Chen Gen: Qualcomm metaverse fund sees money and invisible R & D

Wen / Chen Gen

Recently, Qualcomm announced the establishment of a snapdragon metaverse fund with a total amount of up to US $100 million to invest in developers and enterprises building unique immersive XR experience and related core AR and AI technologies.

The fund plans to deploy funds by making venture capital investments in leading XR companies through Qualcomm venture capital and funding projects funded by Qualcomm technologies to build a developer ecosystem rich in XR experiences, including games, health, media, entertainment, education and enterprise applications.

“The groundbreaking platform technology and experience we provide will help consumers and enterprise customers build and integrate into metaverse, connecting the real world and the digital world. Qualcomm’s technology is the key to metaverse. Through Xiaolong metaverse fund, we look forward to enabling developers and enterprises of different sizes to create more possibilities when a new generation of spatial computing is launched,” said an Meng, President and CEO of Qualcomm

Qualcomm, a semiconductor enterprise unknown to smartphone manufacturers, is a very core enterprise. The vice president of Qualcomm said that Qualcomm’s technology is the key to metaverse, which is neither exaggerated nor exaggerated. Qualcomm is not only a key enterprise in the underlying technology chain of smart phones and mobile Internet in this era, but also continues to break through the chip problem of wearable devices through research and development.

As I mentioned before, smart wear is the key to metaverse. Without smart wear, we cannot effectively link people with metaverse, nor can we build an era of interconnection, interoperability and interaction between individuals and metaverse.

In the future era of mixed superposition of virtual and reality, Qualcomm’s strategic goal is still to occupy the core technology of the underlying industrial chain. The core reasons for Qualcomm’s establishment of metaverse fund are two points:

1. Comply with the public’s cognition of the concept of science and technology, that is, the current public’s cognition of future science and technology is called metaverse, so Qualcomm will use this concept to carry out its own exploration.

2. The metaverse fund set up by Qualcomm and the investment projects carried out by Qualcomm can be understood as R & D and exploration expenses. Because for Qualcomm, if it wants to continue to occupy the core position of the underlying technology in the future, it must carry out R & D and upgrading of relevant technologies according to future applications and changes. Then, by means of funds, participating in some enterprises that may represent the exploration of these cutting-edge business models in the future can obtain relevant consulting and demand ideas to the greatest extent.

So when we saw Qualcomm setting up the metaverse fund, what did we see? Are you continuing to revel for the term metaverse? Or did you see a crisis? And I saw the crisis. That is, the enterprises we are reveling in today, or some representatives and members, we have not really learned from American technology giants. We have not learned their pragmatic and innovative spirit.

In order to continue to occupy the core position of the underlying technology industry chain in the future, Qualcomm set up an investment fund of US $100 million to invest and explore related industries. Qualcomm’s business thinking and pragmatic exploration spirit are worth learning from all our enterprises. Without the support of the underlying core technology, we rely on the surface application of the Internet and are in a very fragile position in the competition in the era of science and technology.

Just like the current Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu,, pinduoduo, didi and Xiaomi, our share price is very fragile when these only have the surface business application mode without the real hard core technology of the underlying industrial chain.