How to distinguish between true and false metaverse?

Let’s improve our understanding of metaverse and see through scientific and technological innovation and concept hype at a glance. After the concept of metaverse became popular, it quickly attracted the attention of business heroes from all walks of life, from negotiation and research to bold investment. Especially in the area of trademark registration, many enterprises have used their brains and set off a climax of scrambling to register products related to metaverse. Under the hype of many enterprises and businesses, ordinary people can’t distinguish its authenticity, and even misunderstand the concept of metaverse, I think it is just a few virtual games, which are used to cut children’s leeks. There is no need to panic and exclude. Next, as the authoritative information platform of metaverse industry, “metaverse business information” teaches you to distinguish between true and false metaverse.

1、 Metaverse is a scientific and technological product with a wide range of application scenarios. No matter how extensive its publicity is, it only depends on whether the enterprise under the banner of metaverse has relevant products and whether these products can change our existing life. Since metaverse is another form of spiritual civilization construction for our people, and its vigorous development is to improve the quality of our future spiritual life, it must meet the following characteristics.

1. Change our existing mode of basic necessities of life in the future. 2. In the future, improve the pleasure value of our daily life, that is, the happiness index. 3. Business operation must be legal, which is also the most important one.

2、 Metaverse is the product of the combination of virtual world and real world. It is divorced from the real world. Talking about metaverse is a general talk. It is a real metaverse technology enterprise that increases the popularity of the concept. A real metaverse enterprise must have its own theoretical system, that is, metaverse’s world outlook. Under the guidance of this world outlook, the development and testing of a series of scientific and technological products will be carried out until they are put on the shelves. The enterprise’s R & D must focus on the following:

1. AR, VR and 3D technology products applicable to metaverse, such as AR glasses, AR helmets, etc.

2. Various sensors suitable for metaverse, easy to carry and base station use.

3. Various applications, chip technology and man-machine exchange functions used in metaverse.

4. Selection and training of metaverse related talents.

3、 Not a real metaverse enterprise: 1 Although the enterprise legally owns metaverse related trademarks, it does not have the scientific and technological ability and economic strength to independently or jointly develop metaverse related products.

2. The name of the enterprise has words related to metaverse, but its business activities have nothing to do with metaverse.

3. Although the enterprise claims to enter the R & D field of metaverse, it is unable to form a R & D team, or even a shell company without R & D capital budget.

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