Soul is committed to creating a safe and warm social network, and metaverse resolutely resists illegal acts of online fraud

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of online fraud by criminals through social platforms has had a negative impact on the development of green security of the Internet. As a social paradise of generation Z, soul has always put users’ information security in a prominent position. By constantly improving its own risk control mechanism, soul has strengthened prevention and attack, and effectively helped users reduce social security risks. At the same time, soul also actively responded to the call for action of Qinglang and coordinated the forces of all social parties to form a joint strike force, which was recognized by users and relevant departments.

Establish an effective risk control mechanism and create a green and safe network environment

In the process of exploring a more effective and rigorous risk control system, soul has continuously optimized prevention and attack measures, used big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to detect and accurately crack down on fraud activities in real time, sought to bring multiple security protection to users, and accurately identified text, voice, image, video and other media content containing sensitive words, so as to provide support for full link risk control. According to the data, soul anti fraud Center won 1.05 million titles in 2021, focusing on the network security of 250000 users through six strong wind control technical means and more than 500 scenarios.

Spread diversified anti fraud security knowledge and help users improve their awareness of prevention

In addition to the improvement and upgrading of risk control mechanism, the improvement of users’ own prevention awareness is also an indispensable link in the construction of Internet security. Based on this, soul continues to improve users’ safety awareness and prevention ability through interesting diversified safety education forms. For newly registered users, the platform system will automatically push the “star anti fraud guide” to popularize anti fraud knowledge in the form of graphics and cases. During the chat process, if users receive sensitive information such as “transfer” and “Alipay”, the Soul notification bar will have corresponding anti fraud reminders. Users can click on the reminder to understand the form of network fraud, and then check the common forms of deception. In order to better popularize security knowledge to users, soul has also set up a fraud prevention publicity and help account of “soul anti fraud center”, regularly publicize the closure and punishment of illegal accounts, introduce various typical fraud cases, summarize the current common forms of fraud, and provide users with anti fraud advice. While improving users’ anti fraud security awareness, further mobilize users’ initiative to participate in anti fraud.

Star fraud prevention guide in soul space station

Soul automatically pops up anti fraud warning

Soul set up online fraud tips

Strengthen multi-party cooperation to escort Qinglang’s social space

Fraud is a social problem that needs the full cooperation of the whole society. In order to create a clean and positive online social environment, soul actively coordinated various forces to participate in the anti fraud camp. By inviting the “most beautiful anti fraud propagandist” in Shanghai to a group chat party on the platform, soul answered questions and dispelled doubts for users in the interaction, interpreted anti fraud cases from the perspective of young people, and effectively strengthened users’ memory. At the same time, soul also cooperated with Shanghai network security to establish an anti fraud model, continuously improve the crackdown and effectively enhance the effect of prevention and governance.

Anti fraud propagandist visits soul group chat party

Soul anti fraud center account number

Soul lock danger dialog

The construction of Qinglang cyberspace is inseparable from the effective governance mechanism of joint prevention and control. Soul has always adhered to the attitude of zero tolerance for illegal acts and actively invested in the base camp of fraud prevention and anti fraud. Soul will also continue to earnestly fulfill the social responsibility of the platform, continue to strengthen the crackdown on black and gray products, and create a safer and warmer social environment for users.