To do the vocational education of talents needed for the development of metaverse industry? Kede Education said: there is no landing project for the time being

Original title: to do the vocational education of talents needed for the development of metaverse industry? Kede Education: no landing project

Every reporter Cheng Ya & nbsp;

On the evening of March 23, Kede Education (300192, SZ) announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with aerospace cloud Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aerospace cloud) to establish a strategic partnership.

Kede Education said that the company will explore the teaching services of modern vocational skills and qualification certification training such as industrial Internet, cloud computing, industrial big data, artificial intelligence and industrial robots, form the vocational education of metaverse industrial field development and talents needed by the country in the future, develop in a high-quality and multi-level direction, and help to enhance the company’s core competitiveness and sustainable development ability.

Among them, the statement that the company intends to “form a vocational education for metaverse industrial development and talents needed by the country in the future” also attracted attention. On March 24, the reporter of “daily economic news” called the listed company as an investor. According to the staff of Kede education and securities department, at present, the two sides have only signed the framework agreement, the specific products and services are only the intentional direction, and the specific project arrangement will follow in the later stage.

“What does metaverse industry specifically mean? Because there are no projects yet, it just means that there may be some in-depth cooperation in these fields. Because we will also keep up with the policy and development trend.” The other party said.

It will not have a significant impact on this year’s performance

The cooperative object of Kede education this time, aerospace cloud network, is a high-tech Internet enterprise jointly invested and established by China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. and its affiliated units.

Kede Education said that in order to implement the national policy of vigorously developing vocational education, based on the principle of “complementary resources, mutual support, aggregation of industries and promotion of sharing”, the two sides intend to establish a strategic partnership to give full play to the development, operation and maintenance ability of Kede education in the field of vocational education and the industrial aggregation ability of aerospace cloud network in the field of industrial Internet, so as to achieve win-win cooperation in the integration of industry and education.

Codd’s goal of education is to build Internet plus intelligent manufacturing center for ecological construction of aerospace cloud network, based on the energy center of the space cloud network that has been built. The two sides integrate their respective resources and jointly promote the “cloud +5G”. The contents of the cooperation include the joint construction of the space cloud network, the “industrial Internet plus intelligent manufacturing +5G” talent empowerment center, the construction of the aerospace cloud network industry, the internet modern industrial college and the construction of the aerospace cloud network production and teaching integration product system.

At the same time, Kede Education said that this cooperation is conducive to achieving mutual benefit and win-win, promoting the company’s business development, and enhancing the company’s overall competitiveness and profitability. The signing of the strategic agreement will not have a significant impact on the company’s financial status and operating performance in 2022, but the specific implementation of the agreement will help the further expansion and improvement of the company’s business and operating performance, and will have a positive impact on the company’s development.

Provision for impairment of large amount goodwill

In the announcement, Kede Education said that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement is an important embodiment of the company’s strategic layout of vocational education. It is based on the academic education of Vocational and technical schools, the education and training required in emerging industries strongly supported by the state, a vertical professional and modern high-tech Vocational Education system, and a strong expansion in content, training and in line with the forefront of social development, Become a listed company in line with the professionalization of vocational education advocated by the state.

According to the previous announcement of the listed company, the company currently mainly provides vocational academic education and re reading business for students in the non compulsory stage, and vocational education will become the company’s main business in the future. According to the published policies, the company’s business is limited by industrial policies.

On January 21, Kodak Education released the performance forecast for 2021. In 2021, Kede education realized an operating revenue of 850 million yuan to 870 million yuan, a loss of 383 million yuan to 483 million yuan in net profit attributable to the parent, and a loss of 385 million yuan to 485 million yuan in non net profit deducted.

Among them, for the change of performance, Kede Education said that the expected loss of net profit attributable to the parent company is mainly due to the great uncertainty faced by the business operation related to K12 under the influence of the “double reduction policy”, and the provision for the impairment of goodwill related to it is made, as well as the possible disposal and other losses of K12 related business in the future, resulting in the loss of operating performance of this year. Other non k12 education business and printing ink business of the company operate normally.

Specifically, Kede education expects the future profitability of the asset group portfolio of the company’s subsidiary Shaanxi Longmen Education Technology Co., Ltd. to decline. Therefore, it plans to make provision for impairment of relevant goodwill arising from the acquisition of the above asset group portfolio in 2017. It is expected to make provision for impairment of goodwill of 420 million yuan to 520 million yuan, and make provision for disposal of K12 related businesses and possible losses and expenses in the future.

In terms of future development, Kede Education said that on the basis of understanding the changes of industrial policies and market environment, the management expects that the operation of K12 discipline training business will face great uncertainty, and the relevant business income will decline significantly. The company actively supports national policies. At present, it is dealing with K12 extracurricular training and related teaching software business, and will no longer engage in K12 extracurricular training business in the future.

In terms of transformation, listed companies will focus on the development of modern vocational education, strive to build modern vocational education into the company’s pillar business, and provide all kinds of excellent senior vocational education and skilled talents for the society. In the previous announcement in response to the letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Kede education also mentioned that the company will continue to promote the comprehensive development of modern vocational education, the integration of vocational education and general education, and the integration of industry and education, and concentrate resources to focus on modern vocational education and talent training in national emerging industries.

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