Chen Gen: Huike metaverse education experience is just another name for VR

Wen Chen / Gen Chen

On March 22, sponsored by China education innovation school enterprise alliance and hosted by Huike group, the “metaverse ignited Education Innovation Forum and Huike metaverse education experience center” was unveiled. Experts from education and industry jointly discuss the development trend of metaverse cutting-edge technology, and show metaverse + educational scientific and technological achievements and their applications in different scenarios.

According to Yue Xiwei, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Huike group, metaverse education experience center is jointly built by Huike, Kaike bar and Shangdong digital valley. Huike group is building a platform to cooperate with many universities to develop a variety of immersive resources, so that the industry and education can jointly promote the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

Relying on virtual simulation space and 5g live broadcasting system, Huike metaverse education experience center integrates art and technology to realize intelligent application scenarios, and is committed to creating an immersive live experience of science and technology education. Based on teaching and artificial intelligence, Internet of things, human-computer interaction, cloud computing and other technologies, combined with digital twin technology and vr virtual reality technology, it will bring immersion experience and high-end display effects in different scenes.

Metaverse education experience center has put forward that under the tide of metaverse, the concept of touching porcelain metaverse is always afraid that it is small and always blows in the big direction. It’s a bit embarrassing for an education company to talk about establishing metaverse education experience center. At present, there is no way to explain what metaverse is. At the level of industrial technology, there are still ways to build the technology needed by metaverse.

The progress of science and technology can not be achieved by sports, word making or touching porcelain, nor can it be achieved by holding a press conference and shouting a slogan of metaverse. The realization of technology requires real research and development. Only with a large amount of capital and human investment for decades like Huawei can we make a little breakthrough and precipitation in technology.

The metaverse education experience center, introduced by Yue Xiwei, the current co-founder, chairman and CEO of Huike group, is essentially a VR education scene. Objectively speaking, even the real educational scene of VR is still difficult to build. On the one hand, VR display technology itself is not perfect and is still in development. On the other hand, the educational content based on VR is not perfect. An education company that can’t even do a good job in real VR education calls metaverse education experience center for courage.

Do solid work to prosper the country, and slogans will harm the country. In the face of metaverse, we need to treat the science and technology industry with awe and face the actual situation of our industry with a pragmatic attitude, rather than chasing the hot concept of science and technology and sticking it to ourselves.