Launch your metaverse ezvr virtual space platform

In the global post epidemic era, vr virtual space service has entered people’s vision as a new form of business communication. Horizon workrooms of Facebook and Microsoft mesh for Microsoft teams have successively started to provide virtual office services. Hangzhou virtual human technology also completed the development of the first version of ezvr virtual space service platform in March 2022.

Ezvr is a metaverse space solution product for enterprise business communication and marketing. Compared with other online conference and Exhibition applications, ezvr pays more attention to the business communication and demonstration exhibition experience of virtual space.

Ezvr supports customized enterprise metaverse scenes and enterprise exclusive avatar. Users can explain in the enterprise virtual conference room with PPT and write presentations on the whiteboard. Users can be brought into the 360 panoramic scene to introduce the real scene and products of the enterprise to users through VR online voice action.

In addition, ezvr provides a variety of business activity scenes such as enterprise metaverse press conference, Product Expo and art exhibition to meet the demonstration needs of enterprise online business activities. Enterprises can design more unique and novel booth effects in the virtual space to demonstrate products. Users can quickly browse and select goods in the virtual Expo Hall and conduct “face-to-face” real-time voice action communication with VR exhibitors thousands of miles away.

Thanks to the maturity of virtual space technology and equipment, ezvr has successfully realized the virtual experience of large-scale multi person event exhibition space through continuous technical iteration and scene reconstruction test, making immersive exhibition possible.

Compared with live conference tools, the virtual space service platform not only meets the basic voice and video information transmission function, but also adds immersive virtual theme scene experience and real-time action language interaction, which can carry out more vivid and complete information transmission.

Ezvr has the cross end interaction function of virtual space. You can use mobile phones and computers to access virtual space at the same time. You can also access it through oculus quest2, pico neo3, HTC vive and other VR devices, so that you can access metaverse space at any time and place. It is suitable for daily business scenes such as conferences, exhibitions, business reception and product release of enterprise metaverse.

Hangzhou virtual human Technology Co., Ltd. has joined Harvard innovation laboratory in February 22. Combined with the development of virtual space technology at home and abroad, we will provide vr virtual campus space technology support free of charge to domestic schools with virtual reality laboratories and virtual reality majors. For details, please contact us for technical discussion and cooperation.

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