Video | Tencent pays more attention to metaverse’s Quanzhen Internet, China carbon neutral’s first Carbon Asset NFT… | metaverse points north

What cutting-edge information does metaverse have on March 24?

Overseas, meta submitted eight trademark applications, involving encrypted transactions and blockchain software in metaverse. Amazon launched metaverse game AWS cloud quest. Japanese communication giant line will launch “line NFT” in NFT market. Texas A & amp; M University team proposed a new surface tactile technology, which may be used in metaverse.

In China, Ma Huateng, CEO of Tencent, said: “in terms of metaverse concept, we pay more attention to Quanzhen Internet.” Nearly 70000 people in ChinaJoy received the “ID card” of simetametaverse. China carbon neutral issued Carbon Asset NFT for the first time to support institutions, enterprises or individuals to purchase carbon asset NFT through the platform, so as to offset relevant emissions and realize carbon neutrality.

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