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News trends

03 / 25 Baidu “radish run” automatic driving travel service landed in Wuzhen

Baidu Apollo automatic driving travel service platform “radish run” will officially land in Wuzhen and provide citizens with automatic driving travel display services. According to the plan, the turnip express automatic driving travel display service will gradually cover the whole area of Wuzhen. At the initial stage, 84 stations will be opened, and the initial service time is 9:00 to 17:00. Users can call a car through the “turnip express” app. (36Kr)

03 / 24 Yirui biology: the antigen detection kit obtained the medical device registration certificate

Yi Rui biological announcement, recently, New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) antigen detection kit (fluorescence immunochromatography) received the National Drug Administration issued the “medical device registration certificate (in vitro diagnostic reagents)”. (36Kr)

03 / 24 Tencent plans to explore metaverse in QQ music

Liang Zhu, CEO of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, said in a conference call after the financial report on the 22nd that in the future, he may explore metaverse in the QQ music app. Each user will have his own independent room and can put his music in the virtual room. Friends can hear these music when they visit. (Game Daily)

03 / 23 Insider: Maotai’s official new e-commerce platform “may be online at any time”

According to people familiar with the matter, Maotai “secretly” launched the new e-commerce development plan six months ago. At present, the initial work is basically completed, and its official new e-commerce platform will “be online at any time”. (SSE report)

03 / 23 new Oriental new company’s business scope includes E-sports event planning

Zhengzhou Huiji Dayu Book Sales Co., Ltd. was established, the legal representative is Tang Haoping, the registered capital is 100000 yuan, and the business scope includes publication wholesale and retail; Psychological counseling services; E-sports event planning; Catering management, etc. The equity penetration chart shows that the company is indirectly wholly owned by New Oriental Education and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (36Kr)

03 / 23 Google parent company alphabet announced the spin off of its quantum technology department sandbox

According to reports, sandbox, a quantum technology company under Google’s parent company alphabet, announced that it would be spun off from alphabet and established as an independent company. Sandbox was originally founded by Google co-founder Serge brin and led by Jack sidari. After the spin off into an independent company, hidari will continue to serve as CEO of sandbox, and Schmidt will serve as chairman of the board of directors. (Sina Technology)

On March 23, taote announced the launch of “taote 10 yuan store” and “taote 100”

Taote launched “taote 10 yuan store” and “taote 100”. According to the introduction, taote 10 yuan store is positioned as a small commodity covering all life scenes, which can realize n yuan and N pieces, factory direct supply, warehousing full inspection, one-stop purchase and one package delivery; Taote 100 is positioned as a commodity with consumption upgrading trend, focusing on the “big brand replacement” of cost-effective and quality commodities to help incubate factory brands. (36Kr)

On March 23, jingxicheng Jingdong was the hardest hit by layoffs, and its core retail business was not affected

Recently, JD started layoffs, among which Jingxi business group has become the hardest hit area. According to insiders, the proportion of layoffs in Jingxi business group may be 10-15% or more; There are no obvious signs of layoffs in core business groups such as 3C home appliances and omni-channel supermarkets. (36Kr)

03 / 220000 University suspected of disbanding VIP group running away

According to netizens, wanmen University began to dissolve the VIP group at 4 a.m. on March 22, and many students found themselves kicked out of the group. Employees cannot log in to the company app and have not received any relevant notice. A few months ago, wanmen University held a lifelong VIP class activity of “returning the full payment after 3600 hours of learning”. According to netizens, there are about 30000 lifelong VIP students. (

03 / 22 byte jump acquired low code public “black payun”, and the founder joined Feishu

Several independent sources said that the heipayun team has been acquired by byte beat, and the founder Chen Jinzhou and some team members have joined Feishu to be responsible for the “Kunlun” of apaas products, which will be mainly aimed at large customers. A number of insiders of Feishu said, “Chen Jinzhou’s entry level is very high, and he will report directly to Xie Xin.” Xie Xin is a vice president in charge of flying book business. (36Kr)

03 / 22 net transmission nail will be online and off-duty do not disturb function

When enabled, the mobile phone will no longer receive single chat, group chat and other message notifications, and users can freely set the duration. Netizen: can you let my boss and his boss use it first? (e-commerce News)

03 / 21 Netease media creates the industry’s first long-term panoramic metaverse marketing solution

At present, Netease is in ai& XR, cloud services and storage, virtual human development and operation, blockchain platform, virtual immersion activities, VR live entertainment, virtual social networking, virtual performance and other technology and product fields have layout. In terms of virtual human industry layout, Netease has created a complete and diversified virtual human IP matrix through self-supporting, intermodal and agency. (36Kr)

IPO knew

03 / 26 lvwei photoelectric

The municipal Party committee announced on the science and innovation board that Shenzhen Luwei photoelectric Co., Ltd. was the first to be held on April 1. (Securities Times)

03 / 25 minimally invasive electrophysiological medical technology

The municipal Party committee announced on the science and innovation board that Shanghai minimally invasive electrophysiological Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was the first to be held on March 31. (Securities Times)

03 / 23 Haichuang pharmaceutical

Haichuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced the issuance arrangement and preliminary inquiry announcement on the initial public offering of shares and listing on the science and innovation board. Haichuang pharmaceutical plans to issue 24.76 million shares to the public. The preliminary inquiry time is March 25. It is planned to raise funds for innovative drug R & D, R & D and production base construction and development reserve funds. (36Kr)

03 / 22 Riel group

Ruier Group Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 22, officially becoming the “first share of China’s medium and high-end oral chain”. (I knew it early)

03 / 22 Heyuan biology

Heyuan biology was listed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 22. The stock is abbreviated as Heyuan biology. The stock code is 688238 The number of shares in this public offering is 100 million. The total share capital after this public offering is about 493 million shares. The issue price is 13.23 yuan / share, with a corresponding P / E ratio of 244.67 times. The total amount of funds raised in this offering is 1.323 billion yuan. (Daily Economic News)

03 / 21 Ruike biology

Jiangsu Ruike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. made a Hong Kong stock offering from March 21 to 24. The core members of Ruike biology, an innovative vaccine enterprise, have many years of experience in vaccine development and production at the China Center for Disease Control (CDC). Since its establishment, the company has focused on the independent research and development ability of the core technology of the vaccine supply chain, and the products are expected to realize domestic substitution in the comprehensive dimensions of vaccine protection effectiveness, product portfolio and cost. (I knew it early)

Technological frontier

*According to the definition of Gartner hype cycle

03 / 24 landmark Technology

3D machine vision company “landmark technology” has recently completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing, which is invested by Datai capital. The financing funds will be used for product R & D and team expansion. According to Li Zheng, founder and CEO, landmark technology has developed 3D disorderly capture system, 3D point cloud trajectory guidance and positioning system and 3D point cloud high-precision detection system. (36Kr)

03 / 22 Sichuan Zhongxing Electronics

Sichuan Zhongxing Electronics Co., Ltd. completed round B financing, with a financing amount of hundreds of millions of yuan. The investors are Guanya investment holding and Shandong xintongda venture capital. This round of financing will be mainly used for the construction and expansion of thin film capacitor capacity in new energy vehicles and new energy fields such as energy storage, photovoltaic and wind power. (36Kr)

03 / 22 blue pulse

AI video tool development company “blue pulse” has received millions of dollars of angel round investment. This round is invested by Jingya capital, and Yuanhe capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D, team expansion and market expansion. Previously, blue pulse was the seed round investment of American investment institution sosv ventures. (36Kr)

03 / 22 Kunlun core technology

Recently, the large-scale artificial intelligence model training platform project of Beijing Laboratory Service Guarantee Center was officially opened, and “Kunlun core technology” received tens of millions of orders for domestic AI servers. According to the official introduction, Kunlun core’s second generation products have self-developed multi-chip high-speed interconnection technology. This cooperation will provide computing support for scientific research in Beijing and promote the adaptation and landing of domestic AI products with Zhiyuan Research Institute. (36Kr)

03/21 Rokid

Hangzhou Lingban Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “rokid”), a leading enterprise in the field of domestic ar smart glasses, recently obtained a c-round financing with a total amount of RMB 700 million. This round of financing is mainly used for technology research and development, marketing and ecological construction. Rokid is a product platform company focusing on computer interaction technology, focusing on the research and development of software and hardware products such as AR glasses and the construction of state based on yodaos-xr operating system. (36Kr)

03 / 21 Tianqu starry sky

Recently, “Tianqu XingKong” completed the angel round of financing, and the shareholding enterprises are Beijing air thunder Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen qianhaizhouming Investment Management Co., Ltd. It is reported that Tianqu XingKong is committed to the application and research of near eye display technology in wearable consumer end. (36Kr)

SaaS on cloud

03 / 26 nanomicrosatellite

Accurate and reliable space-time location information security solution provider “nanomicro Xingke” has received tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, which is led by infinite fund see fund and followed by qingkong Jinxin capital. The financing will be mainly used to expand the team and mass production of products. (36Kr)

03 / 25 super Camel

The digital and intelligent service platform “super camel”, located in the first kilometer of freight transportation, has recently completed an angel round financing of nearly ten million US dollars. Super camel is the first technology company in China to use AI intelligent dispatching system to realize the mixed dispatching of tricycles and unmanned vehicles in the professional wholesale market. (36Kr)

03 / 25 Dongchao Technology

“Dongchao technology”, an interactive air imaging technology service provider, has recently completed a round of pre-B financing of 100 million yuan. The current round of financing funds will be used for product R & D, sales channel construction and market development. The aerial imaging technology launched by Dongchao technology does not need media. The scattered light is converged and imaged in the air by applying the light field reconstruction principle through the lens, and then combined with the sensor and interactive control technology, so as to realize the direct interaction between human and aerial images. (36Kr)

03 / 24 cross dimensional intelligence

“Cross dimensional intelligence” has completed nearly ten million US dollars of angel round financing, and the investors are Songhe capital, Zhenge fund, etc. The funds from this round of financing will be invested in product R & D, team building, etc. It is reported that cross dimensional intelligence focuses on the research and development of 3D vision software and hardware products, and provides 3D vision cameras, algorithms and integrated software and hardware solutions. (36Kr)

03 / 24 thousand craftsman network

Qianjiang network, a one-stop marketing digital solution service provider, has recently completed a pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, which is invested by listed companies. The financing funds will be used for product R & D, market development and channel development. (36Kr)

03 / 24 aftermarket treasure

The total amount of financing and after-sales service of A1 and A2 enterprises will be used to expand the market of 100 million RMB, and the total amount of financing and after-sales service of A1 and A2 enterprises will be introduced into the market of SAS. “After sales treasure” focuses on providing enterprises with solutions including after-sales service cloud and after-sales marketing cloud, helping enterprises serve customers well, reduce customer loss, and manage stock customer relations, so as to generate more repurchase opportunities. (36Kr)

03/23 FlowUs

Recently, the one-stop solution software “flowus” disclosed that it has obtained tens of millions of yuan of financing. It is reported that the main body of flowus is yunshang Oasis (Beijing) Co., Ltd. the product was launched recently. It is positioned as a new generation productivity tool for individuals and teams, integrating functions such as documents, multidimensional tables and folders. (36Kr)

03 / 23 hanging mirror safety

Devsecops agile security vendor “hanging mirror security” officially announced today that it has completed a round B financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. After this round of financing, the suspension mirror will further deepen the layout of technology R & D and upstream and downstream industrial ecology, and continuously upgrade the large-scale product service delivery and operation capacity in North China, East China, South China, central China, Southwest China, Hong Kong and Macao. (36Kr)

03 / 22 Defeng Technology

The industrial Internet company “Defeng technology” has completed a round C financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. This round of financing is led by Jinshi investment, followed by longmafeng, founder Hesheng, Dianshi capital and old shareholders. This round of financing will be mainly used for the continuous upgrading and innovation of industrial Internet series products. (36Kr)

Brand trends

*It refers to consumption, catering, entertainment, etc

03 / 25 fabric document

“Fabric document”, an online design collaboration tool for the global design market, recently announced the completion of tens of millions of pre-A round of financing. This round of financing is led by volcanic stone investment, followed by Sequoia Capital and Bai capital. Financing will be used to accelerate product iteration and expand the team. (36Kr)

03/25 Mistine

The national beauty brand “mistine” has recently completed a round of financing of more than 200 million yuan, led by Kaihui fund, followed by Yiyuan capital, and light source capital as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D iteration, supply chain improvement, team building and brand promotion. (36Kr)

03 / 23 Xiping media

“Xiping media”, which focuses on community elevator advertising, completed round B financing, and the investor is Alibaba. It is reported that this round of financing of Xiping media will be used for brand communication, strengthening the construction of service provider operation support team, strengthening technology research and development, software and hardware iteration, etc. (36Kr)

03 / 22 love sweet

The sugar reduction scheme service provider “elotian” announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round of financing. The investors in this round are Shangcheng capital, binfu capital and industrial resources. Qingke capital acts as the exclusive financial consultant. This round of financing is mainly used for product R & D investment and market expansion. (36Kr)

Medical health

03 / 24 Yatu biology

Chengdu Yatu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a biomedical developer, completed a round of financing of more than 100 million yuan. This round of financing is jointly invested by “saiying capital”, “sunshine Ronghui” and “Galaxy lucky star”. (36Kr)

03 / 24 zebrafish

Recently, the biological data platform “zebrafish” announced the completion of nearly ten million yuan Angel round financing, invested by Jiacheng capital. This round of financing will be used to expand the R & D team and upgrade and iterate the products in terms of function and interaction. (36Kr)

03 / 24 naishu Technology

Nyquistdata naishu technology, a provider of artificial intelligence data solutions for medical devices, has completed a seed round financing of US $6 million, jointly invested by Peterson ventures, light speed and GSR ventures. This round of funds will be used for the company’s talent construction, the optimization and upgrading of artificial intelligence technology platform, and promoting medical device data solutions. (36Kr)

03 / 23 tengfu medical

Recently, Shenzhen tengfu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “tengfu medical”), a medical device enterprise focusing on the field of pulmonary embolism, completed a round of financing of more than 100 million yuan. This round of financing is led by OrbiMed and followed by tedako. The funds will be used for the clinical registration and market promotion of interventional surgical instruments for acute pulmonary embolism, and promote the R & D and clinical research of venous thromboembolism treatment products. (eurobillion)

03 / 21 Xinling medicine

Xinling Pharmaceutical Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinling pharmaceutical”), an innovative transdermal preparation platform, announced the completion of nearly 100 million yuan of pre-A round of financing. This round of investment will be mainly used to strengthen product R & D, enrich product pipelines and expand professional teams, and further expand the advantages of “Xinling medicine” in the core technology of transdermal preparations. (investment community)