Sina focuses on the transformation of Beijing’s largest audio-visual Industrial Park, digital film and television production, and the production of metaverse virtual assets “breaks through the wall”

The first tiktok of the voice watching artist’s live broadcast is the July 2021 “ordinary day” – Andy Lau’s 40th anniversary interview. In the 2-hour 4K whole process live broadcast, the stage background switches back and forth in the pictures such as time gear with a diameter of tens of meters, photo wall with a height of more than ten meters, film and television works, and the vertical screen viewing effect is very good. At that time, hundreds of millions of viewers who watched the live broadcast may not have expected that this magical stage was actually completed in the XR (extended reality) virtual production studio of Xingguang film and television Park, China (Beijing) Xingguang audio-visual industry base in Daxing District. With the help of digital film and television production technology, the traditional cultural industrial park is trying to “break through the wall” to obtain new momentum.

Speaking of Xingguang film and television Park, people in the television circle are no strangers. There are nearly a hundred large and small studios in the base, which is a common venue for major domestic TV stations to record programs. CCTV moved China in 2022, CCTV China archaeological conference in 2021 and Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala were all recorded here. However, the XR virtual production studio is different from the traditional studio used in these large-scale parties. It is equipped with LED curved vertical screen and ground screen, and uses extended reality technology (integrating AR, VR, Mr, etc.) to restore the dynamic digital scene rendered in advance on the screen. It can present and output 360 degree immersive virtual scene in real time to form XR Scene Short Film, and can also map the spatial relationship between characters and scene in real time, so as to enlarge the stage infinitely, Not limited by physical space. With the help of this production system, the stage background can be unrestrained and omnipotent, and actors, guests and directors can immerse themselves in a changing environment in real time and never play. The use of virtual digital studio requires only one day of scene debugging at most, which is more time-saving than the early scene setting and system debugging of traditional studio for 3 to 5 days.

The XR virtual production studio has produced more than 20 TV programs such as “119 National Fire day” special program “pride of China” and CCTV entertainment creation program “fantasy world of teenagers”. It has also served the exhibition of Daxing International Airport at the service trade fair and has been used for advertising shooting and e-commerce live broadcasting.

Chen Yongjun, executive deputy general manager of Xingguang film and television Park, introduced that while upgrading audio-visual content production with science and technology, Xingguang film and television park also aims at digital assets. Since May 2021, the park has established its own virtual asset library based on digital twin scenes, virtual scenes, virtual images and virtual props of landmark buildings, and launched the digital asset copyright trading platform – Xingguang illusory film and television mall. “The trading platform is equivalent to a tray. It should not only collect the digital twin resources and virtual scenes of all kinds of natural, cultural and urban scenes without life, but also collect the virtual stories and ideas with soul, and carry out cooperation with cultural tourism institutions and cultural relics institutions.” Chen Yongjun said that the digital assets copyright trading platform faces the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and encourages the creation and intellectual property trading of digital cultural assets such as digital twin landscapes, XR virtual scenes, virtual images and props with Chinese cultural characteristics and characteristics.

With the help of Beijing state-owned cultural assets management center, Xingguang film and television park has launched resource docking with many departments. In the near future, the digital twin landscapes of the Forbidden City, the temple of heaven, the summer palace and Daxing International Airport can not only appear in the creation of films, games and other contents, but also produce new cultural and tourism experience and digital collections. On this basis, Xingguang film and television Park, which seizes the market opportunity, will build a diversified metaverse virtual asset production base. (Li Yang)

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