Sina’s focus game revenue accounts for 40% of the country. Guangzhou Tianhe will explore “metaverse” this year

In June 2018, Tianhe District of Guangzhou was recognized as the first batch of national cultural export bases. After nearly four years of construction and development, what achievements has the base achieved? On March 24, Yuan Xiaoyi, deputy head of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, introduced at the press conference that relying on five cultural industry areas, including Tianhe Software Park, Yangcheng Creative Industry Park, Tianhe Zhigu area, Zhujiang New Town Tianhe Road business district and Shahe area, Tianhe District has basically formed a new cultural and creative industry led by game animation, e-sports, digital music, creative design and other emerging cultural and creative industries, including performing arts, film and television The development pattern of cultural industry assisted by the development of traditional culture and entertainment industry such as book wholesale and retail.

“Among them, the game e-sports industry is our characteristic industry.” Yuan Xiaoyi introduced that Tianhe District is the largest game industry cluster in China, with a game industry revenue of more than 100 billion yuan, accounting for about 40% of the country. “Tianhe District is also a rare core area of e-sports industry with a whole industry chain in China. With the goal of building a world-class E-sports center in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay District, Tianhe District will accelerate the formation of a closed loop of e-sports industry and build a pan entertainment E-sports ecology integrating event holding, content production and entertainment experience.”

At the same time, Tianhe CBD was recognized as the national digital service export base by the Ministry of Commerce, the central network information office and the Ministry of industry and information technology in April 2020.

After nearly two years of construction and development, Tianhe central business district has formed two headquarters clusters of digital creativity and digital trade, and the export business of digital services is spread in 35 countries and regions around the world. Yangcheng creative park and its surrounding areas have formed a gathering effect of digital creative enterprises. Representative headquarters enterprises include kugou music, Lizhi network, Panax notoginseng entertainment, quwan, Tianwen Jiaochuan, etc. Zhujiang New Town gathers a number of digital trade headquarters enterprises with both characteristics and strength, which are typical representatives of offshore service outsourcing businesses such as Mars information, HSBC software and Citigroup finance.

Since winning the national title, Tianhe District’s culture and digital economy have achieved high-quality development through measures such as strengthening subject cultivation, policy support and professional services.

In terms of economic structure, at present, digital culture industry has become an important pillar industry for the economic development of Tianhe District. Tianhe District has 863 “four up” cultural industry legal entities, with an operating income of 19.1 billion yuan. Tianhe CBD has nearly 20000 digital service enterprises, more than 700 high-tech enterprises and an operating revenue of more than 60 billion yuan; In 2021, the added value of core industries of digital economy exceeded 54.5 billion yuan, accounting for 14.2% of the GDP of Tianhe central business district.

The main body of the market is growing, with bright spots and fruitful results.

Among the leading enterprises, Tianhe District is a leading telecommunications industry represented by provincial and municipal companies with four major operators of mobile, telecom, China Unicom and iron tower, listed enterprises of digital services such as Yunyou holdings and Jinyi film and television media, Netease group, Huiliang technology and other top 100 enterprises with comprehensive strength of China’s Internet in 2021, Sanqi mutual entertainment, Xinghui tiantuo Fantuo animation and other 8 enterprises were identified as national key cultural export enterprises in 2021-2022.

The “China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Festival” produced by globegroup ruidu has been selected as the key national cultural export projects for many years, and has become the pulsating wind vane of China’s documentary industry; Lizhi’s sea going product Tiya is committed to meeting the real-time online social needs of users, and users have been in more than 200 countries and regions.

Yuan Xiaoyi said that in the future, Tianhe District will solidly promote the construction of the national cultural export base and the national digital service export base through a series of measures such as introducing education, gathering and developing, perfecting the rule system, giving full play to professional strength and increasing publicity and promotion.

“At the first mock exam, we will focus on Metaverse to upgrade the game industry and use the core elements of immersive interaction experience, reliable economic system, virtual human identity and social networking, open content creation to achieve the new game format of virtual reality symbiosis, and consolidate the advantage of the Internet plus sports + sports entertainment experience. Yuan Xiaoyi introduced that Tianhe District will comprehensively deepen the pilot of innovative development of service trade in Guangzhou, strive to create a leading demonstration area of digital trade, form a new driving force of high-quality development, provide strong support for the construction of Guangzhou artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone, and help the integration level of service trade market in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay District to a new level.

[collection and writing] Huang Shumin, Zhang Yumo

[editor: she Xiange]

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