more intense, and even the annual salary can reach one million!

Layoff anxiety

On March 13, “Alibaba layoffs”, “Tencent layoffs” and “layoffs” were also on Sina hot search. The news said that Alibaba and Tencent had layoffs plans in the near future, and a screenshot of the so-called internal employee chat record showed that Alibaba might lay off 30%.

Obviously, the credibility of such rumors is not high. According to the financial reports of Tencent and Alibaba, the number of employees has been growing in recent years, with 110000 and 260000 respectively by 2021. Now, it is unrealistic to carry out such large-scale layoffs in a short time. It still needs time to verify whether there will be a small-scale post adjustment in the future.

Regardless of whether the rumors of layoffs in some large factories are true or false, the general anxiety about employment in society is indeed increasing day by day, which is closely related to the development dilemma of the industry.

In the stage of high development of the Internet, a large amount of capital has poured in, enterprises have expanded wildly and there are sufficient jobs. However, in recent years, the industry penetration is high, competition is intensified, and the situation of internal volume in the industry has gradually taken shape. The increment has peaked, the cost of obtaining customers has increased, and the core income has decreased

Take Tencent and Alibaba as examples. Since the beginning of 2021, the share price has been halved.

In addition to the Internet industry, other industries are facing the long-term test of the epidemic, trade obstruction caused by the international situation, soaring commodity prices and other factors, but also facing great difficulties and even bankruptcy.

The severe economic situation can easily affect the job market, which has exacerbated the anxiety of employees and job seekers.

In addition, the influx of college graduates has once again exacerbated the competitive situation. According to the data of the Ministry of education, the number of college graduates in 2021 will reach 9.09 million, with a year-on-year increase of 350000.

Post with annual salary of millions

In this situation, looking for opportunities has become the key for job seekers and even enterprises.

At present, the breakthrough recognized by the Internet industry is of course metaverse. With the continuous attention of capital and policies, the potential of this field is constantly being tapped, and its ability to enable the real economy is also worth looking forward to.

This is a crucial opportunity for enterprises, especially the Internet industry. Therefore, a large number of relevant high paid jobs have emerged in the recruitment market, which deserves the close attention of job seekers.

For example, Tencent mentioned earlier. Last month, the media reported that Tencent laid out the XR ecology of the whole link, including XR devices on the hardware side, perceptual interaction technology on the software side, and content and developer ecology on the content and industry side. It also started internal water recruitment (i.e. internal cross departmental job transfer), covering three directions: content ecology, operation and technology research and development.

In addition, enterprises such as Baidu and Baidu have also launched the absorption of metaverse related talents. On major recruitment platforms, there are some posts with an annual salary of millions. As for foreign countries, there are frequent acts of “digging the foot of the wall”.

Many organizations predict that metaverse has a huge talent gap, which will also become a major opportunity for relevant talents.

Two categories of talents

Metaverse involves many job directions, from software and hardware to services and content, from artificial intelligence and blockchain to cloud computing and 3D modeling.

However, at present, it is obvious that games and social networking will be the first metaverse scenes to land. Whether roblox, meta or many domestic metaverse products, most of them are games and social networking.

Of course, metaverse is also rapidly empowering in education, industry and other entertainment fields.

So to sum up, it can be roughly divided into two categories: technical type and content type.

Technical talents: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, chips, VR, AR, etc. all need a lot of technical research and development. For example, we can see from the recruitment posts of Tencent and byte, mostly front-end and back-end development, computer vision, human-computer interaction, etc. talents in this field are also in great demand in the market, with an annual salary of even one million.

Content talents: with sufficient technical support, metaverse’s application cannot be separated from a large number of content creation and related operation work. In the field of metaverse, consumers are also creators, and pugc mode will become an important way to build content. For example, from the simplest pinch face, the production of virtual image, modeling and rendering, as well as the shooting and editing of panoramic video, and even the creation of some digital collections. Today, some enterprises provide creative tools to facilitate people’s production of content. The complexity of metaverse scene determines that it needs a lot of content work, and the creation and operation of the above content also provides opportunities for the development of talents.

Our point of view

For job seekers, the best shortcut is to participate in the sunrise industry. Today’s technology is updated rapidly. For individuals, metaverse is not the only direction, but it is definitely worth paying attention to.

For college graduates and other job seekers, it is also necessary to clarify the boundaries of their majors and abilities. If you want to invest in this industry, you should obtain resources and learn skills as soon as possible. Sina VR has long paid attention to the development of metaverse field, and has carried out a lot of resource integration for talent training, employment and enterprise recruitment. If you are interested in this, you are welcome to communicate with us!

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