Chen Gen: the essence of metaverse is just a derivative of digital twins

Wen / Chen Gen

It can be said that the technology closest to metaverse is digital twin, or digital twin is the technology closest to understanding metaverse. Objectively speaking, without the term metaverse, will it still develop according to the established technical route in the future? Or will the future technology route change due to the arrival of metaverse? Not really. Metaverse is essentially just a conceptual term about the future. With or without this term, technology is still developing according to its own track.

If there is no metaverse today, perhaps we will define the future as the era of digital twins. From the perspective of digital twin technology itself, what it solves is the digitization of the physical entity world, which can be understood as the mirror image of the real physical entity world. Today, a large part of us do not know about digital twins, just because this technology is too professional. At first, it was only used by NASA and the US Department of defense. It can be said that it is a very advanced and highly confidential technology.

As for the specific situation of digital twin technology, I will not discuss it here. If you are interested, you can buy the book “digital twin” written by me to have a specific understanding of the technology.

Although digital twin technology began to be used in the civil field in recent years, it is still not well known. However, digital twin technology can be said to be the most core and basic technology to build the metaverse we are talking about today. For example, we are familiar with the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the Vulcan mountain and Raytheon mountain hospitals built at an amazing speed during the epidemic in Wuhan, and the magical precise prevention and control means during the epidemic prevention in Shanghai, which are inseparable from the application of digital twin technology.

Including the strength of American aerospace technology and military technology, which we can see, are inseparable from the support of digital twin technology. At present, the United States has been paying attention to and using digital twin technology to build the future battlefield, not only using digital twin technology to help technology research and development, but also using digital twin technology to build and carry out battlefield training and management.

At present, instead of spending too much time discussing this nihilistic metaverse concept, we might as well calm down and develop our digital twin technology first. The development of digital twin technology, at least at present, has a decisive impact on the improvement and management of China’s military scientific research ability, the improvement of aerospace technology, the improvement of urban management ability, and the implementation of internet medical treatment.

That is to say, today, even without the concept of metaverse, with the help of digital twin city and the construction of digital Twin Earth, under the development, breakthrough and superposition of multiple cutting-edge technologies, it will naturally develop in the direction of superposition of real physical world and virtual digital twin world in the future.

Therefore, at present, we may not focus on the grand story narrative metaverse concept in the past, but on the digital twin technology that is promoting the construction of the superimposed society of future reality and virtual reality. At present, the metaverse we are talking about is essentially a derivative of the digital Twin Earth and a derivative of the digital twin technology.