Start a business in metaverse with a high salary? Wanxing technology unveiled at Alibaba cloud peak will release heavy information

Start a business in metaverse with a high salary? Wanxing technology unveiled at Alibaba cloud peak will release heavy information

2022-03-25  20: 23 Sina Guangdong review (participation)

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Last month, the high-profile 2022 Alibaba cloud Guangdong summit · Internet sub forum was held in Guangzhou, Yangcheng. Many celebrities attending the meeting shared their new thoughts on the development of the industry under the current situation at home and abroad.

Under the wave of metaverse, Gu Chengfang, vice president of Wanxing Technology (300624. SZ), was specially invited to give a keynote speech on “embracing the new era of Creator economy”.

《拥抱创作者经济新时代》主题演讲现场 《拥抱创作者经济新时代》主题演讲现场

Gu Chengfang pointed out that in the era of metaverse, the creator economy is the key element of metaverse. The creative economy layer represented by digital creative software and creative resources such as audio and video and image processing, design tools and collaboration tools will bear the historical task of building “metaverse”. In such an era, as the enabler of metaverse digital creativity, Wanxing technology is committed to building the first share of China’s creator economy and actively embracing a new era driven by creators, CO creation, sharing and co governance.

Actively embrace the new era of Creator economy

With the change of media technology, the content has evolved from the graphic era to the current video era. In the foreseeable future, a new metaverse era is coming. With the change of the form of creative media, the content of creators will also change greatly.

With the sharp slowdown in the growth of Internet users, the traffic bottleneck has been highlighted, and the quality of the content itself has attracted more and more attention. The trend of content being king is irreplaceable. At present, the demand for high-quality creators on major platforms has soared, and more and more ordinary creators have begun to transform to professional creators. They urgently need more tools and resources to assist creation. Gu Chengfang pointed out that under such an opportunity, the creator economy came into being.

数字化信息通讯技术发展的四阶段 数字化信息通讯技术发展的四阶段

Gu Chengfang said that the industry usually divides metaverse into seven layers: experience, discovery, creator economy, spatial computing, decentralization, human-computer interaction and infrastructure.

Among them, the creator economy is an ecological system. In addition to the basic support, it also includes things in the experience layer. This highly interactive system can not only see more diversified content, but also see the interaction between users and creators, especially based on the interactive relationship between transactions.

Metaverse概念的7个层级 Metaverse概念的7个层级

Based on the creation in metaverse era, Gu Chengfang mentioned a new concept – meta creation. He believes that meta creation is Web3 Some forms of creation under the concept of metaverse in the 0 era, including key elements such as identity identification system, creation borderless and organization. In the metaverse era, the creation space and technical standards will have a great impact, and the creation content will become more complex, which also needs more complex creation tools and special effects resources to cooperate.

Empowering global creators with ecological services

Based on the important historical opportunity of metaverse, Wanxing technology is also anchoring the “creator economy” and enabling creators in multiple dimensions. Wanxing technology’s resource effects, audio and video and image processing, collaboration tools and other related products are just important productivity and creativity tools for metaverse’s creative economy.

In addition to targeting in the strategic direction, since last year, Wanxing technology has also made a series of forward-looking layout in the direction of products, technology, resources and industrial ecology.

In terms of product technology, Wanxing technology actively explores the realization of 3D model design and rendering technology, mobile capture AI technology and GaN based network image generation technology with the help of cloud services provided by Alibaba cloud. The function of “virtual human demonstration” has been realized from “virtual human demonstration” to “virtual human demonstration”.

In terms of resources, the company’s self built large multinational creative design team continues to output high-quality special effects resources. At the same time, its digital creative resources cloud platform Wondershare filmstock is committed to building a huge “digital raw material factory” and continuously integrating global high-quality creators to empower users through opening and upgrading. In addition, the company has reached cooperation with dozens of top original material companies in the world, and the special effect resources have reached 100000 particles. In 2021, the revenue of Wanxing technology video creative resources exceeded US $10 million.

In terms of industrial ecology, Wanxing technology was invited to become a member of China Mobile metaverse Industrial Committee. On January 22, Wanxing technology was also rated as an outstanding enterprise of metaverse construction together with Tencent, Alibaba, byte beat and other enterprises. It is understood that in the first half of this year, Wanxing technology will also jointly host the “Yuelu summit metaverse forum” with industry partners.

It is noteworthy that in order to better gather talents for the future, Wanxing technology also widely issued “hero posts” and issued the slogan of “starting a business with a high salary”, looking for internal entrepreneurial partners all over the world.

万兴科技诚征内部创业事业合伙人 万兴科技诚征内部创业事业合伙人

In the form of entrepreneurship, excellent candidates will be responsible for the formation and full operation of the team as the head of the business division / Studio. In entrepreneurial cities, entrepreneurs can choose the cities where Wanxing technology operation center is located, such as Shenzhen, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Zhengzhou and Beijing. In the direction of entrepreneurship, it covers the fields of 3D / VR / video creative software / animation design / investment / product growth.

Different from previous recruitment, Wanxing technology creates a low-risk and high return entrepreneurship 3.0 innovation model with both “high salary” and “partnership entrepreneurship”, so that excellent candidates can not only realize their entrepreneurial dreams, but also enjoy supporting incentives such as high salary and equity. Nowadays, the popular “hero posts” of Wanxing technology can be seen in Entrepreneurship parks such as Shenzhen and Changsha, and even online communities and circles of friends.

Wanxing technology, founded in 2003, has a number of popular products at home and abroad, with a total of 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Gu Chengfang pointed out at the summit that metaverse is the last stop of the migration of human spiritual civilization. He said that Wanxing technology is providing more complete ecological services for creators through the empowerment of creative tools and the accumulation of resource platform strength. He also looks forward to witnessing metaverse’s new home with you in the future.

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