More than 20 metaverse enterprises have established an innovation alliance in Nansha

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More than 20 metaverse enterprises have established an innovation alliance in Nansha

2022-03-25  18: 31 government website comments (participation)

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Our reporter (correspondent Luo Ruixian) on the morning of March 25, Guangzhou metaverse innovation alliance, jointly sponsored by chenjing technology, Netease intelligent enterprise, Sanqi mutual entertainment, jiudi digital, DaXiZhou and other units, was established in Nansha chuangxiang Bay. Wang Guilin, vice chairman of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and director of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Dong Ke, head of Nansha District, Weng Shuwu, chairman of Nansha District Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, Liu Quanbao, second level inspector of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Xie Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nansha Development Zone, Ma Jiehong, deputy head of Nansha District, as well as representatives of more than 20 alliance member units, experts and scholars such as GAC group and Xunfei University of science and technology attended the event. The establishment of Guangzhou metaverse innovation alliance has launched the “first shot” of Guangzhou in the “metaverse track”, which will inject new vitality into Guangzhou’s accelerated construction of a global digital economy benchmark city and an international consumption center city. The settlement of the alliance in Nansha fully reflects the recognition and support of member units for Nansha. Members of the alliance put forward suggestions on the spot to grasp innovation opportunities, climb the peak of science and technology, solve development problems and lead the healthy and rapid development of metaverse.

In his speech, Wang Guilin, vice chairman of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, warmly congratulated the establishment of the “Guangzhou metaverse innovation alliance”, pointing out that the establishment of the alliance is a model of mutual coordination between effective markets and promising governments, marking the acceleration of the layout of metaverse industry in Guangzhou and seizing the commanding height of metaverse industry development. It is expected that the member units of the alliance will actively cooperate and support each other, continuously contribute their wisdom to the metaverse industry in Guangzhou, continue to promote the key core technology research of metaverse, and realize the promotion and application of typical cases of metaverse.

2021 is considered the first year of metaverse. Well known enterprises at home and abroad have laid out this new track one after another. Internationally, Google, apple, BMW and other companies have carried out practical applications of industry and technology in their respective fields. In China, Huawei, Tencent, byte beat, Alibaba and other companies are also accelerating the layout and taking positive actions in hardware technology, game industry, virtual social networking, chip, 5g and so on.

In Nansha, “metaverse” is not just an idea, but a reality that has been gradually implemented. Xie Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nansha Development Zone, pointed out in his speech that Nansha’s digital economy has a strong development momentum and has built a perfect digital ecology. Qingsheng artificial intelligence value innovation park is recognized as one of the first five provincial artificial intelligence industrial parks, gathering more than 300 artificial intelligence enterprises, cultivating Unicorn enterprises such as Yuncong technology and Xiaoma Zhixing, as well as excellent enterprises such as chenjing technology as the initiator of the alliance, It has laid a solid foundation for the development of metaverse industry. Guangzhou metaverse innovation alliance settled in Nansha at the right time. It is expected that the alliance will speed up the building of high-end, professional and substantive bridges for the development of metaverse industry, and promote Guangzhou and Nansha to build a highland of Dawan district and even the national metaverse industrial chain system.

Chenjing technology, located in Nansha District, is one of the sponsors of this alliance. This high-tech company, which was established in 2019, focuses on the research and development of the next generation of full 3D operating system and computing platform with spatial intelligence as the core. Hu Wen, the founder of the enterprise, told reporters that they established China’s first space intelligence demonstration zone in Nansha, the first city level mirror world, and the first company in China to establish strategic cooperative relations with mobile phone manufacturers and mainframe manufacturers at the same time. At present, chenjing technology has two main products put into use: one is the mirror world of urban underground pipe network. If road builders wear glasses, they can clearly see the natural gas, hydropower and other pipe networks under the road, and the mirror image is completely consistent with the actual situation. In this way, they can bypass some pipe network systems for excavation, avoiding the trouble of cutting off water and electrical pipelines. The other is applied to Xiaohu Island chemical zone. Wearing glasses, you can directly “see through” the contents, temperature, humidity and pH value of each chemical storage tank. The technology in the film matrix can be realized in Nansha.

Peng Shunfeng, one of the sponsors of the alliance and President of Guangzhou DaXiZhou Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out in an interview that it is planned to establish a metaverse application demonstration center and metaverse base in Nansha, integrate national policies, national innovation laboratory, innovation capital and other forces, and establish a metaverse industrial economic belt with Nansha as the core.

After “artificial intelligence”, metaverse has become another hot pastry pursued by capital. How can metaverse effectively support the development of real economy?

Guangzhou metaverse innovation alliance proposes that the establishment of the alliance aims to comprehensively improve the strategy, systematicness and synergy of metaverse industry, accelerate the implementation of industrial metaverse, commercial metaverse, financial metaverse, educational metaverse, cultural metaverse and great health metaverse, and jointly build a metaverse consensus circle. Metaverse business should be based on serving the real economy and resolutely resist capital speculation using metaverse hot concept.

Hu Xiangang, executive deputy director of the lab and vice president of Metaverse Research Institute, told reporters that the establishment of Guangzhou Metaverse innovation alliance is conducive to the formation of consensus and the cooperation between industry and innovation. It helps promote the long-term healthy and prosperous development of the industry and the market. The first step to prevent bubbles is to identify which Metaverse technologies are genuine and what speculation and speculation are.

List of members of the Alliance (in no order)

I. list of sponsors (5)

Guangzhou chenjing Technology Co., Ltd

Netease Zhiqi Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Sanqi mutual Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou jiudi Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou DaXiZhou Technology Co., Ltd

II. List of member units (18)

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd

IFLYTEK South China Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Jinke Culture Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Ruifeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Jiadu Technology Software Development Co., Ltd

Zhongke Zhicheng (Guangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong South China Technology Transfer Center Co., Ltd

Guangdong Fangwei Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Ruyuan Holding Group Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Keyes Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Jushan Software Development Co., Ltd

Guangdong Aofei Data Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Nansha Kejin Holding Group Co., Ltd

Yuncong Technology Group Co., Ltd

Xinghai international cultural tourism (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Huo Yingdong Research Institute of Guangzhou Hong Kong University of science and technology

Guangzhou Intelligent Software Industry Research Institute

Guangzhou Software Application Technology Research Institute


Publisher: ccpublished on metaverse Sina Chinese on March 25, 2022