In depth exploration of metaverse business model

Metaverse in the future is certainly not all fake. It may be virtual and real, blending with entities. For example, shopping online may return to offline in the future. We can solve it through some key terminals. If we think further, maybe I am a contact lens, but maybe the contact lens has many functions. What I see may be true or false. In fact, it is a process of complete integration, but why is it multidimensional? For example, I want to choose the content I want to see or the category of industry I want to see. I want to buy things. Maybe all I see in my eyes is the advertising information of shops or businesses. Maybe I want to exercise, the information will be different, but it must be a thing that blends with each other online and offline, rather than wearing a helmet, Lie in bed and feel the happiness of the virtual world.

There are some limitations to this virtual metaverse. When it comes to this virtual world, you may think it is a fake world, but in fact, the future metaverse may collapse. Since it is called the universe, it is the same as our real universe. Your work, life, shopping and emotion are integrated into it, which is a complete system. It may be to make better use of the current space. For example, our advertisements were pasted on advertising signs before. Maybe we were suspended on a building or a hot-air balloon advertisement. It may be a consumer product that is more diversified and makes better use of the current actual space. Now we are shopping online. An obvious disadvantage is that we can’t see or touch this product, Of course, now we are also discussing the combination of online and offline. After we experience offline, we can buy online. It is disjointed.

For example, if we can present a lady who wants to buy clothes in the future, then go into a store where she can try on clothes, and then see if it fits, is spacious and beautiful like in our traditional world, but she can have more choices when she wears this contact lens. For example, after knowing her dressing habits and seeing her choices, In the glasses, she will recommend some more clothes to her. Maybe after reading the clothes that cannot be presented on the shelf, she may directly and seamlessly receive a virtual e-commerce purchase. After she is optimistic about the clothes, the virtual digital twins can try on the clothes, which also facilitates the trouble of changing clothes. This article is originally written by “metaverse business information”. Please pay attention to more in-depth interpretation of metaverse.