Sixty curators and scholars from Sina jointly proposed that the museum actively participate in the construction of metaverse

A6021 shudelhi 1921 · ar mineral water (scan the code to see the propaganda film of the site of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China). Photo of the memorial hall of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Beijing, Shanghai, March 26 (reporter Xu Jing) – 60 curators and scholars from 50 museums and universities across the country jointly issued the “initiative on museums to actively participate in the construction of metaverse” (hereinafter referred to as the “initiative”) on the 26th, calling on museums to comply with the development of the times, give full play to their own advantages and actively participate in the construction of metaverse.

Naked eye 3D effect of the exhibition item “groundbreaking event” in the memorial hall of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Photo of the memorial hall of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China

It is reported that the initiative was prepared and launched by scholars such as Duan Yong, an Laishun, pan Shouyong and Li mingbin, professors of Shanghai University. The co sponsors also include Yang Zhigang, curator of Shanghai Museum, Gong Liang, President of Nanjing Museum and other representatives of national museums jointly built by central and local governments, Chen Zhuo, curator of Tianjin Museum, Luo Xiangjun, President of Hebei Museum and other representatives of provincial museums, Wang Xiaoming, curator of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Xue Feng, curator of the memorial of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Zhao Feng, curator of China Silk Museum and other natural museums, memorials Representatives of industry museums, representatives of municipal museums such as Chen Ruijin, curator of Suzhou Museum, Du Jiale, director of Nantong Museum, representatives of grottoes and heritage museums such as Shi Jiazhen, President of Longmen Grottoes Research Institute, Wang Zhongzhong, director of Sanxingdui site management committee, representatives of non-state museums such as fan Jianchuan, curator of Sichuan Jianchuan Museum, Zhang Yuteng, former curator of Taipei History Museum, representatives of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan museums, and professors of Peking University hang Kan Du Pengfei, Professor of Tsinghua University, Yan Jianqiang, Professor of Zhejiang University, Shi Jixiang, Professor of Jilin University, Lu Jiansong, Professor of Fudan University, Wei Jun and other representatives of university scholars.

Duan Yong introduced the background of the initiative on behalf of the sponsors and said: “The hot Metaverse concept and its application scenarios in recent two years, though there are still some uncertainties and bubbles, are undoubtedly the strategic direction to grasp the new opportunities for the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. In the process of virtualization and digitalization of the real world, Metaverse needs a lot of material specimens from the physical world and cultural elements of the spiritual world, so as to build a digital living space integrated with the real social system. In the real world, the best place with rich material specimens and cultural elements is the museum. The purpose and concept of the museum are interlinked with metaverse, and the future and mission of the museum are integrated with metaverse. “

The core content of the initiative mainly focuses on four points: resource sharing, universal benefit and mutual benefit, scenario co creation and self-improvement, standard co construction, keeping pace with the times, responsibility sharing, integrity and innovation.

The initiative points out that the open sharing of digital resources is increasingly becoming a universally recognized code of conduct for museums around the world. As a public cultural service institution, museums should enhance the awareness of open sharing of collection resources, especially digital resources, establish the concept of win-win cooperation, and make limited resources create unlimited possibilities in metaverse.

The initiative believes that in the face of the surging metaverse, the museum should fully recognize its own resource advantages, give full play to its functional expertise in research, exhibition and education, jointly explore and create high-quality application scenarios, and realize the high-quality development of the museum in participating in the construction of metaverse.

The initiative calls on museums to keep pace with the times, seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, actively participate in the construction of metaverse, explore metaverse construction standards and norms in the field of museums, and make a Chinese voice in the international dialogue on relevant topics.

The initiative emphasizes that the integration of metaverse is only the latest step taken by the museum to comply with the tide of social development. In metaverse, the museum should also follow the ethics and principles recognized by real-world museums, adhere to the non-profit nature and public attribute, develop in inheritance, innovate in integrity, and make the museum surpass time and space, go all the way and be new for a long time by integrating metaverse. (end)

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