Accenture Technology Outlook 2022: enterprise metaverse will reshape the business landscape

On February 24, 2002, Accenture released the latest report on the development of multiple digital blockchain technologies, such as tmt202e, shaping the global edge of Accenture. This trend will create a new interactive experience, further promote the integration of the digital world and the real world, and change people’s lives and enterprise development in the next decade.

Accenture released the technology outlook report for the 22nd consecutive year. This year’s theme is “multi metaverse, integration and Governance: technology and experience to reshape the new business pattern”. The report points out that metaverse is changing the operation mode of the Internet, and some visionary enterprises have begun to focus on creating a space for the integration of virtual and reality, establish a more seamless and close connection, and start industry reform with the help of a new generation of computers. In order to help enterprises better grasp the opportunities, Accenture announced the establishment of metaverse division to jointly shape a new business pattern with industry leaders.

Accenture surveyed more than 4600 senior managers of business and information technology around the world, including more than 150 senior executives of Chinese enterprises. At this stage, nearly 90% (89%) of Chinese executives surveyed believe that metaverse will have a positive impact on their enterprises. 60% of Chinese executives said the changes metaverse will bring will be breakthrough.  

Accenture’s technology outlook 2022 report reveals four important trends that enterprises need to pay attention to. They will help enterprises break through and move steadily into the future:

Future network: integration into metaverse. Nowadays, enterprises rely on the existing Internet rules, various websites and Applications (APPs) are numerous and scattered, and it is difficult to integrate and share data between platforms. Metaverse and Web3 will change this situation. Metaverse will build a constant three-dimensional environment, allowing people to “shuttle” freely in digital and physical space. Ninety percent of Chinese enterprise executives believe that the future digital platform should create a unified user experience and realize the sharing and cooperation of customer data across platforms and spaces. Coding world: personalized planet. With the accelerated development of emerging technologies and industries such as 5g, environmental computing, augmented reality and intelligent materials, more physical worlds can be connected to the digital world through coding. These digital physical environments will not only reshape the way people interact with their surroundings, but also deeply affect the way people perceive, respond and control things. 88% of Chinese enterprise executives believe that leading enterprises will strengthen people’s real sensory experience in the virtual world, so that people can continuously and seamlessly switch between the digital world and the real world. Virtual reality symbiosis: synthesis but sincerity. The data synthesized through artificial intelligence technology will be able to more objectively reflect the real world and support more business scenarios. Enterprises and consumers will pay more attention to the integrity and fairness of artificial intelligence. In the case of virtual and real symbiosis and co construction, in addition to synthesizing content and algorithms, enterprises should consider the brand as a whole and pay attention to the impact of authenticity. 92% of Chinese executives said that their enterprises attach great importance to verifying the authenticity and legitimacy of data sources and artificial intelligence applications. Unlimited computing power: open up new hope. With the development of the new generation of computers, enterprises in all walks of life are expected to break through the computing limit. Quantum computing and biological computing will overcome the problems that were once constrained by high cost, low efficiency or incalculability. On the same day, the competitive advantage, value creation and cooperation mode of enterprises will undergo subversive changes. 88% of Chinese executives believe that the new generation of computers will support their goal of long-term and sustainable growth.

The report points out that the business environment will be completely changed, and the leading enterprises actively embracing the change will play a leading role, carry out new strategies for customers, employees and partners, and shape a new competitive pattern. Accenture itself is also an active explorer of enterprise level metaverse. The company has created “nth floor”, which allows employees all over the world to enter this virtual space at any time to participate in induction training, carry out immersive learning and “meet and chat” with other colleagues.