Towards metaverse’s super HR, a necessary digital human resource tool — borje DHR SaaS

I. HR digitization process

With the continuous iteration and evolution of digital transformation of human resources in recent years, let’s first review the whole digital development process of HR:

In the era of 1.0, the digitization of human resources can be summarized as Excel, which is mainly a personnel information system based on recording personnel data;

In the era of 2.0, the digitization of human resources is summarized as EHR, which is a human resources management system focusing on the business management of HR department. The era of 2.0 is still manual to online transportation, which is more called electronization, or just transferring paper to system, without much change in process and thinking. However, with the promotion of enterprise digital transformation, we find that in recent years, the traditional EHR can not meet the needs of HR itself and the company’s requirements for the work of HR department.

In the 3.0 era, by means of new technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, we have opened up various scene modules such as organization, people, affairs and business, and completed the reform of organization mode and management mode. Digital human resource management (DHR), which aims at “intelligent collaboration, empowering employees and activating the organization”, continues to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of human resource management.

II. Difficulties encountered by enterprises in development

With the rapid development of the enterprise, 80% of HR’s energy is consumed in the service function, and the most valuable management function and business function for the development of the enterprise are weakened.

III. solution – DHR SaaS system

Borje digital technology group has been deeply involved in the human resources industry for more than 10 years. With the vision of “leading digital business and creating new manpower”, it has launched a composite employment management cloud platform DHR SaaS system, which covers the whole life cycle of full-time employees (including organization management, recruitment management, personnel management, contract management, salary and tax management, social security management and other human resources core modules), Meet the complex management rules and process settings of enterprises, help enterprises standardize processes and improve management efficiency. Based on data, realize data-driven and help realize the digital transformation of human resource management.

  (复合用工管理云平台——DHR SaaS系统 功能图示) (composite employment management cloud platform – functional diagram of DHR SaaS system)

1. Organization and management

• organization control: visual multi-dimensional organization structure control, combined with the post authority control system of fine organization, flexible allocation of management rights and multi-level departments to meet multi-type and multi-level multi-dimensional organization management

• overall situation of the organization: in the organization list, the personnel, attendance, salary, social security, changes and other information can be seen at a glance. The management can timely understand the overall situation of the organization and master the overall information at first hand. Help enterprises realize the informatization and transparency of personnel management, tap internal high-quality talents and revitalize internal human resources

• organizational development: rapid response to organizational change, rapid drag and drop adjustment of organizational addition, merger, change, revocation and other changes. The organization’s growth timeline is fully recorded and traceable to control the organization’s change process.

2. Recruitment of ATS

• recruitment ATS cloud based recruitment solution combines recruitment plan management, recruitment channel management, recruitment process management, applicant tracking, candidate relationship management and recruitment result analysis into a system solution to realize omni-channel aggregation management, whole process visualization analysis and omni-directional intelligent processing

• it is directly connected to the nine mainstream recruitment websites, and guides the intellectualization of the whole recruitment process through one key post release, one key resume acquisition, intelligent resume analysis, data drilling, embedded job seeker tracking and intelligent resume screening, and establishes job seeker files to provide recruiters with a comprehensive and operable job seeker information

• embedded talent pool enables recruiters to easily contact active or past candidates. Using existing talent resources can reduce recruitment expenses and cultivate enthusiastic candidates who are familiar with the brand.

• recruitment ATS provides enterprises with a multi-channel recruitment supplier procurement platform, which can access more than 500 supplier resources in more than 20 cities, greatly increasing the number and diversity of candidate channels.

3. Personnel management

• quickly generate QR code, scan code and collect information. Employees scan code and fill in data by themselves, and collect information quickly

Fast checking of information, name, ID number, bank card number system check check, support large-scale concurrent.

• mobile phone, automatic information update, automatic information management

• seamlessly connect modules such as pre employment system and recruitment management system to realize closed-loop data and process

• one stop online processing of employee “transfer in and transfer out” transactions, dynamic update of change information and intelligent association.

• quickly handle the personnel transfer, position change, on-the-job status change and other businesses of employees.

• clearly understand the number of employees, the number of employees, the number of dismissals, and the relevant data of the ranking project personnel;

4. Contract management

5. Social security management

• it has a cloud social security policy database covering more than 400 cities, online query of social security schemes, support of complex social security calculation, automatic calculation of national cities, automatic synchronization of social security policies, and flexible configuration according to the project. After the social security policy is adjusted, the annual employee base adjustment process is automatically triggered

• standardized online management of insurance payment information: online audit management of increase and decrease information; Module linkage automatic calculation, linkage salary calculation, and automatic generation of social security monthly statement to avoid errors, and the increase and decrease data are clear at a glance

• intelligent bill generation: automatic generation of payable bill, paid in bill and difference bill, worry free reconciliation of Finance and personnel, and multi-dimensional human social security cost report

6. Salary and tax management

• unified management of groups and multiple legal entities, support multiple tax reporting entities (multiple withholding agents) and multiple tax returns

• the HR department handles the whole process without financial intervention, and intelligently calculates the individual income tax according to the salary

• you can set a variety of salary and commission structures, and quickly customize salary calculation rules by using the methods of “drag and drop”, “addition, subtraction, multiplication and division”

• get through the super online banking of many banks, realize one click distribution, avoid inter-bank transfer payment service fees, automatically compare the salary card information of the system, and verify the name cards simultaneously

• directly connected to the tax system to obtain the special deduction data of individual income tax app in batch, so as to realize the linkage of automatic query, calculation, tax declaration, payment and distribution;

• highly automated processing, one click payment after tax declaration; Tax calculation logic, real-time synchronization policy, cumulative withholding, complex payroll tax calculation accuracy of 99.9%

V. mobile terminal – Employee Assistant app

At the same time, three kinds of mobile terminals can be provided for customers to choose (APP / Applet / enterprise wechat), and the front and back terminals can be linked to realize mobile office, online application and approval, and personal information (contract, salary, social security, etc.) can be queried at any time. The position information can also be synchronized to the mobile terminal, which can realize the position push function and push it to the external social platform

Vi. DHR SaaS system – technical capability

SaaS + apaas + ipaas can meet the flexible customization and efficient docking needs of enterprise customers in terms of organizational structure management and employment structure management, link business data with labor cost, help enterprises dynamically optimize employment structure, save labor cost and improve labor efficiency.

PAAS technology, which is famous for its agility, is the bottom layer, providing customers with low code or even zero code development ability, flexible customization, efficient docking, and one-stop solution to enterprise digitization problems; With SaaS as the top layer, it has complete functions, and the data of each module is flexibly linked in the system. It is no longer a data island. All data are left in series, providing objective and comprehensive data support for enterprise decision-making.

VII. DHR SaaS system – BI data analysis

The powerful manpower data center not only provides multi-dimensional classic statistical charts, but also supports administrators to customize statistics to meet the statistical needs of all-round and multi conditions. It also has powerful intelligent analysis function to help managers deeply diagnose talent and organizational problems.

The DHR SaaS system of borje digital technology group helps enterprises realize the informatization and transparency of personnel management, tap internal high-quality talents, revitalize internal human resources, centrally solve personnel work, manage personnel, organization, attendance, salary and performance, efficiently realize financial and administrative management, reduce work processes, and improve the operation efficiency of enterprises. At the same time, DHR SaaS can also reduce the cost of enterprises.

With the gradual increase of the scale of the enterprise, the number of personnel to be managed and the number of affairs to be handled are also gradually increasing. At this time, the enterprise needs the assistance of an efficient human resource system to bring better benefits to the enterprise.

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