Zuckerberg’s “metaverse” advertising fantasy

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Zuckerberg, in order to be lazy, is nicknamed “Xiao Za”.

From a practical point of view, whether it is renamed meta or not, whether it is invested in metaverse or not, advertising is still the niche of Xiaozha’s business empire. But for Xiaozha, who has always had feelings, taking the advertising industry as an example, is it really just another cool way to do product publicity? From this, we may also explore the original meaning of metaverse.

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The essence of all things can be found in the process of development, because it is limited by preconditions, basic resources and logical causality. Now we are in the process of change. Maybe we can look at what happened in the advertising industry and see the real meaning of metaverse. We can see that both sci-fi gene game companies and traditional industry brand groups seem to be looking for a small foothold of metaverse and ready to move! Xiaoza stressed that the significance of metaverse lies in empowering the sense of brand existence, which may also be the driving force of many brands such as Nike, Disney and Gucci.

No matter how fantastic metaverse is described, the advertising industry still needs to return to the basic proposition: how to find a balance between the user experience and the effect of advertising? Is it just to add a towering billboard beside the virtual road in metaverse? Loop the content of the established plot shot in reality? This is obviously too childish.

Just as life seeks a way out, advertising, which is essentially information, is also breaking the boundary. From two-dimensional paper to sound waves, jump to three-dimensional images, and live among the world wide web. The phenomenon of sitting in front of the TV is no longer. In the future, it is the general trend to show the world with a thin head and interact with the world. Any aspiring enterprise brand does not want to miss this boundless virtual platform. In the past, the brand was more like a beautiful woman waiting to be invited at the ball, but now she shook her body with a smile and became an era girl who dared to “show herself” in the nightclub.

Imagine the virtual future. You foresee the virtual him / her. Ta (he / she) may be the idol of the times, the first lover who didn’t dare to express bravely, or the youth friend who lost contact for many years but has a lasting friendship. You and Ta live together in metaverse and witness each other’s spring, summer, joy and sorrow. Every moment of turning your eyes is carefully grasped for you, and you can get instant feedback from Ta every minute action.

He / she of metaverse, wearing nike shoes and shouting the slogan of just do it, plays a “number one player” plot competitive game with you in the virtual Disney metaverse park. On the occasion of the final separation, you are left with a wallet with Gucci Gold Logo. Love me, love me, and be romantic with TA. All kinds of deep interpersonal feelings in the plot have been achieved, and the brand idea has been implanted into my heart.

One turn and one close. In the interaction of metaverse, consumers may have fallen into brand stories and explore consumption. In the third quarter financial report exchange of Disney CEO Bob, there was a similar expression like the lines of the three body novel, to the effect that “reality will die out and the brand will live forever in metaverse.”

How big the real heart is, how big the world is!

[original meaning of metaverse]

For capital giants and brand oligarchs, metaverse may be less mysterious and more realistic. For technology enterprises such as elephant cloud, what they really think about is what is the real technical foundation and core advantage factor in the trend of high probability in the future, so as to invest in advance to prepare for a rainy day.

Metaverse is not a simple copy of reality, but its specific form can not be known, because human imagination is limited to the edge of the existing cognitive paradigm. But it is certain that the presentation of metaverse must be based on today’s technological changes. Can we spy on the common elements in today’s and future science and technology, so as to cultivate deeply for a long time to seize the opportunity?

Today, in the name of metaverse, the concept of science and technology is the most popular. Most of the people’s attention comes from the two camps of content and entrance. The former is like games and entertainment, while the latter is like wearing equipment and the starting price of platform entrance. For example, roblox is the most shining star in US stocks in 2021. Summing up the phenomenon, we can find that in many discussions, metaverse is still confined to the value dimension of “virtual service reality”, but does it really have to be so?

One of the core viewpoints of Israeli writer Yuval herali in a brief history of mankind is that the Internet and other means to break the circulation boundary of information will not benefit all living beings, but strengthen the definition of the monopoly and standard of resources by the head giant. The grass-roots people will need to find the spiritual sustenance behind the depressed figure in the real world in medicine and entertainment. When the reality is full of despair and depression, why not frame the meaning of life in metaverse?

Indeed, metaverse may not be simply another form of media carrier, but more accurately a self revolution of human society. When the logic of this dimension is established, virtual reality and reality will lose their primary and secondary ranking, and the restrictions of the laws of physics will be lifted. They will become the “self in the heart” at will, such as Marvel Superman painted by Stan Lee, Nezha in the East China Sea in the traditional myth, Jack Bauer in the American drama 24 hours, and Ekaterina, the Iron Lady of the Russian queen.

Materialistic dialectics is broken, and the idealistic self thinking is on the stage. But in the follow-up, we can imagine that there is only one celebrity identity. When the group plays together and appears in metaverse, how can the uniqueness of physical identity and the uniqueness of self demonstration be guaranteed? Don’t worry, the uniqueness of NFTs may fill this loophole – an irreplaceable experience with unique attributes in all dimensions.

Similar to NFTs, the uniqueness of data code will become the boundary line dividing us, and the integrity of data in basic stack and functional application will become the basis of all construction. The granularity of the data will be required to be as detailed as possible, because in this way, there is the possibility of free combination and matching according to the purpose and purpose. The so-called system is no longer a one-time delivery, but a continuous iterative update endowed with life. For the understanding and evidence of the significance of data granularity, I think the most obvious sign is the new interpretation and deployment of the “digital development” strategy by the Party Central Committee.

The question is, what kind of engine “heart” do we need to support multi-source heterogeneous massive data?

[elephant cloud · Conclusion]

Metaverse began with the 1992 novel avalanche of “reality refuge”, which was popular and renamed meta in 2020. But when is the real start? I think it is probably from the beginning of COVID-19’s global sweep. It seems to follow a certain purpose. When we shut down the physical world and face to face interaction, we open another window in virtual space and through space and time communication. The new crown in recent years not only stops the world, but also forces us to rethink the way of interaction, the meaning of life, the goal to follow and other key issues.

The initial definition of the meta universe comes more from the enjoyment margin of technological imagination and the instinctive sustenance of human beings to escape from dissatisfied reality. But in the final analysis, metaverse is likely to be a new dimension that we can’t imagine. Just as low-dimensional life can’t understand the logical existence of the three-dimensional world, maybe the final outcome will be unimaginable, just like Kafka’s novels are almost grotesque.

Today, Jing nonsense, from childhood to advertising, from advertising to metaverse, and from metaverse to technology trend, is our elephant cloud’s thinking on cutting-edge current affairs. Its purpose is still to urge us to get out of the mind box and guide our technology R & D and operation deployment.

The viewpoint may be fallacious, but the sincerity is absolutely full. Welcome criticism and correction and encourage you!