Industrial metaverse: looking forward to the future form of intelligent manufacturing

On February 4, 2022, the stock price of meta company with comprehensive layout of “metaverse” plummeted by 26% on the day of disclosing the financial report information, setting the largest market value decline in the history of the US stock market, with the market value falling by more than US $237 billion; On February 16, roblox, the “first stock of metaverse”, released its financial report. The next day, its share price fell 15% and its market value shrank by about $50 billion. In the past year, the concept of metaverse has changed from being popular in the capital market to being calm, and investors are also aware of the large gap between the concept of metaverse and reality. CCID Consulting Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center believes that the transformation of metaverse from concept to application still needs continuous attempts by enterprises and scientific research institutions, promote the continuous iteration and updating of basic technologies and key equipment, and explore more application scenarios. In particular, the application of metaverse related technologies in the industrial field will enable various scenes of the industrial product life cycle, effectively promote the intelligent upgrading of the industrial field, and its application value will be much greater than that in the consumer field.

1、 Industrial metaverse “virtual reality collaboration” is the future form of intelligent manufacturing

(1) How to understand industrial metaverse?

Industrial metaverse refers to the application of metaverse related technologies in the industrial field, which realizes the comprehensive deployment of R & D and design, production and manufacturing, marketing and sales, after-sales service and other links and scenes in the real industrial environment in the virtual space, realizes the improvement and optimization of the industry through opening up the virtual space and the real space, and forms a brand-new manufacturing and service system, so as to reduce costs, improve production efficiency and achieve the effect of efficient coordination, Promote high-quality industrial development.

(2) Industrial metaverse “from virtual to real” to realize “virtual real collaboration”

Industrial metaverse is similar to the concept of “digital twin”. The difference between the two is that digital twin is the 1:1 mapping from the real world to the virtual world, which simulates the industrial production in the real world by controlling the production process and production equipment in the virtual world; Industrial metaverse has broader imagination than digital twins. The virtual world reflected by industrial metaverse not only has the mapping of the real world, but also has the experience and interaction that have not been realized or even impossible in the real world. In addition, industrial metaverse pays more attention to the collaborative linkage between virtual space and real space, so as to realize virtual operation and guide real industry.

(3) Industrial metaverse helps to comprehensively upgrade intelligent manufacturing

Based on the deep integration of new generation information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, intelligent manufacturing runs through all links of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management and service. It is a new production mode committed to promoting the digital, networked and intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Industrial metaverse is more like the future form of intelligent manufacturing. It takes promoting the linkage between virtual space and real space as the main means, and puts more emphasis on mapping and broadening the operations that can be realized by the real industry in the virtual space. Through the collaborative work and simulated operation in the virtual space, it guides the efficient operation of the real industry and enables all links and scenes of the industry, so as to enable industrial enterprises to reduce costs and improve production efficiency, Promote efficient collaboration within and among enterprises, help the high-quality development of industry and realize the further upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.

2、 Looking forward to the future, the application scenario of industrial metaverse will realize the full life cycle coverage of products

At this stage, most cases of industrial metaverse are closer to the application of “digital twin” technology. Looking forward to the future, the application scenario of industrial metaverse will cover the whole product life cycle from R & D to after-sales service, and guide and promote industrial process optimization and efficiency improvement from “virtual” to “real”. The following is a look at the possible application scenarios of industrial metaverse from the aspects of R & D and design, production optimization, equipment operation and maintenance, product testing, skill training and so on.

Figure 1. Prospect of metaverse enabled industrial scenarios

Publisher: ccpublished on metaverse Sina Chinese on March 24, 2022